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Pet Floors of Texas is dedicated to providing the best possible products to our clients. We understand how flooring can wear and tear over time, so we want to provide a better option. Flooring such as hardwood, carpet, and standard tile cannot withstand over long periods of time. That is why we have worked closely with the best flooring manufacturer to distribute an exceptional product.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is the best option when it comes to flooring. Unlike other options, luxury vinyl tile is waterproof, pet-proof, and it lasts substantially longer. It is the best kind of flooring for families and pet owners. Daily activities can significantly impact a floor’s health.

Carpet, hardwood, and tile can stain from spilled drinks or pet accidents. Carpet and hardwood will collect moisture, which will promote bacteria and mold growth. You want to keep your family and pets healthy, so these flooring options are not the best choice. Tile can also easily stain from daily spills, or it can chip in some instances. Cracked tiles can cause sharp points for a child or pet to cut themselves.

Avoid all of these issues with luxury vinyl tile. It has substantial benefits over these other flooring options. The best part is, Pet Floors of Texas offers a lifetime warranty on your luxury vinyl tile. You will be hard-pressed to find another flooring option that offers such a great trait.

Lifetime Warranty

Pet Floors of Texas gives our clients a lifetime warranty with their LVT. The reason we provide this feature is that this product is exceptionally made. It is a premium vinyl flooring that is unmatched by many other competitors. In fact, we originally started with other vinyl floorings but saw the tremendous potential LVT has. We ended up dropping the remaining vinyl products because we no longer wanted to distribute products that did not last.

LVT is waterproof, so you can easily clean up the messes your children or pets make. These messes won’t stain your tile either, unlike standard tile. The specialized coating protecting from moisture is also keeping stains away. We know life can be hectic when you have a family or a pet, so we want to give you the best option when it comes to flooring. Furthermore, LVT is scratch-proof, so your cat or dog won’t be ripping up anything. Cats won’t be able to sharpen their claws and dogs won’t be able to dig their way through it.

Purchase Your Luxury Vinyl Tile Today

Pet Floors of Texas will provide you with the best flooring option. It beats hardwood, carpet, and standard tile any day. It doesn’t stain, collect moisture or scratch. Instead, it protects against all of those ailments along with looking and feeling great. We have a vast collection of styles that look like wood and stone. Once you see samples from our showroom that comes to you, you’ll know you are making the right decision. You will also feel at ease knowing your flooring is covered with a lifetime warranty. Pet Floors of Texas provides a premium flooring option, so give us a call at (713) 728-7630.