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Pet Floors of Texas ensures that you get the best Houston Texas dog flooring in the area. Pet floors in Houston should be high quality and products fit for your dogs. That’s why we bring the hardwood flooring your pets can play on and keep clean. Let Pet Floors of Texas provide you with the best luxury vinyl flooring possible. Make sure it’s Pet Floors of Texas.

We take into account the best materials and patterns for your home, so you get the best outcome possible. Your dog deserves floors that give them a soft and relaxing touch. Pet Floors of Texas brings their A-game every time because we know how important your pet is to you. So don’t wait, call today and find out how we can do for you and your pet. Our team of designers and installers have installed floors all over Houston, and we’re only expanding. We recommend contacting our customer service and getting started on your next home improvement project with us.

Houston Texas Dog Flooring Made Easy

Houston Texas Dog Flooring

Houston Texas Dog Flooring

Pet Floors of Texas has been family-owned and operated by a mom-pop-son team since it was founded. Their 20 years of experience helped them form an expert team of designers and installers so that we can bring you the best flooring in the greater Houston area. This dynamic family combo always stays involved in every project we work on. This ensures that we always get the job done professionally and perfectly. So no matter what kind of job it is, our expert team assembles to the task.

Included in our wonderful service and quality installs, we bring a lifetime warranty with us. This warranty covers any discoloration that may occur, as unlikely as that may be. In addition to the lifetime warranty, we also include a 3-year warranty on all of our labor and installation. We know that you enjoy your new flooring better when you feel secure with it. That’s why we let you feel safe knowing that if anything happens, we’ve got you covered.

Floor Features For Your Dog

If done wrong, wood flooring can turn out uncomfortable and scratched up. Your floors should be strong and comfy so you and your dog can optimally enjoy it. With our specially padded material, we find the perfect balance of comfort and durability to give you floors that stand your pets and are soft to the touch. We also put hygiene at the top of our priority list. Our LVT and SPC flooring use a special coating to ensure that your floors are simple to keep clean. This coating makes your floors waterproof and stain-resistant, so you don’t have to put extra effort into maintenance. All you have to do is use your favorite cleaner and see the difference.

Pet Proof Flooring

Pet Proof Flooring

While your dog can be quite the troublemaker sometimes, we know that they’re not the only ones who make a mess. Children, guests, and even you are prone to the occasional accident. No matter where the spill comes from, you can rest assured that your new floors will stay as new and fresh as the day we installed them.

On top of stains and spills, dogs often leave little “accidents” around the house. It’s nothing our floors can’t handle, as they’re made of closed-cell material to keep that pesky odor out. Once you clean it up, that unwelcomed smell will go with it. Aside from stains and smells, there’s always the issue of scratches. Our material is durable enough to resist your dog’s nails, so you can let them run around without worrying about stray marks.

Find The Style For You

Finding the right design for your floors takes a keen eye and understanding of your home’s layout. Our experts help suggest your ideal design and show you our collection of styles (add styles link). Once you decide between stone or wood, we go from there and show you what options we carry. Our styles range from Classic, Inlays, Old World, Distressed, Contemporary, and Heritage. If none of those styles are what you had in mind, that’s no problem. We consult our suppliers to see what kind of custom design we can make for you. So no matter what pattern or design you’re looking for, we’ll help you find it.

We’ve Got A Mobile Showroom!

When you check out a flooring showroom, it’s organized and optimal to make the floors look perfect. While that’s nice, it’s not accurate to how it’ll look in YOUR home. That’s where we come in. Pet Floors of Texas brings the store to your door so that you get the best idea of how our products look in your house. We bring over hundreds of samples with us to ensure that you can try every combination of colors, patterns, and brands on your floor. With the ability to match colors and patterns right in your home, the decision process becomes far easier. Our showroom-on-wheels travels all over Houston, going as far as San Antonio and Beaumont.

We Cover Your Commercial Business As Well

Pet-Friendly Floors

Pet-Friendly Floors

Your home is where your dog really stretches their legs, but your business can benefit just as much. If you own a business that sees a lot of pet traffic, then pet-proofing your floors is a real priority. Pet resorts and vet clinics need durable and reliable flooring so that you can focus on work and not the ground. Your client’s pets depend on you to care for them, and giving them comfortable ground to play on. Our home advantages carry over for your business, so that means easy to clean, stain-resistant, and stylish to your specifications. Get commercial-grade quality with a residential look today.

Contact Us Today About Your Dog Flooring

Pet Floors of Texas puts results on top of our to-do list because we know that getting the best outcome is the most important part of pet-proofing. Get that perfect finish on your floors when you get the right installers for the job. Call today at (713) 728-7630 or get a quote online for more information. Houston Texas dog flooring is made easy with us, so make your first choice the best choice.

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