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You won’t have to say goodbye to yet another ruined floor with Houston, TX laminate flooring good for dogs. Our beloved dogs are like our friends and family. They’re adorable, cool, sweet – insert whatever adjective you call your dog – until you turn your back on them for a moment.

Houston TX Laminate Flooring Good for Dogs

Dogs can be your best friend, but even your best friend can occasionally make you angry. Don’t let your floors get destroyed yet again with one from our selection.

They can have accidents, jumpscares from turbulent weather, or remnants from their trek outside. Whatever the issue, it’s your job to clean it up. But, eventually, you’ll reach a limit of how many times you want to deep clean your floors after yet another accident.

After a while, you might be thinking of changing out your current floors. There are several options available on the market. There’s tile, hardwood, or even carpet. But there’s a better option than the traditional types of flooring.

Pet Floors of Texas has another option for you: luxury vinyl flooring (LVT). This type of flooring is optimal for homes with pets because it offers various features that can accommodate your furry friends’ needs and comfort. Of course, there are also various style options you can choose from so that your home can still have the aesthetic you want for it.

We bring the store to your door! Our team will come to your home with samples of all that we have to offer. We’ll line them up on your floors so that you know exactly how they’ll look when we install them. Contact Pet Floors of Texas today.

Pet Floors of Texas has Houston, TX Laminate Flooring Good for Dogs.

Most people opt for hardwood floors or tile floors. Hardwood floors are classy and elegant, but they can be expensive and require regular maintenance to keep them in good shape. Tile floors are easy to clean and maintain but can be cold and hard on you and your pets’ feet.

On the other hand, Pet Floors of Texas has another alternative flooring option for you. Our laminate and vinyl floors are good for your family and pets. They all have features that can withstand the messy home life of rambunctious kids, pets, or both.

The Features Our Vinyl Floors Have to Offer

All of our vinyl planks are high-quality flooring options that are water resistant, scratch resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

Houston TX Laminate Flooring Good for Dogs

Our Houston, TX Laminate Flooring Good for Dogs can withstand any mess your pet or kids can think of. Call today and set up an appointment.

Water Resistant – You can also expect some type of mess in your home, whether you drop a drink on the ground, your dog has an accident or you and your dog trek in some rain after a sudden storm. Waterproof or resistant floors are a great option for any room in the home, especially kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms. When spills or other accidents occur, you won’t have to worry about your floor absorbing the mess, and you can clean it up before it stains or causes further damage.

Scratch Resistant – No type of pet-friendly flooring option is right without being scratch resistant. All pet owners know that, even if they don’t mean it, our pets sometimes scratch up our floors. One accidental scare, and there’s another mark on your natural wood floors again. However, with scratch and abrasion-resistant vinyl floors, you can worry less about your pet damaging your floors with their sharp claws again.

Kid & Stain Resistant – Every floor has to combat stains every day. However, with a stain-resistant floor, you can use half the effort to keep your floors clean and pristine. Our floors are resilient enough to withstand the everyday life that your family goes through. If a stain occurs, you won’t have to use much elbow grease to remove it, and you can clean it up with soap and water.

Noise Reduction Features – Normal flooring options, such as wood or tile floors, resonate with some type of noise. The noise can get particularly noticeable in open spaces, such as an empty hallway or wide, open living room. There’s no need to worry about that with our Houston, TX laminate flooring good for dogs. All of our vinyl options have padding designed to reduce resonance, which also provides some extra cushion beneath the surface.

Style Your Home However You Want It to Look

Most people choose hardwood and tiles because that’s the type of style that fits the image they have of their dream home. However, as we stated earlier, those flooring types have pros and cons. That’s why you should go with our laminate and vinyl flooring. But are you worried that you might not find the look or style that you want from our options?

There’s no need to worry because our store holds a variety of styles, including wood and stone styles. Choose freely from all of our options and add the finishing touch to your indoor spaces. Our wood options include Classic, Contemporary, Distressed, Heritage, and Old World wood styles. On the other hand, our stone options include Classic, Contemporary, Inlays, and Old World stone styles.

When we bring our store to your door, we can lay out our samples on your floor so that you can see the difference for yourself. Not only can we install our floors in whichever rooms you need them in, but we can even place them in tighter spaces, such as your stairs.

Houston TX Laminate Flooring Good for Dogs

Pet Floors of Texas is your number one option for Houston, TX Laminate Flooring Good for Dogs. Give us a call today!

Contact Pet Floors of Texas Right Away

Floors might not be the first thought in your head when you’re decorating your home, but they add that final finishing touch that ties everything together. So, theoretically, you want your floors to be both stylistic and functional. This point is especially true if you live with dogs or cats. Although we all adore our furry friends, their antics can ruin any beautiful floor if you’re not careful.

However, you can worry less about that when you contact our team. Pet Floors of Texas is based in Houston, and we can be at your door when you’re ready to upgrade your floors. We have just the Houston, TX laminate flooring good for dogs that you’ve been looking for.

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