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Are you a cat owner looking for the best Houston TX tile for cats? Pet Floors of Texas is just what you are looking for. We offer the best pet-friendly laminate flooring.

Cats can cause a lot of wear and tear on hardwood flooring. When you shop with us, we can be your one-stop-shop for all your flooring needs. We offer luxury vinyl floors that look like real wood, stone, and tile.

Don’t sacrifice your beautiful home to floors that can’t hold up to cat claws, spills, and other messes. Call Pet Floors of Texas, and we can offer you durable, beautiful, luxury vinyl flooring.

Houston TX tile for cats

You don’t have to worry about your cats scratching up your floors. We offer Houston TX tile for cats.

Houston TX Tile for Cats

Owning a cat is great. However, owning a cat can also have its drawbacks. For instance, cats tend to have sharp claws, and cats like to sharpen their claws on our furniture and carpets.

This can take a toll on our homes. Cat claws also drag across wooden flooring, creating scratches that will ruin the look of anyone’s home. So, if you are looking to redo your floors, but don’t want these same problems, look at Pet Floors of Texas.

We can offer you great-looking floors in wood, tile, and stone style but also help protect against cat claws and messes. Our floors are designed with pets in mind, hence our company name. However, they offer so much more than just durability.

Our floors look absolutely beautiful. You get the best of both worlds when you order flooring from us. Our floors will last for years to come.

Our flooring features include scratch resistance, waterproof, and stain resistance. These floors will help keep your home looking great and smelling clean with our special coating to help with cleaning. Cats can cause messes, and they often come with odors that we become nose blind to. With our advanced designs, we can help keep odors out and look clean.

Pet Proof Features

As we have mentioned, our floors come with options to help fight against pet problems. For instance, our flooring is scratch-resistant. You won’t have to worry about your cat’s claws dragging on the floor and digging in when they go to stretch out. Unlike our luxury vinyl flooring, natural wood or carpet flooring can often become destroyed after so many years of abuse.

However, our floors are made with cat claws in mind. Another feature is waterproof. Every cat owner knows that cats love knocking things off high places. This could be your car keys or a glass of juice.

If your cat likes to knock your drink off the counter or table, don’t worry. Our floors can handle the mess. Our floors are waterproof and stain-resistant. Having waterproof flooring will help make cleaning easier.

It will also keep moisture from soaking into your floor and causing structural damage. Moreover, spilling juice or wine on your floor no longer leaves a permanent stain. Our flooring options are made with a special coating so you can clean up messes that would normally stain any other type of floor.

Because our floors are so easy to clean, that means that they are super hygienic. You can still use your favorite cleaning supply, and it won’t ruin the coating on your floors. Additionally, our floors are quiet and comfortable to walk on.

So that means your furry friend will love walking and laying about on our floors as well. Who knows, they may end up wanting to lay on our floors more than your clothes!

Houston TX tile for cats

Our floors are so comfy your cat might enjoy it more than your clothing.

Flooring Styles and Colors

As we have mentioned, we offer loads of options for flooring. With so many styles and colors, we know there is something you will love. We offer flooring options for everyone’s home.

Our floors will add to your beautiful decor. All our flooring options have many styles, such as Old World, Classic, and Contemporary. We even offer luxury tile that includes beautiful inlay designs.

Our Old World styles come in wood or stone. Our wood designs combine luxury and elegance. These bold designs are simplified to give a clean and beautiful look to your home.

Imagine entertaining guests and professionals associated with these floors. Our stone options offer gorgeous textures that will enhance your home’s beauty. Our Classic styles are timeless yet modern.

They are clean cut. Our wood options for this style come in rich reddish-brown colors, as well as dark midnight brown that will add pop and flair to your home. Our Classic stone flooring shows patterns and designs that will compliment your decor no matter what room you choose.

Our Contemporary style is unique and bold. From rich deep reddish-brown woods to beautiful white oaks and subtle warm greys, there is something truly special about the look of these floors. And our Contemporary stone mixes the beautiful cool grey colors with a pop of warm reds.

This truly gives your home a style wall of its own. If you love inlay designs, you are going to love what we have to offer. The beautiful designs will give an extra touch of uniqueness that is all your own.

These designs can bring symmetry and balance to your home’s overall look. We know we can find something that will match your home and really bring out the extraordinary beauty in your home.

Why Choose Pet Floors of Texas

Pet Floors of Texas does not just take durability into consideration. We take a look, feel, cost, and everything between. When we design and engineer our flooring options, we keep our customers and their needs in mind.

People don’t want to sacrifice beauty for durability, and you shouldn’t have to. When you shop at Pet Floors of Texas, we offer the best of both worlds. We help keep your home look beautiful and offer durability that truly lasts for years to come.

Our floors come with a lifetime guarantee. When you call us, we can also provide a quote, so you know exactly what you are paying for. So give Pet Floors of Texas a call when you are searching for Houston TX Tile for cats.

Houston TX tile for cats

Give us a call and ask about our lifetime warranty.

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