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Are you currently searching for quality Clear Lake Texas Resilient Flooring options? If so, then you should definitely get in touch with the flooring installation experts at Pet Floors of Texas. With over two decades in the industry, we are extremely qualified when it comes to floor coverings such as luxury vinyl flooring. Additionally, our experienced crew of professional installers is very dedicated and hard-working. As such, you can rest assured that you’ll receive services that adhere to the industry’s highest standards. When you choose Pet Floors of Texas, you are essentially betting on experience, reliability, and a true commitment to excellence.

Clear Lake Texas Resilient Flooring

Clear Lake Texas Resilient Flooring

Choosing the right type of floor for your home can be harder than imagined. You have to get a floor that fits your family’s preferenced while also taking into account the levels of protection and functionality that the floor will bring. Above all, you should never compromise on the quality of flooring services you acquire. Instead, opt for the experience and dedication of Pet Floors of Texas. We believe that with careful planning and attention to detail, we’ll be able to provide customers with high-quality flooring solutions. If you are interested in our services and wish to learn more, please reach out to us. We can’t wait to meet you personally in order to find the best methods of helping you choose the right type of flooring option.

Great Flooring, Great Experience

Here at Pet Floors of Texas, we are more than your average floor store. In addition to providing quality and durable doors, we also aim to provide customers with an exceptional experience. We do so by actually bringing the store to our customers. Yes, that’s right, we have a mobile showroom where we can show customers the color options and designs that are available to them. With such a convenient feature, it comes to no surprise that we have become one of the leading flooring stores in the state.

Through our years in the business, we’ve seen how much customers appreciate when we provide services that are not only high in quality but also very convenient to them. One of our friendly and experienced team members will bring samples and images for the client to choose from. Even more, when we come by, we’ll assist you through the entire process, from the first step to the last. These extremely convenient demonstrations will allow customers to see all of the color options offered and also feel the textures of their soon to be installed floors. Above all, the flooring options available at Pet Floors of Texas will bring you unmatched durability. These quality floors can sustain heavy abuse, all while maintaining their great appearance.

Great Flooring Options

Great Flooring Options

Benefits of Our Clear Lake Texas Resilient Flooring

One of the great things about our floors is its durability. However, our flooring options offer much more than just heavy-duty resistance. Thanks to over 20 years in the industry, we are well-versed in what it takes to provide quality flooring. And as a family-owned and operated business, we believe that every home deserves a flooring plan with an amazing look to go along with great protection and functionality. We know that hard flooring reminds people of an uncomfortable feeling. Fortunately, we have come to find a great combination of padding and coating to rid you of that uncomfortable feeling. Even more, our floors offer a soft touch not only for your feet but for your animal’s paws as well. Here are some of the many benefits that come with our high-quality floors:

Very Easy to Clean

Due to their specially designed coating, our LVT and SPC flooring options make cleaning a complete breeze. In addition, all of our flooring options are both stainproof and waterproof. Even more, you can actually use your regular cleaner and mop to clean up most types of messes. Our flooring options are also great because they offer easier cleaning than natural wood, tile, or carpeting. As such, you’ll have easy solutions to messes from numerous sources, not just your pets.

An Excellent Choice for Pet Owners

Any animal lover and pet owner is familiar with the heavy toll that their furry friends can have on traditional flooring. Whether it be through scratches from their nails or maybe the owner forgets to take their pet outside in time, the odds are that you’re sick and tired of having your floor ruined by your pet. Lucky for you, our floors are hard enough to resist scratches from their nails. Even more, thanks to their close-cell material, you’ll be able to get the nasty smell from those accidents out of your home.

Tired of Noisy Floors
Flooring for Pets

Flooring for Pets

For those who have had laminate floors, you’re probably familiar with how extremely noisy bad floors can be. These noises can be due to either the floor resonating as you walk across it, such as in wood floors. Additionally, the floors can also be caused by a harsh surface that is unable to dampen it, such as tile. Our floors come with padding designed to reduce resonance. And even our glue-down LVT comes with minor cushioning under the vinyl coating. The special layering is great for not just cushioning your dog’s feet, but yours as well. Above all, you’ll have a home without annoying noises every time you take a step on your floors.

So Many Designs to Choose From

Another great lesson that our years of experience have provided us is the importance of having many options. As such, you’ll find that our catalog comes with a wide array of options. We offer vinyl flooring with styles in wood, tile, and stone. Moreover, we partner with several distributors, meaning that we can offer numerous styles, even custom designs. If you wish to get more information on our products and services, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Contact Us Today

If you are ready to get the floor that your home deserves, then you should contact us at your earliest convenience. You can reach Pet Floors of Texas by calling (713) 728-7630 or visiting us online for a quote.

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