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If you’ve got an untrained kitten running around, you’ll want cat pee proof flooring Houston, TX. While the newest addition gets used to your home, having cat pee proof flooring can make cleaning up easier than before. Considering this type of flooring is usually resistant to all types of liquids and stains, it’ll still be useful to you even after your kitten grows up and causes different messes. See what Pet Floors of Texas has in store for you when you call us!

Cat Pee Proof Flooring Houston, TX

Cats can be playful, so having cat pee proof flooring can help with cleaning up future messes.

Why should I buy cat pee proof flooring?
Most cats are self-conscious about keeping themselves clean, but sometimes, accidents happen. Cat urine is notorious for having a strong odor, which, when absorbed by carpet or wood, can leave a lingering scent that simply won’t go away. The only way you could remove it would be to replace that section of the floor. You can avoid that entire situation with cat pee proof flooring.

Does cat pee proof flooring have other benefits?
Of course! Most cat pee proof flooring options are water-resistant if not waterproof. That means it won’t absorb any liquids that spill on it, preventing water damage and lasting stains.

Pet Floors of Texas has a wide selection of pet-friendly flooring. You’ll find everything from dog-proof to cat-proof flooring for your home. Not only are our options practical, but they also come in various styles. You’ll be able to find a design that best matches the style you want for your home, so call us today to learn more.

What to Consider with Cat Pee Proof Flooring Houston, TX

When you want to renovate your home to accommodate your family members, specifically a feline member, you’ll want cat pee proof flooring. As all cat owners know, cat urine contains strong-smelling compounds that make it difficult to completely remove from porous surfaces, such as natural stone, carpet, or hardwood flooring. If you want to avoid long-term stains and smells, getting cat pee proof flooring is a great investment.

Luxury vinyl planks (LVP) or luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are the best options. These floors can look like authentic hardwood or stone, so they’re not only stylish but also durable and waterproof. LVPs and LVTs have a wear layer that protects against marks and scratches, which makes them great flooring for pets, whether cats or dogs.

Vinyl flooring is a type of durable flooring that can withstand general wear and tear. Not only is it waterproof, but most have a cushioning effect that reduces strain on your joints. The cushioning can even absorb sound, reducing the echo effect when walking on them. Best of all, it can also provide a slip-resistant surface, making it safer to walk on even when it’s wet or damp.

Cat Pee Proof Flooring Houston, TX

Having cat pee proof flooring Houston, TX can bring more value to your home.

Of course, you could also choose waterproof laminate floors instead. Not only does it look like wood or stone, but it is also strong enough to handle pet accidents and doesn’t absorb water. If you want your laminate to last, make sure you pick one with a good locking system and a core that doesn’t absorb water.

Finally, it’s important to choose cat pee proof flooring made of materials that are long-lasting, don’t get damaged by water, and are easy to clean. You can choose from luxury vinyl planks, vinyl tiles, or waterproof laminate. Any of of these are great options that will look great and stay smell-free even if you have pets. Request a free quote from Pet Floors of Texas today to see how well our selection can fit into your budget.

Different Styles of Flooring to Satisfy Your Aesthetic

The styles of LVP flooring are mostly aimed at making it look like hardwood floors. LVP can now perfectly copy the colors, textures, and grain patterns of real wood thanks to improvements in printing and stamping technologies. There is likely an LVP design that fits your style, whether you like the rustic look of oak, the modern look of teak, or the classic beauty of walnut. You can also choose different lengths and sizes of planks, which lets you choose the floor layout.

On the other hand, LVT is very flexible because it can look like many different types of tiles, such as wood, stone, pottery, and even tiles with complicated patterns. There is LVT that looks like expensive marble, slate, travertine, and other natural stones. Also, geometric and decorative patterns are becoming more and more common. This means people can put designs directly on their floors, like herringbone, chevron, or Moroccan-inspired patterns.

Both LVP and LVT can be finished in a range of ways, from matte and low-gloss for a more understated look to high-gloss for a sleek and modern look. Textured finishes can also add a physical dimension, making the surface less likely to slip and giving it a more natural feel. These flooring choices can fit your needs, whether you like the soft, worn look of hand-scraped wood or the cool, rough feel of natural stone.

Cat Pee Proof Flooring Houston, TX

With our selection and installation team, you’ll get cat pee proof flooring in no time.

There are a huge number of colors that can be used for LVP and LVT, from classic earth tones to bright, modern colors. This gives you the freedom to match your flooring to your current style or make a bold statement. Also, because these materials come in separate planks or tiles, you can mix and match designs to make your own patterns or decorative edges.

The styles of Luxury Vinyl Plank and Luxury Vinyl Tile give you a huge selection of styles without sacrificing sturdiness or usability. LVP and LVT are flexible flooring options that can help you make your design ideas come to life, whether you want a warm and traditional space, a sleek and modern one, or one that is completely unique and your own.

Let’s Get to Cat-Proofing Your Floors

Pet Floors of Texas has long helped clients in the Houston area cat-proof their homes with cat pee proof flooring. Call us today to schedule a time for our mobile showroom to appear at your doorstep. We can show you samples of your options directly in the rooms you want to install them in. You can count on us to get the job done!

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