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We offer truly stunning wood flooring for pets Houston, TX. We know at Pet Floors of Texas that our little ones and animal friends can bring us a lot of joy and happiness. But they can also make a lot of mess and mistakes, especially on our floors, which we love.

We’re happy to offer the best wood flooring for pets because of this. Our vinyl wood flooring is the best way to keep pets and kids off of the floor, and it also has a beautiful finish that will last through the wear and tear of everyday life.

wood flooring for pets Houston, TX

We are here to offer you wood flooring for pets.

What Are Aspects To Consider When Selecting Wood Flooring For Pets Houston, TX?

When picking floors for homes with kids and pets, there are a few things folks should think about. The floor should not only last a long time and not get scratched, stained, or damaged easily, but it should also be simple to clean and take care of. Good thing our vinyl flooring does all of those things and more.

  • Durability: One of the best things about vinyl wood flooring is how long it lasts. Our pet-friendly flooring is made to handle the rough and tumble play of our furry friends as well as the constant running around of busy kids. Scratches, dents, or claw marks like traditional hardwood floors do not easily damage our vinyl wood flooring. It will keep its beauty and strength for many years to come.
  • Resistance to Stains and Moisture: Mishaps happen, especially when kids and pets are around. Not only does our vinyl wood flooring last a long time, but it also doesn’t stain or get wet easily. Instead of soaking up spills and stains like rugs do, our pet-proof flooring has a surface that won’t let them through and is easy to clean. No matter if someone spills a drink or your pet has an accident, our flooring will keep your home clean and free of smells that stay.
  • Easy To Clean and Maintain: It is important for your family’s health that your floors stay clean and free of pet hair and allergens. Our wood flooring for pets makes it easy to clean. Our vinyl wood flooring makes getting rid of dirt and pet hair easy; just sweep or clean it. Its smooth surface also makes cleaning up any spills or mistakes easy, keeping your home clean and germ-free for your family.
  • Comfort and Safety: Durability and usefulness are important for pet and child-proof floors, but don’t forget about your pets’ and kids’ comfort and safety. Your pets will be able to walk and play on our vinyl wood flooring because it is soft and padded. Its non-slip properties help keep people from slipping and falling by mistake. This gives you peace of mind that your kids and pets are safe in your home.
wood flooring for pets Houston, TX

Choose our wood flooring for pets.

What Other Styles Do We Offer?

Pet Floors of Texas has a lot of different styles of vinyl flooring that will look good in any home. We have the right vinyl flooring for you whether you like the natural look of wood, the elegance of tile and stone, or the creativity of patterned patterns.

You can also make your own place with our easily customizable designs. You can be sure that our vinyl flooring will look great even after a long time of use because we pay close attention to detail and quality.

  • Designs with Wood Grain: At Pet Floors of Texas, we have many designs for vinyl flooring that look like real wood. Our wood grain designs come in a number of different types, such as oak, maple, cherry, and more. No matter if you want a light, airy look or a rich, warm tone, our wood grain vinyl flooring choices can make your space look beautiful and warm.
  • Tile and Stone Designs: Our vinyl flooring designs that look like tile and stone are great if you want to add a touch of class and luxury to your home. Whether you want the classic look of marble, the modern feel of slate, or the classic look of clay tiles, our tile and stone designs can give you the beauty of these materials without the cost or upkeep that comes with them.
  • Shaped Patterns: Our shaped vinyl flooring patterns are perfect for people who want a more interesting and colorful floor choice. With our wide range of patterns, from simple geometric shapes to complex floral designs, you can make a floor that really stands out and shows off your style and personality. Our patterned patterns can be used in a lot of different ways, from adding a splash of color to a playroom to making a focal point in your living room.
  • Customizable Designs: At Pet Floors of Texas, we know that every homeowner has different wants and needs. So, we also give vinyl flooring designs that can be changed to fit your needs. Our team can work with you to make a unique design that fits your needs, whether you want to use a certain pattern, name, or picture in your flooring. You can really make a statement and make your space your own with our patterns that can be changed to fit your needs.

Our vinyl floors are all made with quality and attention to detail, no matter which pattern you pick. Our designs are nice to look at and don’t get worn down, stained, or scratched easily. This means that your vinyl flooring will stay beautiful and last a long time, even in places with a lot of foot traffic or homes with pets and kids.

wood flooring for pets Houston, TX

Take a look at all of our options for wood flooring for pets.

Find Wood Flooring for Pets You Can Rely On

It’s important to pick a company that offers great goods and services when installing floors that are safe for pets and kids. Pet Floors of Texas is proud to offer high-quality vinyl wood flooring that is safe for kids and pets and easy to put down. Our team of skilled professionals will walk you through the steps and ensure that the flooring fitting goes smoothly and without any problems.

You can have a beautiful, pet-friendly home that is also useful and looks good with our many styles and finishes. Contact us right away or visit our location to learn more about how our wood flooring for pets Houston, TX is good and how you can make a place that can handle the good and bad things that come with having pets and kids at home.

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