About Us

“The Floor Serves You, You Don’t Serve The Floor.”

Pet Floors of Texas is an LVT flooring company in Houston providing you with excellent flooring installations that spruce up your home and enhance your decor! Our floorings are inspired by materials from around the world. By integrating modern design with our styles, we can produce a look unique for your home.

In 2003 Gary & Tammy Wilcox opened a flooring company in Houston, TX, starting with the original idea of bringing the showroom to your home. In April of 2004, they were approached by a manufacturer of LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring. At first, they were skeptical of carrying another “vinyl” product, but after finally agreeing to view the product, it was love at first sight — finally, a commercial-grade flooring with a residential look. Instead of getting calls for warranty work, calls started coming in with referral work. After five years of carrying LVT and getting rave reviews from their customers, they threw out all the other types of flooring. They refocused on being a Houston LVT flooring company providing pet and scratch proof vinyl that can withstand the abuse given by dogs, cats, and kids.

As the industry caught up and LVT became the fastest-growing segment in the market, countless manufacturers have begun producing it. However, not all LVTs are created equally. At Pet Floors of Texas, we have sought out and vetted the highest quality manufacturers so that we can say with confidence that not only do our floors look the best but being made from medical grade PVC plastic, they are entirely free of off-gassing harmful odors and exceed the industry standard in durability.

Between our handful of manufacturers, we are able to come up with the most realistic combinations of planks, tiles, and stones. The special care taken in the production process gives a surface that not only feels like the traditional alternatives but meets and exceeds ADA’s standards for non-skid surfaces to be installed in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

With nearly twenty years of experience with LVT, we are not practicing with your home and can offer a lifetime warranty on most floors. During our in-home consultation, where we help you select a style and color, we will show you full-size samples and can tell you precisely what it will cost to complete your project and what to expect in the process. Our highly skilled technicians know how to install stunning floors that give you the wow factor.

Get a quote from our Houston LVT flooring company online today or give us a call at (713) 728-7630.