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League City TX best flooring for dogs can be difficult to find. That’s why Pet Floors of Texas is here to fill that void. Our team of flooring installers and designers focus on doing an excellent job on your pet-proofed floors. Whether it’s hardwood floors or laminated flooring, our attention to detail can’t be matched. Our quality products come at a competitive price, so you get the best-installed wood floors. We offer a vast amount of options when it comes to our luxury vinyl flooring.

When it comes to your pet, we know that they can get a little excited or antsy and make a mess of some kind. That’s why we dedicate our services to getting your floors that protect your home from stain and smell. Don’t wait; we highly recommend calling our customer service now to find out how we can give your floors the treatment it deserves. Invest in the right home improvement today, and let’s make your home the best it can be.

League City TX Best Flooring For Dogs

League City TX Best Flooring For Dogs

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With 20 years of experience, Pet Floors of Texas is family operated and owned. Our mother-father-son combo strives to bring you the best service in all of League City TX. This family is committed to achieving one goal: Great results. We know that how your floors turn out is the most important part of the job. That’s why we have a consistent and expert team of installers are ready and eager to bring their A-game to your home. We treat every project we tackle like it’s our most important. We don’t believe that our job is just installing the floors. We believe that our job is making your floors look good.

We also offer a lifetime warranty on any discoloration, as unlikely as it may be. Beyond that, our team offers a 3-year warranty on labor and installation. Protecting your floors from your pets shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why Pet Floors of Texas dedicates its resources to providing the best material, so let us bring you the best floors in League City today.

Floor Features Worth Your Time

Your pet and you deserve floors that are both comfortable and functional. To accomplish this, we found the right combination of coating and padding to make all of our vinyl floorings feel cozy on your feet. Aside from comfort, Pet Floors of Texas also focuses on keeping your floors hygienic. Our LVT and SPC flooring come with a special coating designed to make cleaning a worry of the past. The coating is friendly to your favorite mop or cleaner and is easier to clean than natural wood, stone, and tile. We also know that messes come from more than just your pets. Whether it’s your children, guests, or even you, cleaning floors are made waterproof and stain-proof. So no matter the size of the mess or spill, clean it up knowing you’ll get it all the first run through.

Great Flooring Options

Great Flooring Options

Aside from spills and messes, we know that sometimes your pet can leave undesired scratches and little “accidents” around the house. Our floors are ready for that too! Our manufacturers make our floors out of hard enough material to prevent stray marks and keep your floors looking great. It’s also made of closed-cell material to keep lasting smells out, so those bad smells don’t stick around as unwelcomed guests.

In addition to all of those features, our floors are specially padded to maximize comfort while minimizing noise. This way, your pet and you can enjoy soft-to-the-touch flooring right under your feet.

Our Styles Are In-Style

Once you decide between our stone or wood styles, we bring you a variety of styles to choose from. We work with our suppliers to find the right style (add style link) for you. Even if it ends up being a custom style, Pet Floors of Texas finds you the perfect fit for your home. Our styles come in a plethora of variations, including Contemporary, Classic, Old World, Heritage, Inlays, and Distressed. Whatever style design works for you, Pet Floors of Texas has got your floors covered.

Our Mobile Showroom Is Something To Brag About

Traditional showrooms are nice to visit, but they have one fundamental flaw. They show you how their floors would look in a controlled and default environment. It may look good in their stores, but what about in your home? Pet Floors of Texas deploys a mobile showroom, stocked with hundreds of color, flooring, and brand samples so we can show you exactly how your floors will match with the rest of your home. We know one of the most important parts of home improvement is convenience. With our Mobile Showroom, we do just that for you. Our showroom travels all over the Houston area and as far out as Beaumont and San Antonio, depending on the job size. Call in to find out now how our showroom can bring you the best options in League City.

Pet Proof Flooring

Pet Proof Flooring

We Do Commercial Business Too!

Commercial businesses need floors too! We here at Pet Floors of Texas understand that your flooring needs don’t end at your home. Our clients have included vet clinics, pet resorts, pounds, and other locations of the sort. When running a business, you need to able to focus on the task at hand. Worrying about your floors can be a big distraction, and that’s where we come in. Our team installs the best floors for you so you can worry about doing your job and less about random scratches and messes. We work directly with you and not general contractors because we know that bringing you the right floors means working closely with you.

Don’t Wait, Call Today

We know how much you love your pets. That’s why Pet Floors of Texas strives to bring the greater Houston area the best floors for them. Contact us at (713) 728-7630 for any questions. Or find us online for more information on our services. If you’re looking for a quote, visit us online. League City TX best flooring for dogs is here, and its name is Pet Floors of Texas.

League City TX Fun Facts

  • The city is the United States’ 3rd-largest boating anchorage
  • In 2006, Money Magazine named League City one of the Best Small Cities in the United States
  • League City is home to the famous Big League Dreams Sports Park
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