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Are you looking for Pearland TX vinyl tiles to renovate your home? If so, Pet Floors of Texas has a massive selection of flooring options for you to choose from. Give your home that renovation it deserves!

Pearland TX vinyl tiles

Are you looking for the best Pearland TX vinyl tiles in your area?

Give Your Floors a Makeover!

Do you prefer woods floors or stone floors? What type of laminated flooring will make your house look complete and fabulous again? Pet Floors of Texas offers different category styles of flooring in both wood and stone. As a result, you have endless options to choose from.

Did you know that the company brings the showroom to you? In fact, they show you the many vinyl flooring options they have right inside your home. Thus, you can see how the luxury vinyl tiles will look with your home decor and lighting. You want to ensure that your new floor matches and c0mpliements your house aesthetics. Stop guessing what your home will look like with tiles from the store, and contact a Pet Floors of Texas specialist today. The company will make your home look gorgeous again by installing vinyl tile floors at great prices.

Where can I get Vinyl Floors Installed?

Pet Floors of Texas can install floors in every room of your home! If you have outdated rooms in your house that need a little love and care, contact a flooring specialist. They’ll be glad to give you a quote on their flooring products. Pet Floors of Texas has the best Pearland TX vinyl tiles in your area!

Pearland TX vinyl tiles

Pet Floors of Texas can install vinyl floors in any room of your house!

The Heart of your Home is the Kitchen!

Have you noticed that you and your family spend a lot of time together in the kitchen? You spend time storing items, washing dishes, and creating culinary masterpieces for your family to sit down and enjoy. As a result, your floors wear down and tear due to you using the kitchen too much.

If your kitchen’s floor is looking old, it’s time for new floors! You want your family to feel at home and happy when eating a family meal, don’t you. In addition, you want to show off to your guest how gorgeous your kitchen is. New vinyl plank hardwood flooring in your kitchen can elevate your kitchen’s appearance. Also, the new floors will complement your kitchen appliances. As a result, you’ll have a kitchen that your friends and family will enjoy using.

Hotel Aesthetic Bathroom

You spend a lot of intimate time in the bathroom. You shower and get ready first thing in the morning in your bathroom. Imagine waking up and taking a bath in your personal luxury hotel-quality bathroom.

Pet Floors of Texas can install hotel-inspired luxury bathroom tiles in your bathroom. In addition, the tiles are waterproof. Thus, you don’t have to worry about causing damage your new floors with water. You can take long bubble baths and relax without worry.

A Stunning Living Room to Impress Your Guest

When you host guests, you utilize your living room. Look at your current living room floor. Is it all scratched up and making your living room look gloomy? Are you embarrassed by bringing people to your living room because your floor is that hideous?

If so, you need new floors! Pet Floors of Texas can help your living room look stunning and welcoming again. You can go with stone or wood vinyl tiles to cover up your old floor. If you are feeling a little fancy, get luxury vinyl floor tiles. They will reflect your lavish taste and accentuate your elegant home decor. Whatever home style you have, Pet Floors of Texas can go with your preferences and aesthetics.

Carpet Flooring is Bad for your Home!

Are you at a carpet store looking through the selection of carpet tiles? Well, you should take into consideration that carpets are the perfect breeding grown for bacteria. In addition, you can’t eliminate bacteria since you can only vacuum clean your carpet. Sure, you could use antibacterial spray, but your carper will get wet and start to smell. Also, it’s tough to get every crumb out of your carpet. Thus, over time your carpet’s texture will change and not be as soft as it was when it was new. Finally, stains are tedious to remove from your carpet; in fact, stains can ruin your carpet.

Pet Floors of Texas vinyl tiles are so much easier to keep clean. The vinyl tiles are coated with a particular layer that makes them stain-resistant. So if you spill some wine on the floor, you can clean it up with ease. No way your floors will get stained. In addition, the floors are water-resistant. Thus you can use heavy floor cleaning products to kill those harmful bacteria. If you want to keep your home sanitary, your best option is to go with vinyl floor tiles.

Carpets are cozy, and all, but floor vinyl tiles are more accessible to clan up and don’t get stained quickly. If you are looking for Pearland TX vinyl tiles near you, contact Pet Floors of Texas for the best vinyl floor tiles.

Pearland TX vinyl tiles

Pet Floors of Texas brings the show room straight to your home.

Pearland TX vinyl tiles

If you are in need of new floor tiles for any room in your house, contact Pet Floors of Texas. The company offers pet-friendly and kid-proof floors in the greater Houston area.

If your dog has scratched the living days out of your floor, then you need new pet-friendly floors. The tiles are scratch-resistant, so you can relax and not worry about your dog ruining the floor again. In addition, the floor tiles are easy to clean when your pet has an accident.

The floor tiles are sealed tight so that no odors can get trapped and make your house smell bad. In, addition the floor tiles are waterproof, so you can use any floor cleaning products to clean the vinyl floors up. Finally, the tiles are easy to maintain clean, and they stay cleaner longer. Thus saving you time on cleaning and money on floor cleaning products.

Call Pet Floors of Texas for the best Pearland TX vinyl tiles in your area.

Pearland TX Fun Facts:

  • Pearland stretches into three different counties.
  • The city of Pearland has two airports.
  • Pearland’s original name was Mark Belt.
  • Learn more about Pearland TX here!