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Pearland, TX best wood flooring for dogs

Pet Floors of Texas is your number one option for luxury vinyl flooring. Give us a call today!

Pet Floors of Texas can provide you with the Pearland, TX best wood flooring for dogs you need. Here at Pet Floors of Texas, we can get you great, high-quality floors that can withstand the brunt of any and all pet damage.

Pet Floors of Texas is a family owned and operated vinyl plank flooring business. We have been serving our local communities in Pearland, TX, as well as the greater Houston area, for almost twenty years. If you’re looking to do some great home improvement for the floors in your home, then you can count on us today.

We can get you excellent floors and excellent customer service. Our flooring installation professionals are the best of the best and dedicated to their craft. You can count on them to help you throughout the flooring installation project, from start to finish. We can get quality work done for you today.

We have a wide variety of flooring installation options for you to choose from. In addition, we bring our store to your door with our mobile showroom. So don’t hesitate to call us for your in-house consultation today. Our business hours are from 10 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday.

Why Get The Pearland, TX Best Wood Flooring For Dogs?

Dogs can be faithful, loyal companions, and one of the most important members of our family. As a flooring company that provides pet-friendly floors, we know how important your pet is to you. However, we also know how much of a mess they can make on your floors. For businesses who handle a lot of dog traffic, this is doubly true.

If you’re tired of your pets wearing down your floor, then it may be time for a change. Pet Floors of Texas installs pet-resistant floors that are durable and easy to clean. We service not only residential homes, but commercial businesses from pet resorts, spas, and vet clinics to office buildings. Anywhere you can expect dog-related or pet-related damage, we can serve.

Our products are high-quality, with lifetime warranties fit for a lifetime of service. So don’t hesitate to get the Pearland, TX best wood flooring for dogs at Pet Floors of Texas.

Pearland, TX best wood flooring for dogs

All our flooring option are safe, ADA approved, and durable. For the Pearland, TX best wood flooring for dogs, call us today!

Wood Flooring

Our luxury vinyl plank floors are the best wood flooring for dogs, and an overall great option for you if you want pet-friendly floors. Because our luxury vinyl tile was designed to last longer than other types of flooring, there are great benefits if you choose this type of flooring for your home.

Our styles of wood flooring can consist of Classic Wood Style, Distressed Style, Old World Wood Style, Heritage Style, Contemporary Wood Style, and more. This flooring is cost-effective because it is cheaper than ceramic tile or hardwood flooring. They are also beautiful to the eye, comforting to homeowners, and are highly durable.

If you want a great option for your new floor, select wood vinyl flooring today! They are pet-friendly and ready to withstand any kind of physical abuse.

We guarantee we’ll do an excellent job for your floor. If you have questions about various topics such as flooring in dining rooms, laminate floors, hardwood flooring, installed floors, and more, you can call us for more information today.

Different Styles of Floors

Of course, we have more options for you than just wood finishes, including stone finishes. The sturdy material in our vinyl floors is ready to withstand the usual scratches and stains that arise from having a pet in your home.

Our floors are easy to clean and are resistant to moisture. This means that they are waterproof, and thus make it easier to clean up after your pets and kids. On top of that, our flooring can go into any room that you want, whether it’s the kitchen, dining room, or stairs.

Not only do we serve residential clients, but also commercial clients as well. Our floors are especially great for pet resorts, vet clinics, and other dwellings that handle pets. If you want your workplace to look clean and beautiful, call us, and we will install excellent floors to improve the look of your business.

Mobile Showroom

Sometimes simply rifling through our flooring options in our store is not enough. That is why we have a mobile showroom available to you. How it works is that one of our flooring team members will bring our many flooring options to your home. This way, you can compare what styles you want right in your own home.

Our in-home consultation can help you select the style and color that you want for your floors. You can rifle through hundreds of full-sized and colored samples for your floors and see which one is right for your home and business.

In addition, we can give you an accurate estimation of how much your flooring installation project will cost you. Our team of flooring installation professionals is here to help you every step of the way.

Pearland, TX best wood flooring for dogs

Call Pet Floors of Texas if you have floor damage due to urine incidents from your furry friend.

Call Pet Floors of Texas Today!

When our pets wear down our floors, it’s time to consider more durable options. Here at Pet Floors of Texas, we have a large variety of flooring options available to you, in all kinds of colors and styles.

All of our flooring is waterproof, durable, and pet-friendly, stain and scratch-resistant. So regardless of the style, you will get a great floor for your home or business. In addition, all of our floors come with a lifetime warranty, so you need never worry if our pet-proof floors will be up to the task. You can install our floors in most any room or area in your building, including the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, stairs, and hallway.

We have been in business since 2003 in providing homeowners and business owners with floors that can last a lifetime. For the Pearland, TX best wood flooring for dogs, you won’t go wrong with choosing Pet Floors of Texas.

Fun Facts About Pearland, TX:

  • Pearland has two airports.
  • Mark Belt was Pearland’s original name.
  • It was named by Polish noble Witold von Zychlinski, after the pear trees grown there.