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If you want top-notch flooring, head on over to Pet Floors of Texas for Pearland TX Water Resistant Flooring!

There’s no reason to put off something as serious and meaningful as the flooring of your home. Your home is the place where you should feel most comfortable and happy.

Let the pros at Pet Floors of Texas take the wheel and show you the best possible flooring made to last your house’s lifetime.

Pearland TX Water Resistant Flooring

When in need of flooring that will last and does an excellent job expressing your personal style, you should head to Pet Floors of Texas.

They have exceptional flooring options and plans, with everything from the tiled floor, hardwood flooring, waterproof flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, and many more easy-to-clean floor plans.

Pet Floors of Texas Pearland TX Water Resistant Flooring has everything you need for whatever flooring plans necessary.

History of Pearland

Pearland TX Water Resistant Flooring

View our large selection from the comfort of your own home.

The city of Pearland is a bustling and up-and-coming one on the outskirt of Houston.

With a population of 122,078, it’s one of the bigger suburban cities outside of the Greater Houston Area.

The citizens of Pearland deserve to have a flooring company in their area that they can trust. That’s where Pearland TX Water Resistant Flooring at Pet Floors of Texas comes into play.

With a wide variety of optional flooring products, coupled with excellent customer service, it sure does make it a no-brainer to choose Pet Floors of Texas!

Who Are Pet Floors?

Our company is an LVT flooring company within the Greater Houston Area that wants to give you the most beautifully flourished installments. Who doesn’t want to spruce up their gorgeous home with new decor?

Yet, there are so many types of flooring places to choose from here in Pearland; it can be chaotic deciding.

But not with Pet Floors of Texas! Our floors get inspired through different materials around the world. We combine modern style with antique accents to create your dream flooring.

The company was started initially by Gary and Tammy Wilcox, with the original thought of bringing a beautiful showroom right into your own home!

We are more than equipped with our professional-grade team to serve you and your family home with the most exceptional flooring.

We have a couple of different styles and materials to choose from when it comes to our floor plans. A few worth mentioning are:

  • Pet Flooring
  • Styles
  • Wood
  • Stone

Pet Flooring

When it comes to our favorite furry friends, they bring us so much joy and life within our homes. However, that four-legged friend of yours doesn’t go unnoticed on your floorboards.

Pearland TX Water Resistant Flooring

Let’s make sure those floors are pet proof!

That’s why if you have a pet, such as a dog or a cat, you should consider our line of pet floorings. Made mainly to handle the rough-n-tough damage your beloved pet may inflict upon your flooring.

Just because you have a pet at home doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style when it comes to your flooring!

When you choose a decide from Pet Floors of Texas with your pet in mind, you can select from the following types of materials:

  • Classic
  • Old World
  • Inlays
  • Heritage
  • Distressed
  • Contemporary

Wow, what other type of floor plan shop in Texas can offer both style and durability when it comes down to your flooring?

Another reason to choose pet-proof as your go-to shop for all flooring remodelings? There are so many, but here are the particular top reasons why:

  • These pet-proof materials used in sealing our floors will continue to keep them looking brand-spanking new.
  • The very easy-to-clean coating on top of your new floorboards will ensure that your house is easy to clean, no matter what the accident or mess maybe!
  • With the highly comfortable padding, there is more than enough durability and comfort blended.
  • We carry in each option a closed-cell material that will prevent long-lasting odors from sticking around far after clean up.
  • Pet Floors of Texas have flooring options that are water and stain-resistant!

You won’t find a more experienced team of flooring installers in all of Pearland, Texas. Not with ones that are dedicated and determined to renovate your home floors as if they were their own.


There are quite a lot of wonderful and unique styles that Pet Floor of Texas carries. To name a few:

  • Classic style
  • Contemporary style
  • Old world style
  • Luxury vinyl tile
  • Commercial vinyl flooring

Our styles are created with the most solid and durable sources in the flooring market.


One of the most classic styles to have inside your home today; wood. People love wood finishes for a few reasons: the traditional ambiance, the easy clean-up for anyone with pets, or little ones running around the house.

Pearland TX Water Resistant Flooring

No one can promise you this kind of quality other than Pearland TX Pet Floors of Texas.

But for the majority, people enjoy a wood finish because it’s genuinely the traditional way to decorate a modern 2021 house. Price values go up when a gorgeous wooden floor is a part of the home.

Pearland TX Water Resistant Flooring at Pet Floors of Texas carries a wide and breath-taking variety of wooden styles. Some of the styles being:

  • Classic wood
  • Distress
  • Contemporary wood
  • Heritage
  • Old world wood

While all of these are spectacular choices to go with, some might find that other wood types fit their home’s decor much more than others. That’s why the experts over here at Pet Floors of Texas can tell you right away what could fit your home the best!


Pearland TX Water Resistant Flooring

Featuring our Old World stone finish.

Finally, dealing with stone is one of the more elegant routes to take when deciding what to furnish your floorboards with.

There are, once again, quite a few different angles to take and routes to go with when it comes to stone flooring.

Some types of stone offered by Pet Floors of Texas are:

  • Classic stone
  • Inlays
  • Contemporary stone
  • Old world stone

Now while these may sound like a foreign language to you, I promise, it’s not as confusing as it may sound. If you call today (713)-728-7630, the friendly and capable staff would be glad to break down some flooring plans for you.


Whether it’s a living room, kitchen, dining, or bedroom, there is no room we can’t handle over at Pet Floors of Texas!

From laminate floors to vinyl planks, Pearland TX Water Resistant Flooring at Pet Floors of Texas is your only trusted floorboard renovator in all of Texas.

Fun Facts of Pearland

  • It is the third largest town in the Houston MSA.
  • From 2000 to 2010 it was ranked the fastest growing city in all of Texas.
  • Pearland is part of the Brazoria, Fort Bend, and Harris Counties.
  • For more fun facts and information, please view their official site!