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Breathe new life to your floor with Houston, TX dog house flooring that is scratch and all-around pet resistant. Your home is as much of a home to your furry friends as it is to you. However, they may not share the sentiment of what you think is valuable. Your home’s floors may be one of them.

Houston TX Dog House Flooring

Our Houston, TX Dog House Flooring options can resist whatever your puppy throws at it.

With a resident who sheds fur everywhere, you’ll want easy to clean flooring that still fits your house’s overall design. Pet Floors of Texas has what you’re looking for. We provide high-quality vinyl plank flooring that’s affordable and easy to tidy up. And, of course, all of our flooring options are pet friendly.

Pet Floors of Texas is a family-owned and operated flooring company that focuses on results. We bring the store to your door with our Mobile Showroom. No matter where you are in the Greater Houston area, we can bring you samples of all of our flooring styles so that you can see how well it meshes with your rooms before installing them. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide you with the best vinyl flooring.

Houston, TX Dog House Flooring: Look Savvy, Live Savvy

At Pet Floors of Texas, all of our flooring choices are pet friendly. The special coating we add to our LVT and SPC flooring makes it simple to clean and maintain after installation. Not to mention, all of them are also water and stain-proof. You don’t have to worry about accidentally removing our special coating – go ahead and continue using your favorite cleaners to keep your house as pristine as before.

Those aren’t the only features our flooring options offer. Our flooring options also have some extra padding designed to reduce resonance. Resonance is the sound you hear when you walk across most types of flooring. Natural wood floors resonate when you walk across them, while tiles cause an echoing resonance.

Our floating floor options have an extra layer of padding that significantly reduces the resonance you hear. It also provides you with a layer of cushion that makes it comfortable to walk on for both you and your pets. Our LVT glue-down options also have some cushioning, although not as much as our floating options.

Of course, we already mentioned that all of our floors are water, scratch, and mar-proof. Unlike your typical flooring options, your pets won’t be able to ruin ours too easily. They can go about their regular day, and you can go about yours without spending an excessive amount of time cleaning up after them.

Houston TX Dog House Flooring

Spend time with your dog – don’t waste time cleaning up after your dog.

One of the most important points about choosing your flooring is style. Even if it’s functional, there’s no point in installing it if it isn’t at least pleasant to look at. Luckily, we have various styles that you can choose from.

Your House, Your Style

We split our design collections: wood, stone, and tile. Each collection has various styles that you can choose from. Our designs can flow with the decor in any room in your house. Whether you want to renovate the floors in your entire home or only one room, we’ve got you covered.

Wood floors give your house a more homey or natural feel. However, your pets’ claws can easily mark up natural wood floors in a moment of excitement or fear. Our vinyl floors mimic the look that wood floors offer while retaining all of our pet-friendly features. You won’t be able to tell the difference when you see them side-by-side.

Stone and tile floors can give your house a more industrial or modern look. However, your pets’ accidents and claws can also leave marks during a burst of emotion or when they don’t quite make it outside. Not to mention, these types of flooring aren’t the most comfortable to walk on with bare feet or paws. Our vinyl floors offer the same look that stone and tile give while providing the comfort you want from your flooring.

However, one of the best parts of choosing one of our vinyl options is the lifetime warranty that comes with it. We offer a lifetime warranty with all of our LVT flooring. That’s because we believe in the potential our Houston, TX dog house flooring has to improve your quality of life. Choose a style that suits your design tastes.

Choose a Collection, Select a Style

Once you choose between wood, stone, or tile, it’s time to dive into what design style will fit your home’s overall theme. Each of our collections has various styles you can choose from. We work with several distributors so that we can offer you multiple designs. And if there’s not one that fits what you’re envisioning, we also offer custom designs.

Houston TX Dog House Flooring

Whether you want flooring options for your green room or bedroom, our designs can match any decor.

  • Wood

For our wood collection, we have classical wooden designs, contemporary designs, distressed, heritage, and old-world designs. Typically, wood designs work well with any room in the house. You can often find wood flooring outdoors as well, specifically on the patio or porch.

  • Stone & Tile

Our stone and tile options include classic stone, contemporary stone, inlays, and old-world stone options. Stone and tile designs work well as accents or in areas of the house that see a high amount of foot traffic. And, of course, you’ll find stone and tile designs that work well with your outdoor scenery.

Live with Your Dog, Not Like One

Stop spending time trying to prevent your dog from marring your natural wood or tile flooring. Change up your flooring with our premium vinyl flooring that’s both pet-friendly and pet-proof. Not to mention, our flooring options are easy to keep clean and maintain in their original condition.

Call us today to learn more about how we can improve your quality of life with our vinyl flooring. Based in Houston, our Mobile Showroom can bring the store to your house so that you can see our products in your rooms firsthand. Choose from our various Houston, TX dog house flooring options today.

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