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If you are looking for a Houston TX waterproof luxury vinyl flooring, Pet Floors of Texas is exactly what you need. We offer the best flooring options you will ever want in Houston, Texas. Our flooring products include luxury vinyl planks that look like real luxury vinyl tiles and ceramic tile.

Our waterproof flooring can also protect your home from water damage. We offer other flooring options, such as stain-resistant and scratch-resistant flooring. When you need Houston TX waterproof luxury vinyl flooring, Pet Floors of Texas can deliver the durable flooring you need.

Houston TX waterproof luxury vinyl flooring

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Houston TX Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to messes, your floors usually take the brunt of them. When you think about it, your floors go through quite a hard life span. From spills to mud and even objects and claws being scrapped against them, your floors go through quite a bit over time.

So if you are looking to redo your floors, we highly recommend going with luxury vinyl flooring. When you think of vinyl flooring, your first thought may turn away from the idea. When we think of vinyl altogether, we probably are going to think of a hard, shiny, and kind of rubbery sort of look.

Not many people what a vinyl floor in their beautiful home. However, luxury vinyl is something different altogether. Luxury vinyl has the properties and qualities of what vinyl can bring but can also look amazing.

Our luxury vinyl has been expertly engineered to look just like natural wood, stone, and tile. It feels amazing under your feet and makes any home look that much more amazing. Plus, with Pet Floors of Texas, we can make our flooring option waterproof.

Water and liquids get into little cracks and cause mold and mildew to grow under your flooring. This will not only cause an odor problem over time, but it can also cause structural problems in your home. With our waterproof flooring, your home will look great, keep odors out, and help keep your home from falling apart. Plus, we offer other amazing features for our flooring.

Other Great Flooring Features

Another great feature about our waterproof flooring is that they are easy to clean and hygienic. Pet Floors of Texas us the special coating on our floors to help them remain clean. So this also means that our waterproof flooring is stain proof as well.

You don’t need a particular type of cleaner. You can still use your favorite clean, and it won’t damage the coating. Our waterproof flooring is great for pets. After all, it is in our name that our floors are made with pets in mind.

Natural wood floors can get all scratched up from claws tapping and scraping across them. However, our floors are scratch-resistant. So your floors will continue to look great no matter how many cats and dogs you may have coming in and out. Another feature about our pet-friendly floors is that they do not hold onto odors.

Much like messes spilling onto your floor, pets sometimes make messes too. So if you have a new puppy or kitten you are currently trying to housebreak, you don’t have to worry about pet odors and urine smells. Our floors are made with a closed-cell material that keeps stains and smells from seeping into your beautiful floors.

If you notice that wood floors tend to creak and squeak, this is a sign that floorboards are warping. This can be awfully disturbing to those trying to nap or sleep at night. Our vinyl flooring planks do not have a warping problem.

Our floors have padding underneath them that reduces sound. This is called a floating floor. This option also provides cushioning.

So it’s super comfortable to walk across. All these options are available in many different designs. You can choose between wood, stone, and tile.

Houston TX waterproof luxury vinyl flooring

All our flooring is made with your pets and families in mind.

Wood, Stone, and Tile Flooring

All our flooring options come in a large variety of styles and colors. Each home has a particular look and feel to it. So naturally, you want your flooring to match that look. When you look at Pet Floors of Texas styling options, we know you will find something that will go with your lovely home.

We offer styles such as Old World, Classic, Contemporary, and we even offer tile and commercial vinyl flooring. Our Old World styles are elegant. They are simple and clean. This type of flooring will look great for hosting professional events and parties.

Your guests will be more than impressed with this choice of flooring. Our Classic styles have a more modern look to them. They are timeless and can come in both wood and stone. These top-quality floors will bring elegance to your home.

There is sophistication with our classic styles that will look great in any room of your home. Our contemporary styles are bold and innovative. The stone colors have a mix of greys and red-orange to give it a daring pop of color.

Our wood options offer a sleek dark charcoal color. These floors would look fabulous in your home.

Why Choose Pet Floors of Texas

We know we are not the only flooring company in Texas. However, we believe we are the best and most cost-effective flooring company. When we design our floors, we truly do our best to keep our customers in mind. We want something that is affordable but still looks amazing for even the tightest budgets.

Our floors are economical. The cost of real tile, stone, or wood and be extremely expensive. However, our floors have the look of real stone, tile, and wood, without the high cost. Plus, you get the added bonus of the waterproof options as well as other options.

When you call us, we can offer you a quote on how much your floor will cost you before we start working. That way, you know exactly what you are getting and for how much. We have helped people all over the Houston area and surrounding cities and communities.

There is no doubt we can offer you the best flooring options in Houston. So give us a call when you need Houston TX waterproof luxury vinyl flooring.

Houston TX waterproof luxury vinyl flooring

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