Our contemporary wood and stone styles are designs that are really with the times. It is bold as it is innovative. Like our other floor options, it can stand up against wear and tear. Also, if you want to show that you are with the times, we have the latest floor tile trends. Whether you want lighter tones, darker tones, brighter colors, or patterns that appeal to your eye, Pet Floors of Texas has it. We are your # 1 store for your pet floor!

Contemporary wood is quite the delight. It’ll complement the ambiance of your master bedroom or living room furniture. It is versatile, durable, sanitary, and easy to manage. We have options ranging from smooth and subtle tones to bright and colorful oak. After all, people have different tastes and like a variety to choose from. We excel in variety and bringing our store to you. By utilizing our mobile showroom, we can come to you at your convenience.

Our wood is not only appealing, but so is our contemporary stone. The stone material we offer is polished and blends well for your furniture. In addition, if you are a fan of the wood style, but appreciate the hard texture of stone more, we also provide stone options that give off a wood-like color and appearance. For example, Vita, Rovigo, Aurego, Russus, and Texo have wood-like qualities in appearance, but are actually stone.

Whether you choose contemporary wood or stone, you are still getting excellent flooring. Most of our flooring options come with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, if there is any incident with your newly installed flooring, we’re here to help you get what you need. Our floors are easy to clean, lasts long, and is second to none. Pet Floors of Texas provides you with modern designs while excelling in craftsmanship. Our distributors assure that you have the finest material to make up your floors.

In fact, our floors are environmentally friendly. They are free of pollutants, leaving zero chance to have an effect on you or your family in the long run. Once you install our floors, they are here to stay. Our contemporary wood and stone styles are just examples of that fact. Pet Floors of Texas is the floor choice in the state. Because of our attention to detail, our installations are made to last and shouldn’t cause issues afterward, like some other store floors. Call (713) 728-7630 for more details!