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If you need Houston Texas scratch-resistant flooring, look no further than Pet Floors of Texas. Pet Floors of Texas provides flooring ideal for your home or business. Our scratch-resistant floors are durable and assist you in costs over the long run. After all, can you imagine continuously paying to replace areas of your hardwood floors or carpet? Our Flooring options range from vinyl flooring to hardwood. We spare no expense in getting you what you need at an affordable price. Natural materials we use to make our flooring the one-stop-shop floor store.

Our luxury vinyl flooring is better than many other types of flooring. Carpet, hardwood, and tile have too many drawbacks for homeowners. Pet Floors of Texas can provide you the look of wood and stone floors but have a better feel than any of them. Our vinyl flooring has numerous styles to choose from, so if you do want that classic wood look, then you can still have it with our floors. Furthermore, our floors are also waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Houston Texas Scratch Resistant Flooring

Houston Texas Scratch Resistant Flooring

Overall, our products are made for the long haul. Even our vinyl flooring is an option for any service you may have in mind. Can you imagine a scenario where you don’t have to worry about your floor being damaged? To people who pay attention to detail and want their space to look impeccable and immaculate, the perfect flooring can be a big deal. Pet Floors of Texas understands the needs of all customers who we come across. It’s our job as a team of installers and dedicated staff members to put you first!

Houston Texas Scratch Resistant Flooring Purposes

Let’s go over some scenarios where a scratch-resistant floor may be beneficial to you. Let’s say you are in an industry such as mailing services. All types of packages are brought into your store per day. They can either be carried if they have a light to medium weight capacity, or they need a dolly to be able to take. Certain types of equipment, such as a dolly, can scratch your floor, making it unappealing to customers. Different types of customers also enter, who can leave behind a mess. Scratch-resistant and easy to clean floors suit you best!

Store owners have the same issues, but maybe even more so. For example, shipments of food products come in every day. A lot of the more massive merchandise needs some equipment to be able to transfer the product efficiently and responsibly. Also, not every item of merchandise comes in perfectly. Soda bottles, for instance, are sometimes packaged or stored incorrectly and can leak its contents all over your floor. Our scratch-resistant floors will fix that issue because, as you clean, its resilient properties make it hard to leave permanent marks.

Commercial businesses can benefit as well because a lot of them are centralized in buildings with multiple floors. When a building has multiple floors, the chances of people hearing you from an upper floor increase. For this reason, padding is included in the upper installments of the floor to reduce noise. Carpets are the properties mostly used to achieve this feat. Apartments also use carpets to minimize the noise of upper tenants not to disturb their neighbors below them. Even our luxury vinyl floors are designed with padding to reduce sound.

Great Flooring Options

Great Flooring Options

Pet Floors of Texas Other Features

Other features our flooring provides is being pet-proof. As our name suggests, we have flooring meant to be resistant to pet messes. Due to our floors being durable, easy to maintain, and sanitary, cleaning up your pet messes are virtually simple. Our scratch-resistant feature allows your flooring to be virtually immune to your pet’s claw marks. Also, messes don’t seep into our vinyl flooring, allowing you to breathe easy when your morning coffee is accidentally knocked over. Because as we all know, a lot of people can’t start their day without coffee.

Moreover, if our product is pet-resistant, then it is safe to assume it is child-resistant as well. When it comes to messes, children can be just as bad as pets. In some cases, perhaps even worse. Our flooring endures the test of time. Its durability can prove to defend even against the toughest of challenges. For example, let’s say you have a toddler playing with his food in the kitchen, spilling it everywhere on the floor. Features such as our vinyl tiles are easy to clean and provide an excellent surface for your cleaning products to sanitize.

Thus, our floors are resistant to multiple types of situations. It is not bound to specific ones. This is also true when it comes to you. For instance, let’s say you have a job like construction where it involves you to get your shoes and clothes dirty. Coming home from work can inadvertently track the same dirt into your home. Our floors are resistant to the wear and tear of everyday jobs as well. No need to worry about your boots making skid marks on your floor. Our installations prove to stand up against the dirt and scratches of your workday.

Your Ideal Floor Store

Beautiful Flooring Options

Beautiful Flooring Options

Pet Floors of Texas is your ideal floor store. Our scratch-resistant features are just one of many properties our products have. We also have a full arrangement of options for your home or business to match your space’s overall decor. The variety of products helps you gauge what kind of style you want for your home. Also, our installers and staff can assist you in picking an option with our showroom. Our van comes directly to you! It has over a hundred samples of materials, designs, and colors that will get you excited about replacing your flooring!

If you like what we have to offer, you can contact us by calling (713) 728-7630. You can also get an online quote today. We are here for you during hours of operation and make your concerns our top priority. Don’t hesitate in making Pet Floors of Texas your Houston Texas scratch resistant flooring store.

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