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Pet Floors of Texas can offer you Pearland TX Best Waterproof Flooring. We offer professional flooring installations, a wide variety of flooring options, at-home consultations, and more. We are not like any other flooring company.

Our customer service is the best in the area. Our water-resistant, luxury vinyl flooring will give your home both beauty and protection. If you are remodeling your home, give your home the beautiful floors you’ve always wanted. Give us a call, and we can offer you a free quote for all your Pearland TX Best Waterproof Flooring needs.

Pearland TX Best Waterproof Flooring

Pearland TX Best Waterproof Flooring is kid-proof!

Pearland TX Best Waterproof Flooring

Since 2003, we have been giving our customers the best flooring service in the greater Houston area. We have learned so much since we first opened. In 2004, we were first introduced to luxury vinyl flooring.

At first, we weren’t sure of the idea. Vinyl flooring didn’t sound appealing in the beginning. However, when we were shown what luxury vinyl flooring could be, we were amazed.

We know you will be amazed as well. The amazing possibilities that can come with luxury vinyl flooring are endless. Our floors can give you both beauty and practicality for your home.

With features such as water-resistant, scratch-resistant, we know you will love them. For all those pet owners, you won’t have to worry about your pet scratching up your floors. Parents who have messy children worry no more.

For our stain-resistant floors will have you cleaning less and playing more with your kids. Our floors are the best around. That is not even the best part.

When you order our floors, you will be stunned at how much money you can save. Not just with the purchase but over time. These floors can save you loads of money in the future.

Unlike wood floors, they won’t get damaged by warping or water damage. Your stone tiles won’t crack and break over time.

These floors are gorgeous. We know we have something for you. So give us a call today!


Pet Floors of Texas can give you the home you have always wanted. We offer professional installation that will give your home a beautiful touch. Our designs are inspired from all around the world. They will go perfectly with any decor.

If you want a more traditional wood gain to look, we have beautiful options for you, such as Midnight Oak or Cedar. You might be interested in a more contemporary look such as White Painted Oak or Urban Spotted Gum. If it is tile or stone you are looking for, we got that as well.

We have beautiful inlay designs that add a unique touch to your home. Our Old World collection offers rich colors such as Iron Ore, Molton Oside, and so much more. Your home will be genuinely envied amongst your guest.

They will have never guessed it was vinyl flooring with how elegantly these floors are made. We truly bring both beautify and practicality to our floors.

Pearland TX Best Waterproof Flooring

Give your pets something comfortable to lay and walk on with our floating floor options.


We know you will love the look of these floors. However, do you know how sturdy they can be? When you purchase our luxury vinyl, you will be amazed at how durable these floors are.

Our floors are easy to clean, durable, and can resist just about any mess or damage made to them. Our floor is super easy to clean and very hygienic. We use special coasting for all of our floorings that makes cleaning a breeze.

Stop scrubbing your floors tirelessly. Our floors will have you wiping up messes after and getting back to spending time with your family. These floors are waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about water damage.

If one of your kids spills something on the floor, these floors can handle it. Your beautiful luxury vinyl flooring can take just about anything. The great thing is you can still use your favorite cleaning product.

Your floors will be protected against scratches from furniture and claws scraping across them. Is your floor creaky or squeaky? When you purchase our luxury vinyl floors, your floors will reduce noise. The noise you hear with traditional floors can be caused by several things.

With wood floors, the planks could be warping and can resonate sound when you walk on them. With title or stone, it could be because they are such harsh surfaces. Without floors, we have floating floor options.

This special padding reduces noise as you walk across your floors. With our glue-down options, we can provide cushioning for your and your pet’s feet for comfort. Who doesn’t love a comfortable surface to walk and layabout on?

Any Room

Whatever your flooring needs are, we can provide you with a solution. We can help you redo the floors in every room in the house. Have you wanted to redo the kitchen?

Don’t put it off any longer. Our professional installations are fast and easy. Our professional installers can come to your home and provide you with real-size samples of what your flooring can look like.

We have hundreds of options to choose from. Do you wish to get rid of that horribly stained living room carpet? Wish no longer.

Our installers can help you take measurements and give you a free quote. You can brighten up your living room fast and for less than you may think. Our floors are significantly cheaper than traditional flooring.

However, they have the same beautiful look as any natural wood or stone flooring. We have something for everyone! We can help you find the flooring that will match and even enhance whatever decor you have in your home.

Spruce up your dining room or bedroom. If you have a set of stairs that need to be redone, give us a call! It doesn’t matter what the room is. We can help make it beautiful.

Call Us Today

Give us a call today! We can offer you a free quote and bring our showroom to you. With hundreds of options, we know you will find something you will love.

Our professional installer can help you pick out the perfect flooring option for your home. Think of Petfloors of Texas when you need Pearland TX Best Waterproof Flooring.

Pearland TX Best Waterproof Flooring

Give us a call today! We can bring our showroom to you!

Fun Facts for Pearland, TX

  • In 1934, oil was found here
  • This town was founded in the 1800s
  • It is considered to be an “agricultural Edan”