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Pet Floors of Texas is dedicated to providing pup-friendly Pearland TX Tile For Dogs service.

Our Flooring Plans Meet The Needs Of All

A home simply isn’t a happy home without a happy dog. However, this situation is twofold. Sometimes the home isn’t the best space for a dog to be in. However, Pet Floors of Texas specializes in providing dog-proof flooring.

Our service comes alongside a few flooring options to choose from. We extend our services to meet the needs of residential homes as well as businesses that have the luxurious opportunity to have an office dog.

Pearland TX Tile For Dogs

Pet Floors of Texas provides a huge variety of flooring plans to meet all housing designs. Choose your Pearland TX Tile For Dogs with us today!

Styling for your floor plans isn’t an issue either. We know how important it is for your furry friend to have a space that he will feel comfortable in and we also are aware of how your particular dog mom/dog dad styles should be taken into consideration.

Our wide variety of styles include classic, inlays, heritage, contemporary, and many more. We also extend our lineup to include hardwood flooring as well.

Customers have the option to bring forth any flooring plans that they may find in magazines or on the internet. The reference images will be a big help for Pet Floors during the initial planning stages.

We mentioned that all of our floor plans stay, right? We get it. Accidents can happen at any time, especially if your pet hasn’t fully grown accustomed to its new surroundings from the get-go.

Luckily, our tried and true flooring plans come with a handy backup plan.

Pet Floors of Texas takes genuine pride in how we maintain a reputation of providing stain-resistant and waterproof hardwood and tile floors.

With this feature intact, accidents are far less likely to have a long-lasting impact. Simply put, our floors are easy to clean. And we understand that these accidents don’t just rest on the dogs. From juices to food crumbs, you can guarantee cleanliness with all of our floor plans.

Pet Floors Specializes In Vinyl Flooring

You’ve got style and you definitely want to express it in every way possible. In cohesion with keeping your space dog-friendly, Pet Floors of Texas also encompasses a wide variety of flooring options that serve a handful amount of purposes.

Pearland TX Tile For Dogs

For high-quality floor plans that you and your dog will love, there’s no better place to call than Pet Floors of Texas. We provide quality floor plans and excellent customer service.

From our traditional wood flooring style to the contemporary stone style, Pet Floors cuts no corners when it comes down to the flooring options you have.

Every house is made with different specifications and measurements. With this in mind, choosing the right vinyl floor design that compliments your home and your dog is essential.

What’s vinyl flooring you ask? A stark contrast from regular flooring plans, Pet Floors luxury vinyl–or LVT– sports a thick texture with an exceptionally authentic aesthetic that’s sure to permeate throughout the home.

These vinyl floorings also can take quite a beating when it comes to deterioration over time. This means that it maintains its look and feel regardless of what you throw at it. Bacteria, messes, and even happy accidents from you little pups. LVT’s can withstand it all.


You’ve Got Options

  • Nothing Beats Old Fashioned Wood – Nothing says keeping it classy like wooden floors. Clients who choose this style often have an affinity for the familiar, and we honestly can’t blame them. Cost-effective, comfortable, and durable are usually benefits that come with choosing wood floors for your pets.Pet Floors of Texas is proud to offer its clients the choice between classic, distressed, contemporary, heritage, and old world wood. We
  • Elegant Stone Style – If you prefer a more contemporary take on your flooring, then you’ll want to take a look at our vinyl stone style. Compact with all the protection that comes with all of our vinyl flooring options, the stone styles go the extra mile in terms of the touch, giving your pup unmatched comfort as he roams around your room.Additionally, the stone style is perfect for homeowners who are looking to heighten the aesthetics, one that stands the test of time. Pet Floors proudly offers our stone flooring plans in classic, inlays, old world as well as contemporary designs.

No matter what style you’re gunning for, you can be sure that Pet Floors of Texas has your back. With heavy resistance to scratches, spills, and stains, every floor is guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

Our Contractors Care

Pearland TX Tile For Dogs

At Pet Floors of Texas, our pet proof flooring extends beyond bathroom accidents. Our floors are also resistant to any messes, spills, and stains. Call us to discuss plans for your Pearland TX Tile For Dogs today.

At Pet Floors of Texas, we are super committed to our passion for developing a pet-friendly home.

We do this by having trusty contractors who know the ins and outs of developing floor plans, from early concepts and house measurements to the very last tile.

When you meet with us, we go above and beyond to ensure that your needs are met. First, we’ll do a quick walkthrough of the house to get the exact measurements needed to do our job right.

Then, we talk about your particular styles, and we do our best to give you advice along the way when you make your choice.

As you choose from our many wood and stone style floor options, we’ll give you feedback on how they can complement your home. We also go over how your choice serves to benefit your home space.

Our flooring options don’t just stick to one room either. We’re able to lay the foundation for flooring plans fit for your kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, and more.

Choose Pet Floors of Texas Today!

Have you figured out if one of our many flooring plans is the perfect fit for your home? Are you ready to enhance your flooring that enhances the level of comfort of your dog? The call on Pet Floors of Texas to secure your Pearland TX Tile For Dogs today! You can reach us at (713) 728-7630.

Fun Facts For Pearland TX

  • Pearland home to one of the largest bat colonies in the country. There currently 10,000 Mexican Free-tailed bats tucked away underneath the Fite Road Bridge.
  • Pearland is one of only two Texas cities to average double-digit growth within a five-year period!
  • Pearland ranked as the 15th-fastest-growing city in the U.S. in 2010!

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