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If you are searching for Houston, TX vinyl floor tiles, it’s because you need to remodel your floors. Per Floor of Texas helps you achieve your floor needs fast.

Houston TX vinyl floor tiles

Houston TX vinyl floor tiles


Your Floor is Loud!

Laminated floors make loud and unpleasant sounds when you walk on them! You create the sound by walking across the resonating floor. Suppose you’re walking and tired of your floor making a sound you need to get help. Pet Floors of Texas install even and padded vinyl floor tiles that reduce resonance. As a result, you won’t hear your floor make a sound while you walk on it. The company’s floor cushioning layer makes it easy for you and your dog’s feet! You deserve to feel like you’re walking on air and not on a loud old floor. So treat yourself to new and cushioned floor tiles.

Tired of Cleaning?

You work hard, and you are a very busy person, and the last thing you want to do is clean. Old floors hold on to stains and are challenging to clean. You can’t tell if your floor is stained or just old, making it hard to clean! If you mop and mop and can’t remove the filth from your floor, then you probably need new tiles.

Houston TX vinyl floor tiles

Give your house an update and keep it looking clean with brand new vinyl floor tiles!

Pet Floors of Texas coat their floor tyles with a special vinyl coating. The skin makes it easier for you to clean and maintain your floor clean. This is because the vinyl coat is water and stain-proof. You can use any of your favorite floor cleaning products to clean the tiles because the coating makes them sturdy. So you can clean faster, not harder. So instead of cleaning your floors all day after work, enjoy your time and do something you love doing.

Your Kids are Mischievous

You care about the safety of your kids as well as their health. Your floor tiles host millions of germs, bacteria and can even grow molds. Your kids get sick when exposed to harmful bacteria, and your health is also in danger when exposed to mold and bacteria. You don’t want harmful organisms to there than your family, primarily when your floor covers a large surface in your home.

Kids play on the floor, and if you don’t clean it, your child can get sick. Your child is going to get hurt if your tiles are old because old floors are damaged and covered in bacteria as well as loose ends. Your kids can cut themself on your ancient rugged floors. So how can you protect your children and family from bacteria and roughed floor surfaces?

How to Protect your Children?

Pet Floors of Texas recommends that you install luxury vinyl tiles in your home to protect your children. The tiles are easy to clean and are stain-resistant. Kids make messes all the time, and you don’t want to struggle cleaning them up, do you? The company coats the vinyl floor tiles so that your floor feels smooth and fantastic. So your kids won’t hurt themselves while playing on the slick vinyl floors. Also, you can eliminate and prevent bacteria from growing on your high-quality vinyl floors with ease!

If you worry that luxury vinyl tiles won’t fit your aesthetic, then you’re in luck. The company offers many styles, colors, and finishes; with all those choices, you find floor tiles that will match your home’s personality! The best Houston TX vinyl floor tiles come from Pet Floors of Texas.

Pets can Damage your Floors.

Your furry friends are messy and have claws. The floor doesn’t stand a chance against your pet’s tough nails! Your cat or dog scratches on your floor, and your floor doesn’t look fabulous anymore. Pet Floors of Texas offer pet flooring that is durable and scratch-resistant. If your existing floor looks busted and worn- down because of your pets, then i

Houston TX vinyl floor tiles

Protect your floor from being damaged by your pet with Pet Floors of Texas

it’s time for you to update your floor.


The company offers high-quality vinyl floor tiles in the greater Houston area that are pet-friendly. You know that your pet is messy without intending to, and your floor gets filthy fast. Pet Floor of Texas floor tiles is easy to clean, so if your pet is dirty, then you will enjoy not having to worry about cleaning. You need to get rid of those old beat-down floor tiles and treat your home to a makeover! Update your hose and keep it looking fabulous with Pet Floors of Texas pet flooring!


What are your Flooring Options?

Pet Floor of Texas offers a wide variety of wood and stone vinyl tiles for you to choose from. The floors look natural and can enhance the appearance of your home. Since the company offers so many options, you can find floor tiles that will fit in with your home’s aesthetic and your personal style.

Not only are the floor tiles beautiful, but they are also practical since the floors are childproof, waterproof, and pet-friendly. You won’t have a hard time cleaning the floors since they are coated with vinyl. As a result, you can clean the floor tiles fast and efficiently, and you can also prevent them from getting dirty because they are stain-resistant.

Houston TX vinyl floor tiles

Pet Floors of Texas have 2o years of experience installing vinyl floor tiles for the people in Texas. The company helps you make your home look gorgeous with its high-quality floor tiles and service.

Their technicians will bring their showroom to your home and help you pick your new floor. You can match your floor to your home’s decor, and you can make your house look unique with new floor vinyl tiles. The members of Pet Floors have years of experience, so you can trust that they are not experimenting with your home. Don’t worry about the quality of the floor vinyl because the company only uses the best materials to create its tiles. The manufacture creates realistic and high-end floor tiles that elevate your home’s style. The best Houston TX vinyl floor tiles come from Pet Floors of Texas so call them now to get a quote.

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