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If you are tired of looking at your old damaged floors, then you need to check Houston, TX water resistant vinyl flooring from Pet Floors of Texas. The floors in hour homes put up with a lot. From spills to scraping to muddy foot and paw prints, they go through a lot in their lifetime.

Depending on the type of flooring you may have, cleaning them can be a task all on its own. Carpets hold onto dirt and odors. Wood floors buckle, scratch easily, and need a lot of care. Stone tiling is nice, but they come with its own set of problems as well. Moreover, the cost of keeping up with these flooring types, including installation, is insane.

You might find yourself wondering if there are better options. But how do you choose between quality, ease of cleaning, or aesthetics? It seems like today, you can get something that looks like warehouse flooring or flooring that belongs in a museum. Plus, the many flooring companies to search through seem to be endless.

Well, we are happy to say you can end your search with us. Pet Floors of Texas has found a brilliant and economical way to provide Houston, TX water resistant vinyl flooring that lasts, can withstand almost anything, and still look fabulous.

Houston, TX water resistant vinyl flooring

Houston, TX water-resistant vinyl flooring can reduce staining and the growth of mold and bacteria in your home.

Houston, TX Water Resistant Vinyl Flooring

One of the most common occurrences that damages our floors are spills. Liquid can easily seep into the cracks and crevices of our floors and find its way underneath the floorboards causing mold, mildew, and other bacteria to grow. Not only is it unhygienic, but it can cause further damage to the structure of our home if not taken care of properly.

Your floors are an important structural part of your home. If your floors get damaged due to water, or other liquids, it can make your floors warp and buckle. Over time, this warping may make it dangerous to walk on.

If you want a cost-effective solution that is easy to clean and looks amazing, then Pet Floors of Texas has your answer. We have been able to combine all the necessary requirements that people want from their floors and put it all into the many flooring options we offer. Choose from wood or stone tiles and an endless amount of colors and designs. We have taken inspiration from all over the world to bring something truly unique. We know there is something for everyone.

Plus, we offer water-resistant, stain resistance, as well as scratch resistance for all our floor designs. Your floors will virtually be able to handle just about anything you throw at it.

Cleaning Your Floors Has Never Been Easier

When we created our floors, we wanted to find a way to keep them looking amazing. The only way we could do that was by making them easy to clean. When drinks such as wine or juice spill on our floors, they tend to leave a nasty stain reminding you every time that something spilled there.

However, we create our floors with closed-cell materials to avoid things such as odors and staining. We also spray our floors with a special coating that allows your floors to remain bright and beautiful. This solvent will make cleaning easier than any natural material flooring ever would be. Plus, you still get to use your favorite cleaning products without ruining the coating of your floors.

If you have children or pets, these floors will be excellent for you. Stop wasting time spending hours trying to keep your floors clean. Get our waterproof floors and cut your cleaning time in half.

Houston, TX water resistant vinyl flooring

With so many options, we can help you create a space you will fall in love with.

Choose Your Style

You will find no shortage of selection here at Pet Floors of Texas. We can offer you dozens of colors, styles, and designs that will fit the decor and theme of anyone’s home. We can offer your wood and stone with all the amazing amenities mentioned above. With all different types of colors, you can choose something that will accompany the style of your home flawlessly.

Wood– If you love wood floors but hate the upkeep, you are going to love our wood vinyl flooring. We have something for everyone. For those that love the classic style wood floors, then our classic collection will be perfect for you. You can see the natural grain in our floorboard that perfectly mimics the real thing.

If you are wanting something a little more modern, our contemporary styles may suit you better. We offer everything from rich reds to cool grays to radiant white colors.

Our distressed collection on any patio or beach-themed home. The varying colors of the wooden planks create an interesting depth and character to your floors.

Stone– If you are looking to redo your kitchen or bathroom, many people find that our tile floors look amazing for these rooms. You can’t go wrong with our classic collection of tile flooring. We offer everything from light colors to dark. This collection is sophisticated and elegant.

Our contemporary collection plays with tile layout and color, which offers something never seen before. The mixture of different colors creates an interesting contrast and can enhance the decor of your room.

To truly make your floors a work of art, we offer inlays. Inlays are decorative designs that can add symmetry and cohesiveness to your room. The inlay designs are beautifully crafted by expert designers. This can be the perfect pop for anyone’s home.

Give Us a Call Today

When you call us, we can bring your our showroom and have real-world examples of our flooring options. We can provide a quote so you know exactly what you are getting and for how much. All our floors are waterproof, pet-proof, kid-proof, as well as a lifetime warranty. We believe in our products so much that our products will last your a lifetime. Our flooring options are second to none, and we believe you will feel the same.

Stop choosing between sot, quality, and beauty. Get all of that plus more when you shop for Houston, TX water resistant vinyl flooring at Pet Floors of Texas.

Houston, TX water resistant vinyl flooring

Give us a call for more information about our lifetime guarantee.

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