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Pearland TX scratch resistant flooring is an excellent option to have if you’re a pet owner. Pet’s claws are hard and tend to get sharp even after getting its nails cut. Due to its sharpness, it can cause scratches on your floor. Pet Floors of Texas is here to prevent that from happening. After all, one of the last things you want as a homeowner is for your house to be plagued by scratches, which could have been prevented with a simple call to our store. We’re the premier floor store for your scratch-resistant flooring needs.

We provide a home consultation and free estimate when it comes to installing needs. Our twenty plus years of experience allow us to generate only quality work that is also cost-effective. We not only serve the greater Houston area, but we also extend our reach to cities like San Antonio and Beaumont. Luxury vinyl flooring features stone and wood styles that will make any home look better. When it comes to remodeling projects, Pet Floors of Texas is one of the best around in south Houston.

Pearland TX Scratch Resistant Flooring

Pearland TX Scratch Resistant Flooring

Our floors are also stain-resistant and stylish. Its design even matches kitchen cabinets in your house. Also, our vinyl flooring is made of natural stone. Stone is hard to damage and is not absorbent. This is ideal for spills as it doesn’t soak it up nor swells from the moisture. We go into detail when it comes to your flooring properties. Luxury vinyl flooring, especially, is a unique option we have as it comes with a variety of different designs. These different designs are compatible with the most decor in homes, giving you comfortability and damage protection.

Services Scratch-Resistant Involve

Have you ever gotten a new copy machine? Its wheels can sometimes be a nuisance as its dense mass can cause knicks on the floor just by rolling it. Our scratch-resistant floors are ideal for commercial businesses. You can maintain your company’s professional interior look while preventing your floors from scratches. The flooring might not be on the top of your priority list but think about it. If a potential client walks into your place of business, marks on the floor may have them think you don’t maintain your space at a professional standard.

Also, our easy to maintain floors can be used for most establishments. Volunteer services can benefit from our products, as well. For example, food drives and shelters have tons of people come through their doors and tons of products in charity that are wheeled into their building every day. Over time, the floor can look in horrible shape due to wear and tear. It may not be as essential to keep up a professional look, but too many messes and marks can cause trip hazards over time. Pet Floors of Texas sell easily manageable floors to maintain a functional space.

Speaking of trip hazards, one of the other places you’d want to have our scratch-resistant floors is for stores. Can you imagine being the store manager of your establishment catching somebody trip due to a mistake you made in the flooring? Not only does it cause harm to your customer, but it also sets you up for a potential lawsuit. One of the last things you need is a lawsuit when worrying about other expenses of your home you already have to deal with.

Other Benefits to Pearland TX Scratch Resistant Flooring

Great Flooring Options

Great Flooring Options

Other benefits our scratch-resistant floors is a three-year warranty for its labor installments. Yep! We’re so confident in our work we offer a three-year warranty after our installations are completed. Our warranty not only ensures we are providing an excellent service every time, but it also benefits you as a customer if you run into any issues afterward. I know. We may be a little too nice. But our customers deserve the best when choosing our services and we express it through professionalism in our work.

On top of the three-year warranty, we also offer a lifetime warranty on discoloration. That’s right! After our installation, you don’t have to worry about your flooring losing color over time. We are here to ensure you are getting precisely what you paid for, which is quality service. We serve cities in Texas to our fullest capacity, and it reflects in our job. Because of our dedication, we strive to exemplify in our craft. We attend to every aspect of your floor needs. Luxury vinyl flooring is our specialty, and you’ll see we excel in both categories.

Furthermore, we are a family-owned and operated business that understands the need for a household. Whether you have pets, kids, or other issues causing messes to your carpets or hardwood, we are the team of installers to call. We not only replace your work, but we transform your space with our lovely designs, making it look great. Our flooring is soft to the touch for your feet and your pet’s paws. Additionally, our van comes directly to you to show you our vast selection of samples, materials, and designs to choose from.

Your Flooring Needs

Beautiful Flooring Options

Beautiful Flooring Options

Pet Floors of Texas is here for your flooring needs. Our styles consist of classic, heritage, inlays, old world, contemporary, and distressed. By clicking here, you can see the vast array of options each style category has as well. We truly pride ourselves in making sure you get the excellent service you pay for. No one wants a poorly executed job after putting faith in you. Pet Floors of Texas understands your concern and spares no expense in fulfilling the duty you require of us. If you’d like to check us out in person, you can contact (713) 728-7630 or contact us online.

Our staff team loves what they do. They connect with people through their friendly service and strive to execute nothing less than the best. Because as we said, excellent customer service and top-quality work are two things we excel in. Choose Pet Floors of Texas as your floor store for the Pearland area. Your Pearland TX scratch resistant flooring is right around the corner!

Pearland TX Fun Facts

  • We are known as the “agricultural Eden.”
  • Pearland TX has two airports within its domain.
  • Oil was discovered here in 1934!
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