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Do you seek a Cypress TX vinyl floor tiles installing company near you? Seek no more since Pet Floors of Texas has you covered. We install affordable luxury pet vinyl floors residentially and commercial as well. Call us at (713) 728-7630 to request your quote today!

Get in Touch with Pet Floors of Texas

Are you located near 5267 Barker Cypress Rd #200 Houston, TX 77084? If so, visit us at our location for help if you are in proximity. We welcome you to explore our wide selection of luxury vinyl laminate flooring options that we offer.

Our locations are open from ten in the morning to five in the evening. Unfortunately, we are closed on Saturday and Sunday but worry not. You can request to set up an appointment, and we will take care of you on the weekend.

Feel free to send Pet Floors of Texas a detailed email with your questions and concerns about our products and services; if you can not make it to our location, call us. One of our luxury vinyl pet floor specialists will get back to you as soon as possible; with fast, well-informed, and practical solutions to your questions.

We bring the Showroom to your Home!

Fear not! If you can not make it to our location, we have you covered. One of our experts will bring the showroom to your home, so you do not have to leave the comfort of your home.

In addition, you will have the option to explore any possibilities of vinyl floor colors, textures, finishes, patterns, and brands we have to offer straight from your home. Thus, this gives you the ability to see how the floors will look like in your home.

You can see how the vinyl samples look with your home decor and aesthetic. Also, you can see how the light in your home illuminates and affects the ambiance that the vinyl floor tile sample creates. As a result, you can envision how your home will look with new floors since you have our entire floor showroom in your hands.

You can explore until you find the right design, color, finish, and brand that will bring out the features in your home, in addition, to go along with your furniture and decor. And, finally, you can find the correct floor that will complete your home’s aesthetic; and create the right atmosphere for you to vibe with friends, pets, and family.

Do not hesitate if you need new Cypress TX vinyl floor tiles to call us to see if we have the style of vinyl floor you are looking for; within your budget.

Pet Safe Vinyl Floors

Did you know that our floors are made from medical-grade PVC plastic? Therefore, if you have a pet, our vinyl floors are an excellent option since our floors are scratch-resistant. In addition, our floors are made up of cells and have a special coating that does not let pet waste penetrate the floor.

Thus when your dog has an accident, you do not have to worry about harmful bacteria and odors being trapped in your floors. So worry no more if you have a pet and a busted floor.

Cypress TX vinyl floor tiles

Our Cypress TX vinyl floor tiles are scratch-resistant

We will help you bring home alive with new luxury vinyl tiles. You will love how pet-friendly our vinyl floors are. In addition, you do not have to look at your beat-up floors nor punish your pet for destroying your foundations ever again.

Looking for Pet-Friendly Carpets?

Carpets trap pet hairs, debris, crumbs, dust, bacteria, and many other substances. Sure, rugs are cozy and soft to walk on, but you have to remember that carpets are tough to clean. You can not just wash carpets if your pet has an accident. In addition, carpets hold odors very well, and it will become so hard to remove the smell from your home. Say no to carpet and yes to our viny floors.

Our vinyl floors are stain-resistant and waterproof. Thus you can easily clean the floor if you spill a liquid. Also, our floors are strong and can tolerate most floor cleaning products. So grab your mop and enjoy a fast and easy cleaning. Carpets, on the other hand, will give you a dusty, dirty nightmare when you try to clean them. We provide you with the best Cypress TX vinyl floor tiles money can buy, so give us a call for a quote and get new floors; in your home as soon as possible.

Kid Proof Vinyl Floors

Do you have kids? If so, you know that children are filled with energy and a vivid imagination. They play rough and use messy art supplies to create masterpieces. Your floor is in danger of stains and damage if you have kids.

Worry, not our floors are strong enough to take a beating from you energetic kids. In addition, our floors are stain resistance, so when your child drops to paint or juice, your floors will not stain.

Cypress TX vinyl floor tiles

Pet Floors of Texas offers kid-proof floors.

Also, did you know that bacteria colonize on regular floors and can potentially get your child sick? Indeed, floors are dirty, and you need to keep them clean for your child. We seal our floors with unique coating technology so that bacteria does not get trapped in cracks; nor builds up.

In addition, the coat is fantastic since it keeps your floors cleaner for a longer time. Also, the coating makes it easier and faster for you to clean the vinyl floor tiles. Thus, you have cleaner floors for longer, without having to mop your floors constantly.

Cypress TX vinyl floor tiles

If you need luxury vinyl floor tiles, give us a call as soon as you can. We will provide you with a quote as soon as you need it. In addition, we will bring the showroom to your home. Thus you do not have to worry about going into the wild to shop for new floors during the global pandemic.

We have you covered. Do not settle for low-quality floors; when we can provide you with high-quality vinyl floors at affordable rates. Call us when you need Cypress TX vinyl floor tiles installed in your home.

Cypress TX vinyl floor tiles

Contact us today for a quote!

Cypress TX Fun Facts:

  • The city is a high-income area.
  • Cypress TX got its name after a creek.
  • In 1884 the first school was built in Cypress, TX.
  • Learn more on Cypress, TX.