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houston tx best flooring for pets that have accidents

Call today and get Houston TX best flooring for pets that have accidents!

Pet Floors of Houston, TX, best flooring for pets that have accidents. We understand dogs and cats are lovable creatures, but their accidents on your carpets and floors are painful. That’s why we’re a fantastic choice. We have multiple scratch-resistant and durable flooring that pet owners crave in their homes. Our flooring is simple to clean, water-resistant, stain-resistant, and a welcome choice for homes that deteriorate from severe wear and tear on their flooring.

Our confidence shines so brightly because we have over 20 years of experience in the field. Because of that, we’re 100% positive about giving you the most incredible service possible in the flooring industry. From remodeling your living and dining room to installing luxury vinyl tiles, we are the number one team for the job. Our mission is to find the most acceptable ways of offering easy and cost-effective solutions to all your flooring problems.

If you’re ready to get various flooring options for you and your pets, contact our amiable representatives ASAP. As soon as we get to know you, we’ll work on bringing life to your dream floors.

No Matter Your Palate, We Have a Style for You


houston tx best flooring for pets that have accidents

Your pets will love our floors. Stop by Pet Floors of Texas and find some flooring for your wonderful home!

Pet Floors of Texas focuses on working directly with clients instead of employing general contractors. We prefer this option because it allows us to work closely with our clients and helps us establish they’re receiving the floor they want. Therefore, if you’re looking for hardwood floors, tile flooring, or laminate flooring, then have no fear. We have you covered. After we determine the type of flooring you want, we will help you choose the best style.

Another thing to note, all of our pet-friendly floors come with a warranty policy. Vinyl plank flooring comes with a lifetime warranty for clients who experience discoloration. Additionally, we include a 3-year warranty on our installations. This means that you can enjoy your new floors without concern. One of our top priorities is to assure our customers’ satisfaction is protected, so no worries,  your home is safe with us.

There are always tons of variables when deciding on a design for your floors, such as pattern and color. Thankfully, Pet Floors of Texas accommodates a variety of styles to select from. Here is a list of some of our more traditional styles:

Looking for something more unique? We got you covered on that as well. We regularly work with our suppliers to create custom designs for our clients. Pet Floors of Houston TX best flooring for pets that have accidents, puts considerable effort into giving you the best options possible. We’re bound to have something for you, no matter your taste and style.

Curbing the Pandemonium at Home

We understand how crazy home life can get between your kids and pets, from toys being thrown around to chewed-up furniture. Our way of rectifying the madness is by creating highly durable floors that can withstand heavy damage from kids and pets. We have LVT and SPC flooring with a unique coating that makes cleaning extremely straightforward. The best part? A regular mop and your favorite cleaner will help you clean up most messes.

Residential and Commercial Clients is our Specialty

At Pet Floors of Texas, we don’t just serve residential clients but also commercial ones. Commercial-grade flooring with a transcendent residential look is difficult to find nowadays. This is why we have plenty of businesses all over Houston that serve anything from pet resorts and spas to vet clinics. We thrive on providing the same quality and care to commercial establishments as we do residential ones. So, if your workplace constantly has pets walking around, our floors will serve as a foolproof protection barrier.

Commercial flooring from our company includes the same benefits as residential flooring, which means you’ll be able to focus more on your business and less on keeping your floors clean. Also, if you work with pets, your feet may be sore from standing all day. Rest easy because our padded flooring will help ease the tension off your feet.

A Mobile Showroom that is Accommodating

Usually, flooring showrooms display good options at a store, but they don’t give you an idea of how it will look inside your home. We fix that by actually bringing out the flooring options to you, including the designs and color samples, so you can decide what looks good in your home. Furthermore, we’ll also match the most suitable combo of style, color, and brand in conjunction with your home’s layout and specifications.

This is Why You Should Choose Pet Floors of Houston TX Best Floors for Pets that Have Accidents

houston tx best flooring for pets that have accidents

Your pets are beautiful. They deserve flooring that will keep them clean & comfortable.

We are the first-rate shop for pet flooring in the United States of America. From remodeling to deciding on the flooring design for your new home, we are the perfect team for the job. Here is a reminder of what we can do for you and your home improvement needs:

  • We provide pet-proof materials to keep your floors looking fabulous for years to come. A simple to clean coating will allow your home’s cleaning procedure to be more effective.
  • Simple to clean coating allows your home’s cleaning procedure to be a walk in the park.
  • Closed-cell material to control long-lasting odors such as pet urine.
  • Flooring options that are resistant to both water and stains.

The installers on our team possess extensive experience and dedication to their jobs. We’ve accomplished numerous projects thanks to their devotion and consistency. After all, our goal is to be the most incredible flooring company of all time. We’ve been in this industry for two decades and have pushed through successful projects repeatedly. Pet Floors of Texas always aims higher every day to provide the highest quality service to our clients.

Our company takes stride in our daily commitment to excellence. The team is consistent and rigorous in achieving our goals. No flooring company provides the quality and care that we do for our customers. This includes our prodigious customer service. So remember, when you pick Pet Floors of Texas for your needs, you’re choosing quality service, tremendous experience, and a tenacious responsibility to greatness. To sum it up, Pet Floors of Houston, TX, best flooring for pets that have accidents.

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