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If you need Houston TX Water Resistant Wood Flooring, Pet Floor of Texas is just what you need. We offer you the best flooring options in the Houston area, with a huge selection. No other Houston flooring company can give you luxury vinyl tile laminate flooring as we can.

Our floor will last you a long time, and our customer service is highly recommended. We offer you the perfect flooring options for any room in the house. So give Pet Floors of Texas a call when you need Houston TX Water Resistant Wood Flooring.

Houston TX Water Resistant Wood Flooring

Houston TX Water Resistant Wood Flooring will look great in any room in the house.

Houston TX Water Resistant Wood Flooring

Pet Floors of Texas is your one-stop shop for all your flooring needs. At the start of our company, we wanted to give people high-quality floors, and excellent service. We started with bringing our showroom to your home.

In 2004, we were approached about selling luxury vinyl flooring. At first, we were not so sure about the idea. Vinyl and flooring just didn’t seem to go well with each other.

However, when we saw the product, we were in love. We saw the amazing g possibilities we could offer people. Our floors are perfect for any home.

It had the durability of commercial-grade quality, yet the look of natural materials for any home. We had so many calls coming in for referral work it was incredible. Our business started booming. Luxury vinyl flooring became one of the fastest-growing products in this market.

We have found the best manufacturers to create the best luxury vinyl flooring in this market. Our floors are created with medical-grade PVC plastic. They are free from harmful order and raise the industry standards for durability.

We have worked endlessly to give you the most natural-looking floors. You can have the best of both worlds. We understand the look and elegance that stone or tile, or wood can bring.

However, they can be costly and not hold up to the durability our floors can. With our luxury vinyl flooring, we can give you the greatest qualities from both. We have been able to duplicate the look of these beautiful, natural-looking floors.

Then we combined it with the durability of vinyl flooring. These floors go above and beyond the ADA’s standards for no-slid surfaces. These floors can be perfect for assisted living and nursing homes!


When you choose floors from us, you will have tons of options to choose from. Not only do we have great-looking options, but special features as well. Our feature will help keep your floors looking as great as they did when we first installed them.

Do you have kids that love creating messes? As much as well love our kids, they can cause havoc on our floors. Spills, dragging in the mud, and scrapping furniture across the floor can all cause lasting damage to our flooring.

While kids mean well, it can be hard to keep your natural floors looking nice. With our flooring options, we can give you your great-looking floors back. Our floors are easy to clean, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and even pet-proof.

We have special coasting we put on all our floors. This makes cleaning simple. You won’t have to waste your time cleaning and scrubbing. Don’t worry about stains.

Our stain-resistant options can defend your floors from any kind of spill. Wine, juice, mud, and puppy messes no long have to bother you. Our floors are resilient.

They can handle just about anything you throw, spill, or dump on them. Our floors are incredibly hygienic. Most floors are porous.

This tends to lock in stains and even odors. We use flooring materials that are closed-cell. This means odors will not get locked into your floors.

You won’t have to worry about being nose blind to any unwanted smells. Your floors will be so clean; you could eat off them.

Houston TX Water Resistant Wood Flooring

You no longer have to worry about your pets destroying your floors.


Our flooring options come in numerous styles and colors. Whatever your tastes may be, we have something for you. We are certain that we have something that will complement and enhance your decor.

If you want a wood floor option, we have some great selections for you. Our Classic collection has some beautiful traditional and natural looks. We have gorgeous dark Midnight Oak or a cooler-toned Winter Oak.

Or you might want something warmer such as our Autumn oak, classy Cedar to brighten up any room. Perhaps a more modern or contemporary look is what you are going for. We have a lovely White painted Oak that would look beautiful in a master bedroom or bathroom. Perhaps you want something a little more muted, such as our Urban Spotted Gum or Bleached Gray Walnut.

If wood is not your style, then maybe you would like our gorgeous stone and tile selections. Our inlays would add a delicate touch to any room. With these intricate designs, you can add a truly unique style to your home.

Our Old World Stone collection has deep, rich colors such as Molton or Oxide. Selections such as Alderney or Sark add elegance from around the world right to your home.


When you call for our flooring services, we can offer you a free quote for any room in the house. There is no room in your home that we can’t do. Our flooring options will bring elegance and style to your decor.

Moreover, your floors will be durable and last for years. No other flooring company can give you this kind of quality at a great price. With traditional floors, your could be paying thousands of dollars for great-looking floors.

You could pay just a fraction of that for our floors. Don’t waste your money on floors that won’t give you the durability as luxury vinyl flooring can. We can bring you both beauty and durability.

Your floors will be safe from water damage, claws from your pets, and mess from your kids. You can stop spending so much time cleaning and spend more time enjoying your home. Give us a call today when you need Houston TX Water Resistant Wood Flooring.

Houston TX Water Resistant Wood Flooring

Call Pet Floors of Texas for your free quote today!

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