Classic floors bring a sense of the old while maintaining the new modern fashion. Our floors are timeless and comes to both wood and stone. Pet Floors of Texas excels in bringing you top-quality floors for your household. When it comes to your home, you not only want to feel secure and comfortable, but you want it always to look aesthetically appealing to you. After all, the look of your home can influence your mood, and you want to be satisfied with its decor.

Our floorings are the epitome of classic as even after time passes, it will still be considered the highest quality of its kind. Therefore, when it comes to standard, you can’t go wrong with our classic designs. Also, our floorings come with laminate covering. This extra layer allows our floor installations to be water-resistant, pet resistant, and overall easy to maintain. Even your furry friends will have a hard time tampering with your classic wood and stone floors.

Pets can be a hassle to deal with. Older pets, especially, have a hard time controlling their restroom habits. When this happens, you want Pet Floors of Texas’s option of durable floors. Plus, its surfaces are easy to clean, allowing it to be manageable on all of your life situations. Our wood option, for example, can is scratch resistant and stain proof. Therefore, when you have a pet who is adamant about causing trouble, our floors can hold up.

Additionally, classic stone options we have are weather-resistant and waterproof. Moreover, not only does it hold up against pets, it is perfect for babies, infants, and children. As we all know, kids can cause the most messes during their early ages of development. It is understandable. Due to their lack of discipline, parents can have the toughest time cleaning up after their bundles of joy. However, Pet Floors of Texas is an excellent choice for both your pet and child messes.

Therefore, when you choose us as your flooring partner, we offer the best selections in both functionality and decor. Our stone options are aesthetically appealing, and our wood options naturally go with your home. By adding a classic twist to it, we can bring you a unique style no other floor store can offer. So, contact our store for your pet floor! You can reach us at (713) -728-7630 if you would like more information on the various options we offer in the classic category.