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Look no further than Pet Floors of Texas for your Houston, TX waterproof vinyl wood flooring! We can give you the waterproof and stain-resistant flooring you need. Keep your floors safe from pets and kids by hiring Pet Floors of Texas!

At Pet Floors of Texas, we provide all types of flooring, including luxury vinyl flooring, to pet-proof your home and business. For quality flooring and impeccable customer service, contact us or drop by our office. We’d be thrilled to take on a new project.

Houston, TX waterproof vinyl wood flooring

Choose Pet Floors of Texas for all your vinyl flooring needs!

Who We Are

Pet Floors of Texas is a vinyl plank company that brings you pet-friendly flooring to your home. We provide scratch-resistant and waterproof floors for both commercial buildings and residential homes.

We are a flooring company based in Houston, Texas, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. IN 2004 we were approached by a manufacturer of LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring. Five years of carrying LVT and getting rave reviews from our customers, we threw out all the other types of flooring and refocused on being a LVT flooring company.

LVT is now the fastest-growing segment in the market. Now we provide pet and scratch proof vinyl that can withstand the abuse given by dogs, cats, and kids. Our luxury vinyl plank flooring is the best in the industry!

We provide in-home consultation where we help you select a style and color. As part of our mobile showroom, we show you full-size samples. We can then tell you precisely what it will cost to complete your project and what to expect in the process. Our highly skilled technicians know how to install stunning floors that also provide long-lasting protection.

For your Houston, TX waterproof vinyl wood flooring, it’s clear that Pet Floors of Texas can’t be beat. Get a quote with us today!

Protect Your Floors From Devastation

It’s true, we all love our pets. They are a constant, loving, and loyal companions, a joy to be a around. Unlike humans, they don’t give unneeded advice or any judgment.

Even so, pets can be messy and difficult to handle. They can scratch furniture, chew shoes and clothes, even urinate or defecate around the house. They accidentally spill food and water. Worst of all, your floors receive the blunt of the attacks, leaving even the hardiest of hardwood flooring faded and scratched ad infinitum.

And if you have kids, you could have double the chaos. Kids can color on the floor and walls and leave toys and snacks everywhere. If you have both kids and pets, it can mean a clean-up that never ends. In the end, your shiny floors become the casualties.

Fortunately, Pet Floors of Texas is here to provide you with durable vinyl floors that can withstand attacks from even the messiest of pets or children. We provide floors in all styles, from classic to Old World. Explore our options today!

Houston, TX waterproof vinyl wood flooring

You can rely on Pet Floors of Texas to deliver the best Houston, TX waterproof vinyl wood flooring you’ve ever seen!

Our Services

Pet Floors of Texas provides floors of all kinds of styles. We offer classic, contemporary, distressed, heritage, inlays, and Old World. If you wish for a unique floor, we also provide custom floors suited to your style and taste.


Old World floors are beautiful in their simplicity. Old Floors come with stone or wood patterns, Glacier Oak and Ebony. Old World blends perfectly into your household furniture, appliances, wares, and other features.

Perhaps you favor a blend of old and modern. If so, a classic floor may be to your taste. Classic floors come with laminate covering, which allow our floor installations to be water-resistant, pet resistant, and overall easy to maintain.

For a more modern style, go for our contemporary floor style. Its bold, innovative design can stand up against wear and tear. We have options ranging from smooth and subtle tones to bright and colorful oak. We also provide stone options that give off a wood-like color and appearance, like Vita, Rovigo, Aurego, Russus, and Texo.

Our heritage style, on the other hand, is the height of sophistication. This style features a unique selection of wood tile, and plank looks. For a more rustic look, our distressed styles can’t be beat.

All of our styles regardless durable and long-lasting. They offer impenetrable barriers against moisture, which makes them last longer than other flooring options. They also come with padding designed to reduce resonance so that your pets’ furry little feet or your kids’ stomping ones won’t echo too loudly. Best of all, all of our floors are environmentally-friendly, free from pollutants and harmful chemicals.


No matter which style you choose, we provide flooring for any and all rooms. Kitchens, laundry rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms are just a few places they could potentially go. We also provide commercial services to businesses looking to improve the look of their workplace.

Kitchens and dining rooms are among the most dirtiest rooms in the house. For one thing, they are among the most frequently used rooms in the house. For another, regular home meals make food and all matter of spillage common. Kitchens are also used for cooking party meals, family gathering meals, and other types of meals for social events.

Fortunately Pet Floors of Texas are here to offer premium floors that can withstand any mess. Our flooring options are waterproof and stain-proof, so you can keep using your favorite cleaner and mop to clean up most types of messes. We take pride in providing floors that are easier to clean than natural tile, carpeting, and wood.

Houston, TX waterproof vinyl wood flooring

Get the best vinyl tile flooring today!

Get your Houston, TX waterproof vinyl wood flooring today!

We all love our pets and kids, but they can leave behind large messes that can be difficult to clean up. Inevitably, even the hardiest of floors can lose their luster after a while, and oftentimes they are difficult to clean up.

That’s why Pet Floors of Texas offers stain-resistant, waterproof vinyl floor that last long and can withstand the messiest of pets and children. We are a family-owned company that works with you closely to fulfill your flooring needs.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get your Houston, TX waterproof vinyl wood flooring today!

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