Old World

In addition to the other styles, we also offer wood and stone in the Old World category. This category stems with brilliance as it brings a touch of a lavish impression to your household. Marvel at its spectacle when installing these designs in your home. Old world is a nod to the past while contributing a touch of modernism to make your home look truly unique. When we show you options of all we have, you will be in awe about how distinctive the patterns are.

For example, our wood patterns Glacier Oak and Ebony both have their elements that stand out among most. The Ebony has a darker yet vibrant appeal that can go with almost any decor in your household. On the other hand, our Glacier oak has layers of colors integrated into another and creating symmetry of design and color. Balance is a critical component of this design. As you can see by our selection, we pay great attention to detail.

Stone is a luxury you can afford. Its stunning appeal attracts the most curious of eyes. Distinguished guests you have planned to come over can experience this thrilling sight for themselves as you refine your palette of taste. Our stone’s properties are already impressive. By combining them with the overall appeal that our designs radiate just from a glance, you will be receiving something remarkable. Embark on a new experience when you select our designs for your home.

Plus, our extra layer of protection with our vinyl flooring enforces the stones already resistant surface. Therefore, wind, rain, and other weather effects can’t put a damper on its qualities. The sun’s rays will also not penetrate the stone material as it is made to withstand such conditions. Impenetrable is the attribute our floors exemplify. Therefore, when it comes to your pet’s, children’s, or even your messes, you can rest assure our installations are up to the task.

Our old-world designs can even meld with your household furniture, appliances, wares, and other features. Get a sense of elegance and spruce up your decor with the variety of color and patterns we offer. Your home should feel comfortable to you. Let Pet Floors of Texas redefine your interior experience. We will do everything in our power to ensure you get the premier installation you deserve.
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