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Do you need Houston TX Scratch Proof Flooring?  Pet Floors of Texas has the perfect flooring options for you. If your floors are suffering from wear and tear, our luxury vinyl flooring has options such as water-resistant and scratch-resistant flooring. With our lifetime guarantee, there is no way you can go wrong!

If you have natural wood floors in high traffic areas, they can get easily damaged and ruin the whole look of your home. Our floors have the look of hardwood floors but are easy to maintain and pet-proof. Stop spending money on floors that you will have to keep replacing time and time again. Give us a call the next time you need a laminate floor installation.

Houston TX Scratch Proof Flooring

Houston TX Scratch Proof Flooring will keep your home looking as new and delightful as ever!

Houston TX Scratch Proof Flooring

For over twenty years, Houston TX Scratch Proof Flooring has been working on perfecting different types of flooring. From vinyl tiles to the beautiful grains of wood, our floors will look great in anyone’s home. They are easy to clean, and your pet friends won’t wreak havoc on your beautiful floors.

When we first started creating floors, we were given the idea of luxury vinyl and tile. At first, we were somewhat skeptical, as most people would be. The idea of vinyl as a floor seemed odd when compared to natural wood and stone. However, we quickly understood what we can do with it.

Over time we have been able to create the look and beauty of natural materials. Wood and stone floors look absolutely stunning. The rich colors of wood and delicate designs on stone and tile make any home look and feel luxurious and grand.

When it comes to your home, it needs to feel yours. Your home should be as unique as you are. This is your space where you can feel most comfortable. Your home is a place you can be yourself.

Houston TX Scratch Proof Flooring

This beautiful dark oak wood will make your home décor pop against this stunning contrasting color.


When you choose Pet Floors of Houston, we will have options that will fit anyone’s taste and budget. Our inspiration comes from many countries from all over the world. Our designs are unique and will enhance your space. With styles such as Old World, Classic, and Contemporary, we can help you find something to fit perfectly with your home.

We even have options for commercial spaces too. Your business shouldn’t look as cold as a warehouse. You want to invite people to your business.

So why not allow your floors to look and feel inviting when you order from Pet Floors of Texas. Our floors will make your office aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Our wood styles have a rustic look that will be perfect for anyone’s home. Vibrant colors that warm your house, such as Dawn Oak, will give you a feeling of nature and serenity. Or you can go with a sleek dark color such as Midnight Oak. This will make your furniture pop and give your home a life it’s never known before.

Our Grey Lime Oak is a rare but lovely color. It is a color not often seen in homes. This will be a perfect choice for some off-white accents. The particular color gives a sleek yet inviting look to your home.


Houston TX Scratch Proof Flooring

Covering your floors to hide scratches? Our floors are scratch-resistant!

Having splendid floors is just half the equation. When you have a fabulous home, you want to be able to keep it that way. With options such as stain-resistant and waterproof, your floors will be able to hold up over time.

Keeping your home clean shouldn’t be a full-time job. We are sure you already have one of those. You don’t need to spend another eight hours trying to keep your floors clean. We use closed-cell material with our floors to help keep wanted orders off your floors.

We also use a special solvent spray to help make cleaning a breeze. So if something gets spilled on your floors, don’t fret. You can still use your favorite cleaning products.

Sometimes our floors make creepy noises when we walk across them. They aren’t always the most comfortable either. With our floating floor padding, they will feel luxuriously comfortable under your feet. The durability will last for years to come.

If you have pets, sometimes they can scratch up our floors when they walk. These scratches can be a tremendous eyesore and take away from the attractiveness of your home. Our floors are scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry any longer!

The best part about our floors is they are cost-efficient and simple to install. You won’t have to spend the majority of your budget on floors that take forever to install. With these kinds of floors, you will have beautiful floors that will stay beautiful over time.

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When you are looking for someone to renovate your home, you want to feel confident about the money you are spending. Keeping to your budget is important. With Pet Floors of Texas, we don’t want our customers guessing how much you will be paying.

When you get your consultation from us, one of our designers will come to your home. They will bring you our showroom and show you actual size samples of what we have to offer.

They can help you pick out the perfect style and color for your come. After that, they will take measurements of all the rooms you want new flooring. When everything is planned the way you want it, we will give you an exact quote.

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From here, you have the choice of what you want to do next. We want to give our customers an experience they won’t forget. We work around what our customers want.

Your ideas of what you want are our main concern. This is your home, and it should feel that way. So don’t wait! Give us a call today the next time you are looking for Houston TX Scratch Proof Flooring.

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