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High-quality Pearland, TX waterproof vinyl plank flooring can be yours if you visit Pet Floors of Texas. We can help you get the flooring you need to withstand pet and child-related damage for an excellent price.

Our company can get you great floors and a great customer service experience. We are an LVT flooring company with many years of experience in providing waterproof vinyl plank flooring. In addition, we offer in-home consultation and a lifetime warranty, so don’t hesitate to call us for more information on us and our flooring installation services.

Pearland, TX waterproof vinyl plank flooring

Pet Floors of Texas is excited to provide you with excellent waterproof vinyl plank flooring.

Discover Pearland, TX Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring at Pet Floors of Texas

We at Pet Floors of Texas has been serving the Houston area and its surrounding cities for almost twenty years. We are a family-owned and operated vinyl plank flooring company that can get you pet-proof flooring for either your home or your business. If you need home improvement done for flooring in your home, then you can call us today!

We can provide you with excellent customer service. Our professional team of floor installers is dedicated to their craft and is determined to make sure that you walk away fully satisfied. If you choose us, we will get you the highest-quality floors with no questions.

Our business hours are from 10 AM to 5 PM, open every day from Monday to Friday. We have a wide variety of flooring options, which consist of Pearland, TX waterproof vinyl plank flooring, vinyl tile flooring, scratch-resistant flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, and more. We also have a variety of wood and stone finishes for you to have.

In addition, we also have a mobile showroom so you can get to see our many different flooring options and samplings up close in your own home! Don’t hesitate: Our professional flooring installers will make sure that you get the best possible customer service. Call us today!

Why Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring?

We know how important your pets are to you, but we also know how much of a mess they can make on your floors. From spilling food and liquids to outright defecation, our furry friends can eventually wear down even the loveliest and most high-quality of floors. Floor installation can be time-consuming and expensive, so it behooves you to choose a floor that can withstand any damage that comes its way.

Instead of dealing with picking up their messes and dealing with damaged old floors, why not call us and have us install top-notch pet-friendly floors into your home? We will protect your floors so you can dedicate your time to what really matters.

Pearland, TX waterproof vinyl plank flooring

Our pet-proof and waterproof vinyl plank flooring can handle scratches, water, odors, and more!

Explore Our Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring Options

Spilling liquids on your floor is inevitable. Be it you, your kids, or your pets, spilling liquids is bound to happen. In that case, why not be prepared? We can get you great and durable water-resistant floors, and they will look great in your home.

The concept behind waterproof floors is that they do not absorb the water when it is spilled on them. This way, you can have a much easier time cleaning up after accidental spills. Our waterproof vinyl plank flooring can specifically handle unexpected liquid spills by accident-prone pets and children.

If you’re not sure how good our waterproof vinyl plank flooring will look in your home, we have a mobile showroom that allows us to bring samples to your home. At Pet Floors of Texas, our goal is to solve any kind of flooring problem for you.

You can rely on us to get you great, durable, and gorgeous waterproof flooring that perfectly suits your home. For more information regarding flooring products, laminate flooring, porcelain tile, hardwood floor, wood floors, and more, then you can call us for more information today!

Benefits of Our Floors

Our luxury vinyl floors come in a large variety of wood and stone finishes, so you can easily select which style suits your home. On top of that, our vinyl floors are durable and resistant to scratches. They are also resistant to moisture, which makes them both waterproof and more long-lasting than other flooring options.

In addition, our vinyl floors are easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about accidents or sudden messes when they occur! Our floors are designed to take the damage while still looking brand new and beautiful. We can install our vinyl flooring in any room you want, even if you want flooring done for a commercial business.

Our different styles can consist of Old World style, Contemporary Style, Classic Style, Commercial Vinyl Flooring, and Luxury Vinyl Tile. If you want more information on the flooring options that we provide to you, then you can either call us or go visit our website for these options today!

Pearland, TX waterproof vinyl plank flooring

Pet Floors of Texas is your number one option for Pearland, TX waterproof vinyl plank flooring. Give us a call today!

Mobile Showroom

With our mobile showroom, we can bring the store to you! While it is true that looking at your various options at our store is a classic option, that does not have to be the only one. Instead, what if you could observe your flooring options in your own home! That is the appeal of our mobile showroom.

Our team can bring hundreds of colored tile and stone samplings straight to you for you to compare and contrast. That way, you can decide what type of flooring design is perfect for your home much faster.

We can help you pick a style and color for your floor, and we can also give you an accurate estimate of how much the service will cost you. Our flooring installation team is here to serve you today. You can call us for more information on this great service today!

Contact Us To Get Excellent Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

Here at Pet Floors of Texas, we have many different flooring options for either your home or business. We can get you a durable, long-lasting floor that can withstand any kind of physical abuse. Our waterproof vinyl plank flooring is especially great if you have excitable pets and children around.

Don’t hesitate to protect your floors from extensive damage! Contact Pet Floors of Texas for great Pearland, TX waterproof vinyl plank flooring at an excellent price.

Fun Facts About Pearland, TX:

  • It is the third-largest city in the Greater Houston area.
  • It was established in the late 1800s.
  • Mark Belt was Pearland’s original name.