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If you’re looking for Kingwood TX water-resistant flooring, then you’ve come to the right place. At Pet Floors of Texas, we will bring the store to your door! You’ll find that we provide both excellent customer service and affordable rates.

Our team is located in Houston, and we are a vinyl plank flooring company. Our company has strived for the same goal for over 15 years, and that’s results! We have worked hard for the clients that have chosen to work with us. Because getting the best results takes work, and we achieve it every time.

We are family-owned and operated, delivering to you only the best quality products. Our team of professionals will work with you to provide a clean installation of premium flooring. Let us help you protect your floors, so you can stop constantly cleaning them.

Everyone loves their pets; there is no denying that! Although between all the scratches, stains, and cleaning, it can be time-consuming, if not a headache. However, we can help you by pet-proofing your floors! No matter the room or if you just want more comfort for your feet, we will get you covered.

Kingwood TX Water-Resistant Flooring

Kingwood TX water-resistant flooring

Get high-quality flooring in different styles and colors when you come to us!

Our mobile showroom will bring the store to your door, so you don’t need to make the trip out to us! Just another thing to show you how confident we are in our business. We can’t wait to hear from you, so give us a ring today.

When you come to us, we will always be professional, and our experience in the field will shine through our hard work and determination. It won’t take long for us to help you find the perfect fit for your flooring needs. Other types of flooring can be super expensive and need a lot of maintenance. However, luxury vinyl flooring can capture the look you love at a fraction of the cost and with little maintenance needs!

With pets, kids, and accidents running around your home, waterproof options are a must in the family unit! Protect your floors from the chaos of the day to day with the right fit. You can rest assured that our water and scratch resistance floor options will last your family a lift time.

In the long run, you’ll find that carpet can become nasty, especially if exposed to the wrong things. You’ll also find that hardwood and laminate floors come with their own set of issues in the long run. We can get you set up with the best premium vinyl flooring that will have your desired room looking great!

And our customer service will make the experience all the more better. So save yourself time and money in the future by getting the best flooring. One of our mottos is “the floor serves you, you don’t serve the for,” and we will make that right true for you!

What You Get With Us

Kingwood TX water-resistant flooring

Get the best Kingwood TX water-resistant flooring to protect your home from your favorite furry friend.

Something most people don’t expect from us is our wide range of flooring options you have to look through. There are different styles and patterns for you to chose from. Between our wide variety of styles, colors, and options, we are sure to have the right fit for you!

The floors we have available are highly durable, with quality that will last a long time. Know that our flooring options were crafted with pets in mind. This means that you can count on them holding up against pet damage! No more scratches or spending money on plank replacements.

In our consultation, we will inspect the rooms you want to be re-floored and get the specifications. After the initial inspection, we can make suggestions and better help you find the right type of flooring. Our care and attention to detail are what keeps customers coming back again and again.

No home is the same; just a no customer is the same, which is why we treat you as the unique person you are! Let your personality come out in your choice. And never settle for something that isn’t making you happy!

Options Galore!

Check out all of our flooring options before you make a decision. Take into account the cost-effectiveness of the different types we have available. However, know that all of our flooring options are durable and comfortable to the touch. As for the aesthetic look, always go for what will fit your home and make you happy!

Give us a call today for a quote, and we’ll send out a mobile showroom right to your door!

Pet Protection

You might love your little four-legged furball, but they can cause a toll on your flooring. From sharp nails and running in the house to accidents from long rainy days, all of it amounting to damage. Fortunately, you’ll find that our floors are resistant to these things. Even to the point where smells won’t even get trapped in the flooring!

Our Kingwood TX water-resistant flooring will save you time from cleaning up after your furry friends. In fact, they will make cleaning up any mess or accident a breeze. The liquids spilled on our floors will not seep into them, so there will be no water damage.

Give Us A Call Today!

Kingwood TX water-resistant flooring

Call us for a quote on our Kingwood TX water-resistant flooring today!

Pet Floors of Texas is ready to help you achieve all your flooring needs. Give us a call to get a quote or schedule an appointment with our team members. Remember that we come to you, so take the first step today!

You can check out our locations in the area, but remember that we will come to you!

We will see our projects through and stay until the final product is in place. Our job is not only to provide you with excellent flooring, but also an exceptional experience. Call to find out more about our Kingwood TX water-resistant flooring, and we’ll bring the store to your door!

Kingwood Fun Facts:

  • Kingwood was founded in 1971.
  • Kingwood’s nickname is the Livable Forest.
  • The population of Kingwood is around 65,000
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