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You can find the best Houston, TX durable flooring options at Pet Floors of Texas. We offer flooring options that are built to last yet have a luxurious look and feel to them. You no longer have to choose between strength, beauty, and cost-effectiveness. Get all of those options with us! We have been able to create luxury vinyl flooring options that mimic the aesthetic of natural wood and tile at just a fraction of the cost. Moreover, we apply a special coating to our floors that can make them waterproof, kid-proof, pet-friendly, and last a lifetime!

If you want great-looking floors but don’t want to spend every penny you have maintaining them, then give Pet Floors of Texas a call! We will be more than happy to bring you our showroom of all our Houston, TX durable flooring options.

Houston, TX durable flooring options

We bring all our Houston, TX durable flooring options right to your door!

Houston, TX Durable Flooring Options

At Pet Floors of Texas, we provide a wide range of options to choose from for our floors. We may be a vinyl flooring company, but make no mistake, we are not your average vinyl flooring company. We create floors that have commercial-grade quality, with a personal and residential feel to them.

Our flooring options can spruce up any home or office space to create a unique look. Plus, you get to have all the advantages that vinyl comes with, such as the durability and how inexpensive it is compared to natural wood or stone floors.

It doesn’t stop there. Our floors are incredibly easy to maintain. If you have ever had natural wood or stone floors, then you know exactly what we are talking about.

Natural floors can get destroyed over time due to staining, scratching, and warping. As beautiful as natural wood floors can be, they can easily get ruined over a seemingly short amount of time.

Stone floors can crack and chip, creating sharp edges. Our bare feet and pet’s paws can get cut on these sharp edges. Not to mention, no one wants a floor riddled with cracks and chips in them. With our stone vinyl flooring options, we can provide elegant-looking vinyl that looks exactly like the real thing.

We can offer you the best of both worlds for your money and for your home when you shop with Pet Floors of Texas.

We Can Help You Choose Your Style!

The number of options we offer can be a little overwhelming. Perhaps the idea of choosing the decor or designing your home is not your strong suit. Or perhaps you have so many ideas, and it is difficult to narrow them down to the best option—no need to worry. We can offer our expertise and help you choose a flooring option that will fit best with your home and flow perfectly with your decor.


When you look through our vinyl wood options, you will get to pick between five different collections. Our first collection is our classic collection. This collection is perfect for those that love the classic and timeless look of natural wood grain. The texture looks flawless and feels amazing beneath your feet. We can ensure that we match the color of your floors to your home, so you have a seamless look.

Our contemporary collection has a cultured look to it. With this option, you can complement your home with colors that are exquisite. Fall in love with your home again with colors ranging from dark charcoals to warm grays and light oak colors.

Our distressed collection gives your home a whole new dynamic with light-dark panels coming together to give your home depth. These flooring options will make your home stand out amongst your friends and neighbors.

Our heritage collection gives your home a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. These options have rich, warm colors that will look inviting to anyone who walks through

Houston, TX durable flooring options

No matter what your décor or taste is, we offer something for everyone!

your door.

Our old-world collection is the perfect combination of classic style and modern design, all wrapped up into one. We offer distinct colors and an unconventional layout for panels that are perfect for those who love to stand out.


If stone is more your style, we offer four collections we know you will love. Our first collection is the classic stone. Much like our classic wood collection, we offer a stone tile option that will be perfect for traditional-style homes. These options are elegant and create a sense of sophistication.

Our contemporary collection is our next collection. If you want something fun and edgy, this collection is perfect for you. This collection offers the widest range of colors and designs that will go with just about any decor you may have. If you want to make a statement with your home, this is the perfect collection for you.

Our old-world collection offers a style that is reminiscent of something ancient and yet stylish at the same time. These colors are lavish, offering a feeling of wealth and flair.

With our inlays option, you can turn your floors into works of art. Inlays are intricate designs that add balance to your room. This option is impressive and breathtaking. Enrich any room with the delicate designs of our inlays.

Life-Time Guarantee

We love to rave about our floors. We believe in our product so much that we are willing to provide a lifetime guarantee. These luxury vinyl floors are not just any other vinyl floors. Thee are premium floors that will withstand just about anything you do to them. Life can get messy, and so can our floors. But that does not mean we should be reminded of how messy they can be every time we look at our floors. Staining and discoloration can ruin the look of any room.

With our floors, you won’t have to worry about that. Your floors can look just as beautiful years from now as they did the day we installed them. When you call us, we can come to you, take all the measurements, help you choose your design, and expertly install your floors for you. So don’t wait any longer. Give us a call and let us help you select your next Houston, TX durable flooring options with Pet Floors of Texas.

Houston, TX durable flooring options

Whether you have pets or not, we can make your home more beautiful, and easier to clean for just a fraction of the price. Call us today!

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