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Houston, TX LVT wood

Get quality urine-proof flooring from Pet Floors of Texas.

Look no further than Pet Floors of Texas to get quality Houston, TX LVT wood floors! Pet Floors of Texas is the vinyl plank company you need in order to solve all your damaged flooring problems. If a pet is wreaking havoc with your floors, Pet Floors of Texas can help.

Our pets are our most faithful and loyal companions; they are also among the messiest. They scratch, bite, break and tumble things, and even urinate and defecate. Even the best quality hardwood flooring is left vulnerable to constant pet attacks. Animals are very energetic animals, and if they have housebreaking issues, it can be difficult to protect your furniture.

The problem can be even more extensive if you have kids. Small children can also push and break things. They can color and scribble on the walls, and their toys can scratch the floor.

This onslaught eventually takes a toll on not only your furniture, but your floors. Flooring is expensive; the last thing you’d want is to have to replace it for your whole house after only a handful of years.

If you’re tired of cleaning up messes, both of the pet and kid kind, it may be time to invest in luxury vinyl tile. Luxury vinyl tile is the best quality flooring around and perfect for pet owners and families with children. It is stain-resistant, scratch-proof, and waterproof. It has padding designed to reduce resonance and helps protect small paws and feet.

For luxury vinyl tile you can rely on, Pet Floors of Texas has it all. We provide all type of flooring resistant to children and pets. Our extensive wood and stone flooring options is sure to satisfy even the most rarefied of tastes. Our styles include classic, contemporary, distressed, heritage, inlays, and Old World.

Pet Floors of Texas is proud to serve our communities in Houston, Texas. For a quote, call Pet Floors of Texas today! We’d gladly help you make your house as pet and child-proof as possible.

Houston, TX LVT wood

Choose Pet Floors of Texas for all your Houston, TX LVT wood flooring needs!

Meet Pet Floors of Texas

Pet Floors of Texas began in 2003 when it discovered the wonders of LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) and its multiple benefits. Since then we have ditched all other kinds of tile flooring due to rave customer reviews. Our business has since expanded and countless manufacturers have begun carrying LVT.

Pet Floors of Texas strives to provide the highest quality of work and customer service. Unlike most companies, we prefer to work with our clients directly to get them the flooring of their dreams. We have nearly twenty years of experience with LVT and can provide high-quality installation in many different styles. All of our flooring option come with a lifetime warranty.

We do not only serve residential homes, either; we also provide services to commercial buildings and businesses as well. If your business has a lot of foot traffic, with pets and children frequenting, getting flooring that can withstand the worst of the onslaught is highly recommended.

Our attention to detail and our individualized service help distinguish us from other flooring companies. Our floors can be set in any room or area of the house, be it the kitchen, living room, dining room, and beyond. When it comes to providing the best Houston, TX LVT wood floors available, nothing can best Pet Floors of Texas.

The Best Houston, TX LVT Wood Floors

Just because your floor can resist pet and child attacks doesn’t mean you have to put up with dull or ugly floors. For residential and commercial dwellings, we offer extensive wood flooring styles to satisfy the most refined of tastes (and the stingiest of wallets). With such a wide selection, there is absolutely no need to sacrifice aesthetic pleasure for practical considerations.

All floors regardless are laminated, with lifetime warranties. Our wood floors are beautiful, cost-effective, providing great comfort and wondrous durability. Choose among classic, contemporary, distressed, heritage, and Old World wood styles!

Wood Styles

Our classic wood comes in a variety of dawn, spring, sycamore, and winter oak styles. Our contemporary styles give your house a bold, innovating look, from simple Edwardian styles to native Koa to dark smoked beach. Heritage wood taps into a wide array of styles, with rich, elegant sienna and Spanish cherry.

By contrast, Old World wood’s glacier oak and ebony tiles combine the best of classic and contemporary style. Distressed wood styles have wood ring patterns and come with several shades of smooth hickory, maple, and chestnut.

No matter your preferred aesthetics, Pet Floors of Texas is guaranteed to carry it. Our floors combined the best of functionality and the best of beauty and aesthetics. We can easily match your flooring with the aesthetics and organization of your home or business.

Houston, TX LVT wood

You can rely on Pet Floors of Texas to deliver the best vinyl tile flooring you’ve ever seen!

Trust Pet Floors of Texas

Floors are an expensive investment, investment that can decline with the ravages of time and the presence of the pets and children. Years and years of pet and child accidents – scratching, urination, defecation – can wear out even the hardiest of floors. It’d be a shame to have to change your floor a handful of years after you had installed it.

For floors that can withstand the heaviest of abuse from pets and children, contact Pet Floors of Texas! Our luxury vinyl flooring are pet-proof and child-proof in every way.

Our floors are waterproof, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Moreover, they are easy to clean and hygienic. They even come with padding to reduce the noise of small feet and paws, as well as protecting those feet from too-rough surfaces.

As one of the best LVT flooring companies in the state, Pet Floors of Texas is committed to providing you with the best quality floors and the best service possible. For Houston, TX LVT wood you can trust against the ravages of time, look no further than Pet Floors of Texas!

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