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The Clear Lake Texas best flooring for dogs is here, with Pet Floors of Texas. Our flooring installers bring you the quality of commercial flooring with a residential feel. Our 20 years of experience have prepared us for the task of providing you with the best in hardwood floors, luxury vinyl tile, and stone finishes in the market. Other flooring companies claim to be the best, but only Pet Floors of Texas has the proven track record to back it up. We don’t work with general contractors because we prefer to work closely with you to achieve your vision.

Don’t wait until your pet leaves scratches on your floor to pet-proof them. Your pets deserve to have the most durable and comfortable floors to run on, and we are eager to provide. Our team of experts is ready, willing, and waiting to service your home today. So call us today for a quote, and find out what Pet Floors of Texas can do for you.

Clear Lake Texas Best Flooring For Dogs

Clear Lake Texas Best Flooring For Dogs

The Clear Lake Texas Best Flooring For Dogs Search Stops Now

Pet Floors of Texas is operated and owned by a dedicated father-mother-son combo. This family is committed to one goal: Results. When it comes to pet-proofing your floors, results are obviously the most important thing. Our experience ranges from a variety of flooring installations that we bring to you in the most convenient way possible. Because excellence is our whole game. Excellent service, excellent products, excellent installs, and so on. We put our A-game into our installations so that every job we do is our best work. We don’t believe in just getting the job done, we believe in doing the job right. That means making sure your floors are reliable and look good.

As unlikely as discoloration is, we offer a lifetime warranty on any discoloration on our floors. Our labor and installation also have a 3-year warranty on it. So if anything comes up, we’ll fix it within the warranty limit. Protecting your floors from pet damage shouldn’t cost you a fortune, so let Pet Floors of Texas provide the best flooring options for a reasonable fee.

Features Of Our Floors

Pet Floors of Texas’ flooring have benefits and features that’ll have you calling us as soon as possible. Our flooring options come with a unique coating on our LVT and SPC floors. This coating on our floors makes cleaning it one of the easiest things you’ll ever have to maintain. Natural wood, tile, and carpeting can be difficult to keep clean, so our floors are stain-proof and waterproof. We know that your pets aren’t the only ones that can mess up your floors. Kids and guests often leave unintended messes and spills, and our floors can keep the cleaning simple and efficient.

Pet owners all over the world know that sometimes pets leave little scratches and “accidents” on the floor. Our flooring is made of closed-cell material, keeping odors locked out and out of your floor. For scratches, our wood and stone vinyl styles are made durable and reliable to prevent stray marks. With the smell gone and your floors unscathed, you’ll see just how effective our services are.

Beautiful Flooring Options

Beautiful Flooring Options

Our floors are also specially padded to reduce resonance and cushion your pet’s paws. Your feet will also feel the difference, and both you and your pet can enjoy comfort on a different level.

Try Our Variety Of Styles

Our choices of vinyl flooring coming in different styles like wood and stone accents. Designs come from a multitude of manufacturers that work closely with us to bring you the design of your desire. We also work with these distributors to make custom designs to your specifications. Our styles consist of Contemporary, Distressed, Heritage, Old World, Inlays, and Classic. So no matter what kind of style you’re looking for, our collection has got you covered.

Call To See Our Mobile Showroom

You read that right, Pet Floors of Texas prides itself on our fully-stocked Mobile Showroom. Traditional showroom floors look nice when you see what they have in a controlled environment, but what about in YOUR home? You never know exactly how it’s going to look until they already start, and that’s no good. You need to get an accurate idea of how your floors are going to look before we get started. Enter our Mobile Showroom. In this vehicle, we carry hundreds of color samples, material samples, and brands so we can show you how your home will be transformed. Our showroom vehicle travels all across Houston, going out as far as Beaumont and San Antonio depending on the job. Wherever your home is, you can be sure that we’ll bring the Showroom to you.

We Do More Than Just Your Home

We understand that pets can be a big part of your business, as well. Whether it’s a pet resort or pet clinic, pet stains, dents, and scratches are sure to be a concern. Let Pet Floors of Texas make it less concerning for you. Give us the chance to service your commercial business just as well as we would your home. We know you need to focus on your job, so let us produce reliable flooring. That way, you can worry about the task at hand and less on a potential mess. We’ll work closely with you to make sure your place of business is given the royal flooring treatment.

Pet-Friendly Floors

Pet-Friendly Floors

Our Team Is Always Ready To Go

While our father-mother-son team owns and manages the business, our team of installers and designers are no slouches either! With a consist and reliable team, we work side-by-side to provide the best service and flooring in the Clear Lake area. We work with your schedule to get the job done as quickly and smoothly as possible so you can enjoy your new floors sooner. Our stone and wood styles are perfect for those looking to have a classic look but made of vinyl instead.

Contact Us Today

Once you see our Mobile Showroom, we’re convinced you’ll want to get started immediately. Our team is on standby and ready to create your perfect floor plan. Call us at (713) 728-7630 with any questions. Or visit us online to get a quote on your next project. Don’t hesitate, find out today why Pet Floors of Texas is Clear Lake Texas best flooring for dogs.

Clear Lake TX Fun Facts

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  • Houston’s bayside area is comprised of 4 cities, one of which is Clear Lake
  • The United States’ 3rd largest pleasure-boat basin is Clear Lake, popular for its water sports and fishing
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