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Are you looking for Houston TX Scratch Resistant Wood Flooring? Pet Floors of Texas is what you need. If you are tired of your floors being scratched and clawed by your pets, we can help! Our flooring options are so highly recommended, we give them a lifetime guarantee.

When you contact one of our flooring contractors, they will help you pick out the perfect look and style. Once they have the measurement you want, they will give you an exact quote so you know what you will be paying before your floors are installed in your home.

Houston TX Scratch Resistant Wood Flooring

Houston TX Scratch Resistant Wood Flooring has great options for your home and business.

Houston TX Scratch Resistant Wood Flooring

We know you will love our vinyl floors. They are great if you have pets or kids. We all know how messy both of them can be. We also know you want great-looking floors in your home. That is why we have generated these amazing vinyl alternatives to natural wood and stone floors.

With natural-style floors, you risk wasting your money on floors that may look great in the beginning, but over time, they get ruined. Natural-looking floors can easily get scratched or cracked. They also hold onto moisture easily depending on the material used and can be challenging to keep clean.

With Houston TX Scratch Resistant Wood Flooring options, we can guarantee the quality of our floors will last, and they are so easy to clean. With our closed-cell material that we use, your floors won’t hold onto unwanted odors that you may become enose-blind to overtime.

The best part is, you can still use your favorite smelling floor cleaner, and it won’t ruin the finish of your floor! So with the same great classy look of natural material floors, but with all the benefits of synthetic materials, how can you go wrong! What are you waiting for? Call us, and get your consultation today.


Whether you are looking for wood, tile, or stone, we got you covered! Whatever your taste may be, we are confident we have something for everyone. Our taste and craftsmanship come from inspiration from all over the world.  Our old-world wood style comes in different designs and colors, such as Glacier Oak and Ebony.

The intricate layout of the wood gives a distinct look, while the ebony is a beautiful dark color. It is perfect for anyone with a classic elegant style. Our stone styles come in many rich colors, such as Molton, Iron Ore, or Sable. The beautiful rich reds of our Molton and Iron Ore are radiant. The subtle dark coffee cream of our Sable is appealing to the eye.

Our inlays have intricate designs that are absolutely stunning. These designs will create a balance in your home that will be the perfect accent to your household treasures. With our selections of colors, the designs you choose will allow for your home to pop but not distract from the main attraction you want to display.

When you choose one of our styles for your home, it will help create a space that is unique. Your home is your home, and it should look that way. We know we will have something for you that you will love.

Houston TX Scratch Resistant Wood Flooring

Our Old World Ebony wood floors can make your home look elegant and classy.


Creating a space that is unique and inspired in an investment, not just monetarily, but time and energy. When choosing something for your home, you want it to look exquisite, and you want it to stay that way.

When you choose our luxury laminate flooring, you aren’t just getting great-looking floors. You are getting synthetically engineered hardwood or tile that looks and feels sanded and refinished. These types of hardwood floors will hold up to the test of time. We have created perfect flooring for dog owners that have function and style.

Solid hardwood floors can scratch easily. These types of flooring can cost more than they are worth if you have a house full of children and pets. Not only can they scratch easily, but they are difficult to maintain if you want to keep the glossy shine. Stone can be expensive and could crack over time.

With our floors, you can rest easy knowing your floors are safe. We have engineered wood flooring that looks virtually the same as the real thing but is scratch-resistant. You no longer have to stare at the ugly claw marks on your floors or hide them with a rug that seems out of place.

No more strategically placing furniture over that weird stain. With our floors, we have a special coating that makes cleaning a breeze. So you don’t have to scrub and waste time trying to clean something that spilled on the floor. Spend more time enjoying your home rather than cleaning it.

Does your floor squeak and creek when you walk across it? Our floors have a floating floor option. We have placed padding underneath the floors, so it reduces the noise when you walk across it. Not only will it reduce noise, but it cushions your feet. It makes walking around more comfortable for both you and your furry friends.


Get a Quote

If have questions or concerns about what it costs to install flooring, we offer an exact quote with our customer service. Doing renovations for your home can be intimidating. It can be a lot of money, and we understand you meant to have the chance to weigh your options before you make a commitment.

With Pet Floors of Texas, there is no pressure. We know you have many things on your mind. You want to be confident about what you spend your hard-earned money on.

Whatever you decide, we know our designers and installers will do a great job.  With our lifetime guarantee and our exact quote, we don’t want there to be any surprises for our customers. So when you need to install wood flooring but want the amazing benefits of what luxury vinyl flooring can do, call your local Houston TX Scratch Resistant Wood Flooring company, Pet Floors of Texas.

Houston TX Scratch Resistant Wood Flooring

Our floors have padding for the comfort of both you and your pet

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