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Finding the Houston TX best flooring for dogs can be tricky, but that’s why Pet Floors of Texas is here. Our team of floor installers works to bring you high-quality flooring options and pet protection. Years of experience put our team ahead of other flooring companies by a mile. Pet Floors of Texas’ types of flooring offer protection of all kinds from stain-resistant to scratch-resistant.

Our team is ready and eager to work with you to make your floors the most optimal they can be. Whether you want your floors to look like wood or stone, our luxury vinyl flooring has you covered. Pet Floors of Texas provides the best vinyl flooring available. Call now to find out about our floor sales, and we’ll show you why Pet Floors of Texas have the premier pet floors of Houston.

Houston TX Best Flooring For Dogs

Houston TX Best Flooring For Dogs

Why We Have The Houston TX Best Flooring For Dogs

With 20 years of experience, Pet Floors of Texas is family-owned and operated by a father-mother-son team. Their dedication to greatness ensures that the installations they do are their best work every time. Our family-run business has a lot of experience with floors, which makes us the best choice for anyone. Our mission is to solve the modern pet owner’s flooring problems one house at a time. At Pet Floor of Texas, we don’t just redo floors. We make them look good. Our floors are commercial-grade in quality with a residential finish.

Our flooring has a lifetime warranty on any discoloration, as unlikely as it may be. Additionally, we offer a 3-year warranty on our install, so you can enjoy your new floors without worrying about paying an arm and a leg for corrections. We work with one goal in mind: Results. That’s why we dedicate our time and effort to getting the best results for you.

Our Features Can’t Be Beat!

The coating on our LVT and SPC floors make for easier cleaning than ever before. While natural wood, carpeting, and tile can be a hassle to keep clean, all of our floors are waterproof and stain-proof. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about spilling juices and water on your floors and suffering the consequences. Messes come from more than just your pets, so our floors are designed to repel anything your family may drop.

As a pet owner, you know how taxing scratching and accidents on the floor can be. Even if you manage to get it out of the floor, that famous smell always overstays its welcome. That’s why our floors are hard enough to resist pesky scratches and use closed-cell materials. This makes getting that smell out of the floors far easier.

Another factor in floors your pets can get along with is the noise. Rather, the lack thereof! Our floors are specially padded to minimize sound while maximizing comfort. So whether you want a wood or stone style, our floors will feel great on your pet’s paws and your own two feet!

Our Styles Are The Best In The Business

Beautiful Flooring Options

Beautiful Flooring Options

With designs in wood, tile, and stone, we’re committed to bringing you the best flooring for your home. We work with the best distributors to bring you your ideal styles (add styles link). We even offer custom designs based on your specifications. With styles in Classic, Contemporary, Distressed, Heritage, Inlays, and Old World, there’s no better time to find the right one for you.

We Provide Floors For More Than Just Houses

We know that your pet protection doesn’t end at home. Running a pet spa or veterinarian’s office can mean little accidents and scratches all day. So we service a variety of commercial businesses with our premium flooring. These impervious floors are made durable and reliable, so you can run your business without having to worry about maintenance too often. We also don’t work with general contractors because we believe the best work is done when working directly with you. So we focus on a close relationship with our clients to ensure they get exactly what they want.

Our Mobile Showroom

Our pride and joy is our Mobile Showroom, which we bring to every project for your convenience. Within our vehicle, we have hundreds of color samples and flooring samples so we can show you exactly how your flooring will look. Traditional showroom floors are nice, but you never get a great idea of how it’ll actually look in your home. Pet Floors of Texas is looking to change that. Our team has everything it needs to match your flooring and give you the most accurate idea of your future floors. The Mobile Showroom goes all over the Houston area, going as far as San Antonio and Beaumont.

Our Guys Are The Best In The Business

Aside from our dedicated family team, our installers are a group of consistent workers who are committed to bringing you the best results on your floors. We focus on luxury vinyl flooring because of the many great benefits it has apart from other flooring options. Carpet and hardwood floors have way too many drawbacks that can cause major problems down the line. Luxury vinyl flooring is the best option available.

Pet Proof Flooring

Pet Proof Flooring

We Work With The Best Suppliers

To bring you the best flooring possible, we operate with top-notch manufacturers. Our main two suppliers are Republic Floors and Karndean Design Flooring because they bring the best materials to the job. All of our manufacturers offer the highest quality, Wood, Stone, and Tile material so that we can bring it to you as conveniently as we can.

Don’t Hesitate, Contact Pet Floors of Texas Now

Our philosophy is that easy to clean, and durable flooring shouldn’t cost a fortune. Pet Floors of Texas rely on the best suppliers so that you can rely on us to provide the best flooring service in the greater Houston area. With clients all over the city satisfied, we can’t wait to add you to the list! Call today at (713) 728-7630 for any questions about your future flooring or visit our website online. Or find us here (add contacts link) to find more information. Getting the Houston TX best flooring for dogs isn’t always easy, so let Pet Floors of Texas make it easy for you.

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