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Pearland TX vinyl plank flooring

Common flooring options include vinyl, hardwood, and laminate.

What are the different types of flooring?

There are multiple flooring options on the market. However, our clients often ask about hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and luxury vinyl flooring.

Hardwood flooring

There is nothing quite like the look, feel, and sound of walking on a hardwood floor. They’re comfortable, beautiful, and the planks seem to have their own creaky personality.

However, hardwood is not the best choice for many people. While hardwood floors can last a lifetime, they are delicate; dragging furniture or chairs across hardwood will almost certainly scratch the floor.

Further, hardwood floors hold quite a grudge if you spill food and water on them.

Laminate flooring

Laminate is trendy, and for good reason. Unlike hardwood, laminate is relatively resilient to scratches and is fairly water-resistant. They’ve even made waterproof options.

Further, laminate sounds and feels like hardwood because it has a “floating” underlayment. Realtors believe to see well-cared for laminate floors increases your home’s value.

However, laminate floors are more expensive than other options. In addition, they are prone to fading if they’re in direct sunlight every day. Finally, while they are resilient to scratches, they are not exactly pet or kid-friendly. Dog nails can scratch up laminate, and young kids can unintentionally give laminate a beating.

Vinyl flooring tiles, plank, and sheet

Vinyl is a controversial option for realtors, but it is quickly gaining popularity. By far, vinyl is the most durable and affordable flooring option. In addition, there is now a wide variety of options. You can buy vinyl pattern tiles, wood planks, stone looks, and more.

In addition, vinyl is water-resistant, and those with a higher durability layer are waterproof. But, not all vinyl is equal.

There are three different types of vinyl: vinyl sheet, vinyl tile/plank, and luxury vinyl tile/plank.

Vinyl sheet

If you need a quick fix and don’t have a ton of money, vinyl sheet may be your go-to option. It’s straightforward to install and very affordable. In fact, it is the flooring of choice for builders constructing new homes.

However, affordability comes at a price. Vinyl sheet is not durable, and in many cases, it’s not truly water-resistant. Generally, you can expect vinyl sheet to last a year. Further, it’s not appropriate for bathrooms because it’s not nearly as water-resistant as other vinyl types.

Pearland TX vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl comes in many forms and styles.

Classic vinyl tile and plank

A middle-ground for vinyl is the typical vinyl tile and plank. It’s available in pretty much every style, from tile patterns to wood, and it can last many years.

However, there is an important factor here: the durability layer. You can purchase vinyl tile or plank at your local home improvement store for anywhere between 50 cents per square foot and almost $4.000 per square foot. Why the huge difference?

Cheaper vinyl has a very low durability layer. The durability layer is the thickness of the coating that goes over the printed layer. You can broaden the layers to the base layer, printed layer, and durability coating.

The base layer is the portion that will touch your floor, be it cement or underlayment. The printed layer is the pattern on the vinyl (wood or patterned tile). The durability coat is measured in millimeters and can be as thin as 1 mm or as high as 11 mm or greater.

A good durability layer is about 8 mm. This would be a decent choice for a pet-friendly and kid-friendly floor. Further, it would last many years and be genuinely water-resistant.

A layer of 10 mm or greater would be essentially pet proof and probably considered waterproof. In fact, it may even be deemed luxury vinyl at that point.

If your durability layer is less than 5 mm, your floor will not be able to withstand much. It will be water-resistant, but not by much.

Luxury vinyl plank and tile

This is the best of the best of the best. Luxury vinyl does not hold in heat or cool air, so come winter, your feet will be happy when they touch the floor.

In addition, nearly all luxury vinyl has a very high durability layer (10 mm or greater). However, in recent years, companies have managed to scale back on durability, and there are 8 mm options out there.

Should I use Pearland TX vinyl plank flooring?

As you can tell, even within the different categories, there is a vast selection of flooring. What works best for you depends on what you need.

  • If you have a big budget and no high traffic worries, hardwood would be an excellent investment.
  • If you have moderate traffic, love but can’t afford hardwood, laminate may be your go-to.
  • If you need pet-proof, kid-proof, armageddon-proof, or are on a tight budget, vinyl is your best bet.

Further, the type of floor you want depends on the room.

  • Hallways and entryways: These are high traffic areas, so you need at least a laminate, if not a vinyl. If you choose hardwood, it needs to be protected with a rug.
  • Bedrooms and living rooms: As moderate traffic areas, hardwood, laminate, or vinyl would work well. However, if your living room is hopping all the time, you may want to protect hardwood or opt for laminate or Pearland TX vinyl plank flooring.
  • Bathrooms: Waterproof. You. Need. Waterproof. So, at least regular vinyl, but luxury vinyl specifically marked as waterproof would be better. However, the best floor for bathrooms really is ceramic, porcelain tile, or stone because they are truly sealed.
  • Kitchen: A laminate could work, though vinyl would probably be better. Many people prefer even stronger options like stone or ceramic because of the risk of high-impact dropped items. Best to steer clear of hardwood.
  • Stairs: Laminate, vinyl, or hardwood is fine. However, hardwood should be protected. Further, for safety reasons, a carpeted or runner on the stairs is recommended. That way, if someone falls, the impact would be softer.
Pearland TX vinyl plank flooring

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Fun facts about Pearland, Texas

  • Pearland residents are not all in the same county–or even just two! The city’s location borders three major counties: Brazoria, Fort Bend, and Harris.
  • The City’s original name was Mark Belt.
  • Pearland’s population increases so rapidly that it won population awards twice, including the 15th-fastest-growing city in the nation and second fastest-growing city in Texas.

For more fun facts about Pearland, visit the city’s website.