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The Clear Lake TX best flooring for pets is here with Pet Floors of Texas. Our expert flooring installers are ready and eager to help you find the right flooring options. Making your floors pet-friendly is an important decision to make, so make sure you get the right flooring company for the job. With our competitive prices, we bring our A-game on every project to ensure we get the best results for you. So whether it’s hardwood floors, laminate, floors, or luxury vinyl tile, we’ve got the perfect flooring plan for your home.

Other flooring companies can claim to be the best in the business until their floors come out uneven and clunky. Only Pet Floors of Texas has the proven track record to back up our work. Make your first choice the best choice, call our customer service now and find out what we can do to help you today.

Clear Lake TX Best Flooring For Pets

Clear Lake TX Best Flooring For Pets

Clear Lake TX Best Flooring For Pets Are Here

With 20 years of experience, we’ve been providing quality service for our customers with our best work. Pet Floors of Texas is family-owned and operated by a mom-pop-son combo that is dedicated to superior flooring for all. They stay closely involved in every project to ensure that we get every detail right. Our attention to detail brings you a level of service that other companies take for granted. Because for us, it’s not about just installing the flooring, it’s about making your flooring look good. We give your home commercial-grade quality while retaining that residential look. We don’t work with general contractors because we know that our best work is only possible by working directly with you.

We’re so sure of the quality of our work that we offer a lifetime warranty on any discoloration. On top of that, we also include a 3-year warranty on any of our installations. You can rest easy knowing that we’ve got your floors covered for a long time.

Floor Features For Your Pet’s Benefit

If you’re a pet owner, then you know how pets can be. While exploring your home like it’s the first time all over again, they can get excited and knock over something. A glass of water, a bottle of soda, milk cartons. Whatever it is they knock over, it soaks into the floor like a sponge and leaves stains. Our LVT and SPC flooring are specially coated to make cleaning up spills manageable. Our coating is designed to be waterproof and stain-resistant, so you can rest easy when something does spill. The same goes for food and other messy items.

Great Flooring Options

Great Flooring Options

Natural wood, stone, and tile can’t be cleaned nearly as easily as our coated floors. All you have to do is grab your favorite cleaner and get to work, and you’ll see the difference immediately. Don’t let the juice and water spills distract you, mop it up and get moving. We also know that your pets aren’t the only ones who cause spills. Your guests and children are prone to mistakes occasionally. Don’t let your floors suffer, get the coverage you need.

We also know how important comfort can be for your pet. That’s why our floors are specially padded to give you the perfect blend of comfort and reliability. Our padding is also noise-resistant, so you don’t have to deal with that annoying creaking sound.

Once your floors are clean and comfortable, it’s time to focus on the strength under those floorboards. Our flooring material is sturdy enough to repel any scratches or stray marks your pet may make on the floor. Additionally, we use closed-cell material to prevent undesired odors from setting into the flooring. That way, if your pet has an “accident,” you can get the smell out as quickly as you clean up the mess. With your floors clean, comfortable, and strong, it’s time to focus on style over function.

Styles For Every Homeowner

Our plethora of styles make any home fit for a king. Flooring designs tell a story about you, so make sure it tells the story you want it to. Our styles include Inlays, Heritage, Old World, Distressed, Classic, and Contemporary. Even if these designs aren’t to your liking, we’ll find one that does. Our team works closely with our many suppliers to provide your custom design, so you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Bringing The Store Right To Your Door

Let’s say you have a gourmet kitchen that needs faux wood floors to match. Maybe you need a new bedroom floor plan, and you’re having a hard time finding a match for the walk-in closet. Flooring showrooms have a nice little area to show off some samples, but it doesn’t show you how your house will look. That’s where Pet Floors of Texas’ Mobile Showroom comes in. Our Mobile Showroom travels all over Houston and as far as San Antonio and Beaumont to bring the store to your door. We fully stock our showroom-on-wheels with color samples, flooring patterns, and different brands so we can show you on the spot how your floors will look. With hundreds of samples, we can compare and find the best fit for your home. We show you our commercial-grade flooring to give you that residential look.

Get Your Business The Flooring It Needs

Dog Proof Flooring

Dog Proof Flooring

We know that your pet-proofing doesn’t stop at home. Business centers related to pets and the treatment of animals require flooring that can take the stress, so you don’t have to. So whether you have a pet spa in downtown Houston or a local vet clinic, our pet-protected floors are a must-have. With Pet Floors of Texas, you get the same protection and quality that your home would. We protect your floors from smells, stains, and scratches, so you can focus more on your work and less on cleaning up messes before they set in. Plus, our padded flooring is perfect for employees always on their feet.

Contact Us Today

Pet Floors of Texas stays dedicated to great, quality work. To achieve this, we build mutual trust and respect with our clients, so they know we mean business. Call (713) 728-7630 for any questions, or get a quote for more information. Clear Lake TX Best Flooring For Pets shouldn’t be complicated, so we’re here to make it simpler.

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