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Keep your floors beautiful with quality Houston, TX urine proof flooring from Pet Floors of Texas. We are an LVT flooring company with excellent flooring installations that will enhance your home’s decor and overall view. You will find floors that are inspired by materials from around the world when you shop with us. Therefore, you can be confident that our products will give your home a beautiful, modern, and unique look.

Houston, TX urine proof flooring

Get quality Houston, TX urine proof flooring from Pet Floors of Texas.

Pet Floors of Texas can be dated all the way back to 2003, when Gary & Tammy Wilcox opened a flooring company in Houston, TX. They soon turned their focus to what really mattered, LVT. They soon discovered that this type of flooring was in high demand due to pet owners. LVT is fantastic flooring that is pet and scratch-proof. In addition, it can withstand abuse from cats, dogs, and children.

With over 20 years of experience in our hands, Pet Floors of Texas has a handful of manufacturers that offer the most realistic combination of planks, tiles, and stones. With that in mind, we guarantee that our production process is completed with care and attention to detail. Plus, our meticulous production process exceeds ADA’s standards. What does this mean? That it is the perfect product to be installed in assisting living facilities and nursing homes due to its non-skid surfaces.

Furthermore, at Pet Floors of Texas, we understand the beauty of being a pet owner. Our pets bring so much joy, love, and care into our lives. However, it is not a secret that being a pet owner can be a hassle at times. This is due to the destruction our little fur babies can cause in our homes. This is especially true if you haven’t potty-trained your pet. The urine can severely damage your beautiful floors. Fortunately, Pet Floors of Texas offers the best Houston, TX urine proof flooring. So, contact us today and get a free quote!

Houston, TX Urine Proof Flooring | Pet Floors of Texas

If you’re looking for a top-quality, reliable, and affordable urine proof flooring in Houston, TX, look no further than Pet Floors of Texas. We offer a variety of flooring styles to choose from, including old world style, classic style, contemporary style, luxury vinyl style, and commercial vinyl style flooring.

Our team of experts offers an effective solution to your pet and flooring problems. Our vinyl flooring is pet friendly and resilient. What’s even better is that they are hygienic and easy to clean. So, if your pet ever has a potty incident inside your home, there will be no hassle cleaning it up.

Pet Floors of Texas only gets better. Our vinyl flooring is designed to be durable and long-lasting. Plus, our styles also offer magnificent protective barriers against moisture. So, even your pet’s urine won’t break through it and cause damage.

Put an end to the damage your pet’s urine is causing your floors by calling Pet Floors of Texas. Our Houston, TX urine proof flooring is a game-changer for all pet owners.

How Pet Urine Can Damage Your Flooring

Houston, TX urine proof flooring

Call Pet Floors of Texas if you have floor damage due to urine incidents from your furry friend.

Our furry friends are a great part of our families. They love us, care for us, and offer comfort and protection. However, our beautiful babies can sometimes be destructive and damage areas of our home. One of the biggest issues among new pet owners, and not-so-new pet owners, is urine incidents.

Unfortunately, even the most well-behaved pets can have incidents at times. This could sometimes be out of their control, a lack of training, or maybe you just forgot to let them out. Whatever the reason may be, pet urine can severely damage your flooring.

If you have rugs on your hardwood flooring, you can easily miss when your pet has had an incident. This can only lead to even nastier damage. Pet urine can cause stains, discoloration, and horrendous odors when left untreated. In addition, it can permanently damage your floors and lead to expensive repairs.

Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of our flooring materials. Our flooring is stain-resistant and 100% pet-resistant.

A New Kind of Flooring

At Pet Floors of Texas, we specialize in what our name says, pet floors. If you are a pet lover and owner, you might know the responsibilities that come with being a pet owner. You have to bathe them, feed them, love them, take them on adventures, etc. Most importantly, you have to train them. However, as mentioned above, even dogs with extensive training can have urine incidents inside their home.

Fortunately, this is where Pet Floors of Texas come to the rescue. Our floors are:

  • Manufactured with pet-proof materials. As such, your floor will stay looking exceptional for many years.
  • Easy to clean. Therefore, cleaning the floors will become a breeze.
  • Designed with closed-cell material. This will prevent long-lasting odors from lingering in the air.
  • Water-resistant and stain-resistant.

Magnificent Flooring Features By Pet Floors of Texas

Houston, TX urine proof flooring

Protect your home from the harm of pet urine.

The benefits of getting your floors from Pet Floors of Texas are endless. Here are some reasons why you should choose us.

Our floors are hygienic and easy to clean. Pet owners know that their furry friends can have urine incidents here and there. Fortunately, with our flooring features, cleaning your floor will be a breeze.

Has your cat or dog ever woken you up at 3 am with the scratching sounds of their tiny paws on the floor? If so, you know how dreading it can be. Well, you’re in luck. Our floors at Pet Floors of Texas will cut out any noise. We have flooring options with a minor cushioning under the vinyl coating that cushions pet and human feet to prevent noise.

Contact Pet Floors of Texas

Get your floors from Pet Floors of Texas. We’ve been in business for over 20 years providing quality pet proof flooring. We will protect your entire house, bedrooms, kitchen, living room, etc., from your dog’s urine destruction.

We believe that your home deserves to have a beautiful look as well as protection and functionality. Contact us today! We offer quality Houston, TX urine proof flooring.

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