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Are you looking for some Houston TX laminate flooring for dogs? Pet Floors of Texas has just what you need. Our company offers high-quality floor options with affordable flooring installations.

Our floors are easy to maintain, easy to clean, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, stain-resistant, and durable. We offer floor options such as stone and wood. Natural ceramic tile and hardwood floors may look beautiful.

However, these types of floors can be difficult to keep up with. Porcelain tile and ceramic tile floors are not always comfortable to walk on. Wood floors can warp and make a lot of noise when you walk across them, not to mention they are not resistant to moisture. Our floors are pet-friendly and look amazing.

We offer years of experience in this industry. Our designs and styles are inspired from all over the world. Our luxury vinyl material is made from medical-grade PVC plastic. They are safe from odors and gasses.

With our pet-friendly floors, you get easy to maintain, comfortable, and long-lasting floors that look amazing. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty against discoloration. We are more than happy to bring our mobile showroom to you so you can see life-size samples of your flooring options.

Our team can provide you with an estimate, so you know exactly what you are getting and for how much. Give us a call today when you need Houston TX laminate flooring for dogs.

Houston TX laminate flooring for dogs

You don’t have to worry about puppy accidents when you invest in Houston TX laminate flooring for dogs for Pet Floors of Texas.

Houston TX Laminate Flooring for Dogs

Our floors are made with your pet in mind. We, too, are animal lovers. However, we understand what a number they can do to flooring. Dogs tend to have accidents, especially as puppies.

So if you are currently trying to housebreak your puppy, you might endure some stain or odors you’ve become noise blind to. Plus, depending on what type of floor you currently have, cleaning may be an endless battle.

Cleaning stains and odors out of carpeting is a battle all on its own. But bring a dog into the mess, and it can seem overwhelming. Our floors are perfect for dogs and dog owners.

We offer a special coating to our laminate flooring that makes cleaning a breeze. You can use your favorite cleaning spray, and you won’t risk ruining the special coating. Our floors are scratch-resistant.

So you don’t have to worry about your dog’s claws scraping up against your beautiful floors. Our floors are waterproof. So even if your dog has an accident and you aren’t there to clean it right away, you don’t have to worry. Our floors are made with a closed-cell material.

If a mess gets left for a period of time, it’s ok. You won’t be risking liquid seeping through the fibers of your floor, thus causing staining and even mold and mildew that can lead to awful odors you just can’t get out.

We have a floating floor option. This means that there is padding underneath the panels. This makes our floors very comfortable to walk on and makes them super quiet.

So both you and your dog will love walking on them. So overall, our floors are simply resilient, but resilience is not all we offer. We offer beautiful colors, designs, and styles.

Colors, Designs, and Styles

Looking for a floor that will enhance your home has never been easier. We offer beautiful-looking floors that can withstand your pets, and they will stay looking beautiful. Our floors are made up of designs and colors that are inspired by cultures all over the world.

We search far and wide to bring you the best and most beautiful designs we could possibly come up with. With so many options, there is bound to be something for everyone who is looking for durable flooring. These designs will fit beautifully with any kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and more.

We offer styles such as Old World, Classic, and Contemporary. We also offer Distressed and Heritage styles in our wood flooring. Additionally, we have inlays for our stone tile flooring.

Houston TX laminate flooring for dogs

Our wood designs capture the beautiful grain and color of real hardwood materials.


We offer some of the most beautiful wood designs in the area. From Classic wood grain looks to unique Old World styles that offer distinct features for any modern setting. If you enjoy entertaining guests and clients, they will certainly be impressed with these floors.

Our White Painted Oak comes from our Contemporary collection. It’s a beautiful off-white color with a light brown texture. Nickel Spotted Gun offers a cool grey tone that blends magnificently.

You can add nostalgia to your space with this great selection. Vintage Hickory comes from our Distressed collection. This particular selection has a great contrast of lighter and parker wooden panels that add depth.

You can truly see the realism of wood grain in the particular selection. These styles and colors are honestly one of a kind. You won’t find designs like this anywhere else. Go to our website to get a full view of all our wood flooring selections.


Houston TX laminate flooring for dogs

Our inlays create a unique and beautiful design for anyone’s home.

Our stone flooring can add a vintage, fun feel, or class and elegance. You have many options to choose from that will look great no matter what you are going for. Our Old World collection offer colors that are rich in texture as well as clean and bright.

Oxide is a special color that reminds you of autumn leaves. The beautiful reddish-brown mixes well with the darker tones to create a pop of color for your home. Fiore is an elegant white color that gives a majestic feel to your home. Its bright and can open up a small space such as a bathroom.

If you like unique designs, you should check out our inlay designs. These compositions will add balance and symmetry to your home. They are beautifully crafted.

Your home will stand out from all others with these designs and concepts. Our expert decorators will help you choose the best options to give your home the beauty it deserves. Moreover, these floors will last for years to come, no matter how much you put them through. Give Pet Floors of Texas a call when you need Houston TX laminate flooring for dogs.


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