Mohawk Flooring Houston, TX – A Stand-Up Style Among Floors

Mohawk Flooring Houston, TX is an upstanding brand of America’s leading creators of durable laminate and luxury vinyl flooring. Choosing any option from this brand name means you’ve chosen a quality purchase. Not only does Mohawk Flooring have many design and style options, but it can also guarantee the quality of its products. Call Pet Floors of Texas today to see our selection of Mohawk Flooring.

Mohawk Flooring Houston, TX

Choose a design from Mohawk Flooring and enhance the style and durability of your floors.

Is Mohawk Flooring high-quality?
Mohawk Flooring is one of the early innovators of hard flooring products like luxury vinyl and laminate. They’d been improving their products from the cheap laminate flooring that was prevalent years ago to the high-quality standard the industry knows now. If you want to upgrade your floors at home or the office, choosing Mohawk Flooring is the best way to guarantee you won’t lose out on quality.

What is the difference between laminate and luxury vinyl?
Laminate and luxury vinyl flooring are popular alternatives to hardwood flooring, but they are made of different materials and work differently. Both flooring options look good and last long. However, laminate is preferred because it looks like real wood and is less expensive, while luxury vinyl is praised for being water-resistant and flexible in high-moisture areas.

Pet Floors of Texas has a selection of laminate and luxury vinyl floors from many eminent brands, including Mohawk Flooring. You can find the quality you want at an affordable price. When you call us, we can bring our mobile showroom straight to your door so that you can see your options in your home or office. Request a free estimate today to start shopping for new quality flooring.

What to Know About Mohawk Flooring Houston, TX

Mohawk Flooring is a well-known name in the flooring business. They have a huge selection of laminate and luxury vinyl flooring to suit various tastes and needs. Mohawk’s products are known for being innovative and reliable. They are made to add style and durability to any area.

Their laminate flooring stands out because it resembles real hardwood and stone tiles. It was skillfully made to have a high-end look without the upkeep problems of those materials. Their laminate choices come in many different textures, colors, and finishes, and they are made with cutting-edge technology that makes them resistant to scratches, dents, and normal wear and tear. Also, Mohawk’s laminate is eco-friendly because it uses recycled materials and low-emission glue.

This brand continues leading the way in luxury vinyl flooring with products that look and work like real wood and stone. Mohawk’s luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and planks (LVP) look like stone and wood, with intricate patterns and textures. These floors are great for places with a lot of moisture, like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, because they are waterproof and won’t stain. Each plank or tile is aesthetically beautiful and useful because of the production’s high-definition printing and embossing methods.

Mohawk Flooring Houston, TX

Mohawk Flooring Houston, TX guarantees quality, so you only need to worry about the design.

The luxury vinyl flooring also has an innovative rigid core design that makes the floors more stable and durable. Adding sound-absorbing flooring also improves acoustic comfort, which makes it a great choice for rooms or buildings with multiple floors where noise reduction is needed. Whether you’re remodeling your home or setting up a business, Mohawk Flooring has useful and beautiful options, so they will look great and work well for a long time.

Choosing Between Laminate & Vinyl

When a homeowner or designer has to choose between laminate and vinyl flooring, they must consider how it looks, how well it works, and how much it costs. Both types of flooring have their benefits and are best for different situations. The choice comes down to which features fit your lifestyle and the size of your room.

Laminate Flooring

People who want the real look of hardwood or stone flooring without the high cost will like laminate flooring. Modern laminates use advanced printing and embossing methods to mimic natural materials’ complex grains and patterns, giving them a high-end look.

One of the best things about laminate is that it doesn’t scratch or dent easily. This makes it a great choice for areas with many uses or homes with pets or kids. But remember that laminate doesn’t wholly repel water, so it might not be the best choice for places like bathrooms and basements that get wet or have a lot of humidity.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

On the other hand, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and luxury vinyl planks (LVP) are the most durable and versatile types of flooring. Modern vinyl floors can look like wood, stone, and clay tiles thanks to its high-definition printing and texture options. Vinyl is also often softer underfoot than laminate, and options with extra padding can make it even more comfortable and better at blocking out noise, making it a popular choice for living rooms where comfort is essential.

Vinyl is completely waterproof, which makes it an excellent choice for any room in the house, even ones that tend to get wet. That’s why vinyl is often used in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements because it is easy to work with and doesn’t get damaged by water like other materials.

Mohawk Flooring Houston, TX

Choose the type of Mohawk Flooring to decorate your home or office rooms.

Making Your Decision

Regarding upkeep, laminate and vinyl floors are easier to care for than natural floors. Laminate can be cleaned by wiping it often and occasionally mopping it with damp water. Conversely, vinyl can handle more thorough cleaning, even wet mopping, without damage.

When choosing between laminate and vinyl flooring, you should consider what the room needs, how you like the look of the floor, and your budget. Laminate might be the best choice if you want something that looks like real wood and will last a long time. But vinyl might be a better choice if you need something that won’t be damaged by water and has many designs.

In the end, both types of flooring are stylish and long-lasting options that can make your area look better and work better. Call our team to see our selection of Mohawk Flooring options. We’re based in Houston and can bring your choice straight to your door and install it.

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