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When it comes to our furry pet friends, we must provide them the best space possible.  That’s why Pet Floors of Texas aims to remedy both situations by providing the best Houston Tx Tile For Dogs.

Dog-proof flooring can be tough to come by, especially for homeowners who continue to provide loving care for their dogs. Whether you have a giant husky or a frisky Shih-Tzu, you know the harsh experiences that come with cleaning up large amounts of shedding. You know the financial toll it takes to replace your wooden floors damaged by scratch marks. And yes, you may be well aware of the leavings that greets you when you return home to your dog.

That’s why we are able to deliver our services to dog owners. It’s because we understand these obstacles as dog owners. This allows us to create impeccable flooring types that are comfortable for your dog.

There’s nothing that can separate a man from a man’s best friend, but there’s much work to be done when it comes to floor upkeep. That’s where we come to provide assistance. With Pet Floors of Texas by your side, these hardships can be easily washed away.

You’ve Got Options

Pet Floors Of Texas offers a vast array of flooring types, and we give our customers free rein to pick the best type and style that suits their needs. Aside from choosing the best Houston TX Tile For Dogs, we also give our customers freedom to decide where to lay it down in their home.

With proper measurements and specifications provided, Pet Floors of Texas is able to install pristine, dog-proof flooring in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway, or throughout the entire home. No Houston home is too small or big when it comes to helping you get the dream flooring plan that’s fit for you and your pup.

Houston TX Tile For Dogs

Your furry, fluffy friend will love these soft-to-the-touch tiles. It’s no wonder why many of our customers recommend them as the go-to Houston TX Tile For Dogs.

You also don’t have to sacrifice your particular style or home décor either. We offer the best Houston TX Tile For Dogs for every style in existence. Our options include Glacier Oak, Argen, Alderney, Corris, and many more types that are inspired by the latest flooring trends across the globe.

If it’s not vinyl or wooden floors that you’re looking for, then we also recommend some of our stone-style floorings. These are perfect for setups that exhibit a more elegant setting.

Pet Floors of Texas can also hook you up with commercial or luxury vinyl flooring. Each of these is fit for homes that have a variety of pets inside, not just dogs.

Floors That Last A Lifetime

While looks may be important when it comes to your dog-proof floor tiles, longevity matters the most. With over two decades of experience providing dog-proof tiles to thousands of homes, we have created a special coating that safeguards your floors from all types of dirty stains, scratches, and spills. We also make the coating work so that any little accidents that may occur will do little damage to your floors.

Even if you have to tidy up any messes that occur, the special coating on our floors makes it super easy to clean than natural wood or carpet. In addition to the coating, our vinyl tiles are made with material sourced from a variety of natural contents. We do this to help provide an earthy feel to you home.

Houston TX Tile For Dogs

Our Lifetime Warranty guarantees that your pet-friendly tiles will be safeguarded against home wreckages as well as wear and tear.

Did we mention that luxury vinyl floors come with a guaranteed lifetime warranty as well? Any floor damages caused by natural disasters or major accidents at the home will be guarded behind our warranty. The warranty also includes any natural wear and tear or huge moisture buildup that can occur over several years.

These ingredients go hand in hand to provide comfort and durability to your vinyl, dog-proof flooring. Not only will this make it easier to clean up messes, but these floors will also make it easier on your dog’s paws. The smooth flooring is just one of the many added touches that come with choosing Pet Floors of Texas.

All of these qualities and more make our pet-proof vinyl flooring the go-t0 Houston TX Tile For Dogs

We Work Alongside You

Gone are the days of hiring contractors with little to no guidance on how you want your home constructed. You can also say goodbye to poor results thanks to lazy preparation and slow attention to detail. Pet Floors of Texas is filled with representatives who come from pet homes, so we understand how imperative having a dog-friendly home is. After talking with us through the planning stages and solidifying your home’s measurements and specifications, we hit the ground running.

Our contractors will work with you every step of the way, from the planning stages to the very last tile. We come with two decades of experience when it comes to customer service, and we go the extra mile. If you ever have questions or want changes to your vinyl tiles, we’ll be there to accommodate.

Whether it’s taking out a step on the logistics side or matching a quote, we go above and beyond for you and your precious pup. By the end of it all, you’ll have the perfect dog-proof and stain-resistant tiles to complete your loving dog home.

We’re One Phone Call Away!

Houston TX Tile For Dogs

Your dog will thank you for giving it safe and pet-friendly floors for years to come.

When you’re ready to give your home the upgrade it needs, our contractors and floor providers at Pet Floors of Texas are ready to assist you! You owe it to yourself and your sweet little pup to establish a healthy and pet-safe home.

Don’t hesitate to call us today! We can be reached by phone at (713) 728-7630. We will work alongside you to give you the best Houston Tx Tile For Dogs that you can possibly imagine!

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