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The best Pearland TX dog flooring is brought right to your door by Pet Floors of Texas. Home improvement can get complicated and pricey, so we make it easier by working with you to find the greatest solution to your dog-proofing. Our team of professional installers and designers bring a quality of work that any pet owner can appreciate. Attention to detail and results are what drive us to be the best flooring company in Pearland.

Pet Floors of Texas’ luxury vinyl styles include stone and wood designs. Our floor installers are the best in the business and work with a variety of materials and styles to provide superior work. Floor stores only give you an idea of how their floors look on the showroom floor. Not Pet Floors of Texas. We bring the store to your door. Don’t wait. We highly recommend calling our customer service today to see how we can pet-proof your floors for your dog.

Pearland TX Dog Flooring

Pearland TX Dog Flooring

Pearland TX Dog Flooring Was Never Made This Simple

Pet Floors of Texas utilizes its 20 years of experience to ensure that every project we work on is our best work. Family-owned and operated, our experts work directly with the client because we believe that that’s the best way to get results. Our father-mother-son team stays involved in every project we tackle. They do this to make sure you get our best work every time and that the job gets done right. Regardless of your taste, we will have a floor design that meets it.

Pet Floors of Texas also provides you with different warranties so you can feel secure with your new floors. We include a lifetime warranty on all of our floorings for discoloration. In addition, we also offer a 3-year warranty for all of our labor and installation. We keep you covered because we know that your flooring is an important aspect of your house. With your mind at ease, it’s time to see what makes us the best for your new flooring.

Floor Features You Need For Your Dog

Your Pearland floors should be done right the first time. To ensure you get the best results from the get-go, we bring you materials and coating that make your flooring something to be proud of. All of our LVT and SPC floorings have a special coating that makes cleaning easy and stress-free. Our coating prevents messes from setting in, so you can use your cleaner to pick it up with no problem. We know that your dog can cause the occasional spill, but they aren’t the only ones. Children, guests, and even you can make mistakes from time to time. No matter how the mess is caused, our floors can take the strain.

Another aspect that becomes a must-have is the special padding we use. Our flooring finds the perfect balance of durable and soft to bring you the most comfort and security. The padding is also noise-resistant, so you won’t hear creaking throughout the house. Your dog’s paws can be sensitive, so give your pet and your own feet something to feel grateful for.

Pet-Friendly Floors

Pet-Friendly Floors

Stains and comfort play an important role in choosing new flooring, but so does long-term results. Beyond spills, your dog can also have the occasional “accident” in the house. And that smell seems to last forever. With our closed-cell material, once you clean that mess up, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about any lingering odor. Dogs can also scratch up the flooring when they’re too busy running around. To prevent that, our flooring material is hard and sturdy enough to repel any stray marks made. With all of these features in mind, you can get your new flooring with a sense of ease.

Styles For Every Home

Our collection of styles (add styles link) gives you the best flooring options in the business. Finding a design that matches your home perfectly can be tricky, so we make it easier for you. Our designs range from Old World, Heritage, Distressed, Inlays, Contemporary, and Classic and fit any home. Not interested in traditional styles? No problem! Our team works closely with our suppliers to bring custom designs to your home. This way, you can find the right style for your home and have a design no one else does. So no matter what your taste is, Pet Floors of Texas has got you covered.

Our Mobile Showroom Will Blow You Away

Flooring showrooms have the benefit of a nice and controlled environment to show off their products. While the flooring looks nice, it only shows you how it looks in their store. The real question lies within your home. Pet Floors of Texas has the fix for this, with our Mobile Showroom. With our showroom constantly on the move, we bring the store to your door. Our Mobile Showroom is fully stocked with hundreds of samples of colors, flooring, and different brands. This way, we can show you exactly what your home would look like with our flooring. Once you see all the combinations and options we offer, you’ll get the best representation of your new flooring before we get started. Our showroom-on-wheels travels all across the Houston area and as far as Beaumont and San Antonio. Call us today, and we’ll bring all the options right to you.

Flooring for Pets

Flooring for Pets

We Do Your Commercial Business As Well

We know that your home is important, but we don’t neglect business needs. Business owners of vet clinics and pet spas know that dogs and other pets like to play and run wild sometimes. To make it easier on your floors, get premium vinyl flooring, so they get that special padding and coating. With your floors protected, focusing on your work becomes much easier. Let our floors take on the stress, so you don’t have to.

Contact Us Today

Pet Floors of Texas operates with one goal in mind: Results. Without the best results, your floors may not last as long as your dog needs them to. Give your little guy/gal the comfort they deserve and the security you need. Call today at (713) 728-7630 for any questions. You may also get a quote from us online. Finding the best Pearland TX dog flooring shouldn’t be a hassle, so let us make simple for you.

Pearland TX Fun Facts

  • Pearland expands as far as Harris, Fort Bend, and Brazoria Counties
  • In only ten years, Pearland’s population increased by over 50,000 residents
  • “Mark Belt” was the original name before being changed to Pearland
  • For more information, check here