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If you are looking for Houston TX wood floors for dogs, Pet Floors of Texas is just what you need. We have been able to create realistic-looking luxury vinyl tile floors, stone, and hardwood floors. Each type of floor is easy to clean and is made of the highest quality materials. We offer water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and durable flooring for your home.

Plus, our floors are super comfortable to walk on. So your pet friends will love lying on them. We understand that there are many flooring companies out there with similar flooring options.

However, when you call us, you will see that none can compare to the quality we offer with our high-quality and realistic-looking porcelain tile and ceramic tile floor options. Pet Floors of Texas offers amazing rates for flooring installations. We can give you a full estimate of what you will be paying for your laminate flooring.

Plus, we bring our showroom to you. We can show you life-size samples of all our luxury vinyl flooring. Our options have so many different designs, styles, and colors.

No matter what type of decor or design you have in your home, we know we have something for you. Give us a call when you are looking for Houston TX wood floors for dogs.

Houston TX wood floors for dogs

You can find the best Houston TX wood floors for dogs at Pet Floors of Texas.

Houston TX Wood Floors for Dogs

When it comes to pet-friendly flooring, no other company does it better than Pet Floors of Texas. After all, it is in our name. If you are looking for cost-effective and durable alternative flooring, you’ve come to the right place.

Our flooring is perfect for even the messiest of pets. Our wood vinyl floors are made with medical PVC plastic that is safe and odorless. We can offer waterproof and scratch-resistant sealants that will keep your floors looking great for years to come.

Owning a pet can have drawbacks for your home, especially if you have a new puppy. Housebreaking a new puppy can have consequences on your floors that seem always to be around. Odors and stains never seem to entirely disappear.

Moreover, it can make you self-conscious about your home when you have guests and friends come over. You aren’t even sure if the odors are gone or if you’ve become nose blind. With our luxury vinyl floors, you don’t ever have to worry about that again. Our wood flooring options are made of closed-cell materials that keep stains and odors out of your floors.

Plus, they are super easy to clean. You never have to worry about smells and stains that always want to stick around. When you purchase a floor from us, you get a lifetime warranty. If your floors ever experience discoloration with our vinyl flooring, we will replace them.

Plus, we offer a three-year warranty on installations. You won’t have to worry about a thing when you purchase flooring from us. There is a style for everyone, no matter what you taste it.

At our company, we understand that pets make messes. That is why we created the floors we have. Your floors will never look better with the special coating that we offer. Give us a call today for your estimate!

Additional Luxury Vinyl Flooring Features

Houston TX wood floors for dogs

Our floors are durable and can withstand the messes that come with owning a dog.

Pet Floors of Texas offers a lot for our flooring options. Our floors are not only waterproof and stain-resistant, but they are scratch-resistant, easy to clean, comfortable, and quiet when you walk on them. We spray a special coating that makes cleaning super easy.

You can still use your favorite cleaning supply, and it won’t ruin the coating. You can’t do this with carpeting or natural hardwood flooring. If your dog’s claws scrape against the floor, it can cause permanent damage to your floors. The only way to get them out is through a lot of expensive and laborious work.

With our luxury vinyl flooring, you won’t have to worry. Our floors are scratch-resistant. Your dog’s claws may still drag and click on the floor, but our material will still look good as new overtime. We offer what’s called a floating floor.

This means that there is padding under the planks. This padding provides cushioning to help reduce sound. If you’ve ever heard wood floors creak as your walk across it, it can be very loud.

Out floors are quiet, but they are also super comfortable to walk on. Your pets will love laying around on them. As beautiful as natural-looking wood floors are, they are expensive, hard to keep up with, and they don’t have all the benefits of our luxury vinyl flooring.

When you order flooring from us, you get the best of both worlds. We can still offer you the beautiful look of natural-looking wooden floors, but you get the durability and convenience of vinyl. Additionally, our luxury flooring is only a fraction of the cost. You won’t find a better deal on floors anywhere else.

Luxury Wood Styles and Colors

We offer so many styles and colors for our floors. If wood is what you are looking for, we have just what you want. Our wood floors come in classic, contemporary, distressed, heritage, and old-world wood.

Our classic wood floor offers beautiful textures that natural wood offers. It is great for a nostalgic look for your home. You still get the great benefits of scratch-resistant features and the beauty of natural-looking wooden floors.

The colors are beautiful and range all the way from a light Sycamore color to a dark Midnight Oak. We even offer different layouts of planks to add a unique look to your home. Check out our Glacier Oak option for more detail.

Our contemporary styles give your home a refined feel to it. It has gorgeous textures with colors such as White Painted Oak or Nickel Spotted Gum. Colors range from a natural wood color to warm greys.

Our distressed designs give depth to your floors. Each color offers its unique look and color. Colors such as Vintage Hickory offer contrasting colors that give you home definition and style.

With this style of flooring, you give color that can stand out and enhance any room. Our heritage designs have rich deep colors that can enhance your room, and our old-world wood offer designs that capture true artistry in our floors. There is something for everyone. Give Pet Floors of Texas a call when you need  Houston TX wood floors for dogs.


Houston TX wood floors for dogs

We can offer you some truly unique and gorgeous designs for your home.

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