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If you’re in the area needing Kingwood TX waterproof vinyl flooring, you might want to consider your premier floor store for your luxury vinyl tiles. Pet Floors of Texas different types of flooring options for your consumer needs. Pet Floors of Texas offers numerous styles of wood and stone in our luxury vinyl. With twenty plus years in the industry, we have helped many people get the flooring they need. Our flooring options are second to none and will give you a pristine look you are searching for.

One of our primary features is our showroom. We have a vehicle driven by one of our dedicated staff members, which contains materials, designs, and textures of all of our flooring options. We have a varied selection depending on the preference of style you’d like for your home. Because we dedicate our business and tailor it to your needs, you are our priority. Customer service is an aspect of our work we excel in. Let us know what design you’re looking for, and our team of professional installers will get you set up with our products.

Kingwood TX Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Kingwood TX Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Laundry rooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms can all benefit from the decor of our vinyl designs. When styles compliment each other, it gives you an overall aesthetic appeal to your home. Our expertise allows us to look at your home with a detailed eye and see endless possibilities we can explore when it comes to your space. Also, we have impervious floors that are waterproof, durable, and easy to manage. You get the entire package when you acquire our services for your flooring needs.

Kingwood TX Waterproof Vinyl Flooring is Essential

Vinyl flooring is essential to your home because wet spots, drips, leaks, flooding, etc. can all cause issues in the long run. Flooding especially can be detrimental to your home. After moisture locks into your home, it can get in between crevices and cause mold and mildew to build-up. Inhaling mold and mildew is costly to your health. The last thing you want is to get sick over something you could have controlled in the first place. By simply replacing your flooring with our waterproof vinyl floors, you can rest your safety.

Businesses have the same issue. Employees working in the building can be exposed to mold and mildew from your carpet. Hesitating on replacing floors can be a financial liability if you don’t make an effort to fix the problem. For instance, if an employee spots a moldy spot and reports it to you, it is your responsibility to address it. Sitting on the issue too long can be a harmful exposure to all who work for you. By contacting Pet Floors of Texas for your waterproof floors, we can save you from more substantial issues down the road.

Great Flooring Options

Great Flooring Options

Our flooring is pet-proof, but there are many other benefits. Luxury vinyl flooring was made to be durable enough for pets to negate the chance of their claws, causing permanent damage. If our installations are strong enough to withstand the daily activities of your pet, imagine what else it can hold up against. Children stains, shoe scratches, scrapes, dents, and more do not affect our installations like other floor stores. Our product is top-notch and doesn’t lack in quality.

Pet Floors of Texas Services

Our waterproof vinyl floors can help a variety of issues. When it comes to convenience stores, for example, shipments can cause problems you never intended as a store manager. Drinks can leak, food can spill, and machines can break. You need a waterproof vinyl floor for everyday situations you will most likely come across. Wear and tear are more of an issue for store operations because almost every inch of the store is utilized. Frequent use leads to more maintenance, which needs to be attended to, or property damage starts to surface.

Restaurants can have the same issues. Their kitchens and dining rooms are continuously used by employees and customers alike. For example, if your part of the staff of a fast-food restaurant, your primary duties in the morning are to make sure everything is clean, including the floors. Staff members, such as maintenance, can have an easier time cleaning with our waterproof vinyl floors. Stains don’t stick to the surface like standard vinyl tiles considering it is easy to clean. Also, moisture doesn’t seep in, causing less property damage.

Kitchens in restaurants and any other establishment can especially benefit from our waterproof flooring. Boiled water, food ingredients, and other products are spilled on the floor nearly every hour of the day. When the restaurant gets packed with a lot of customers, cooks nor staff have ample time to clean. Therefore, during the busy service, the mess tends to pile up until closing or after the rush is over. It would be beneficial to have a waterproof vinyl floor you can easily clean to get ready for the next service

Kingwood TX Has a Treasure with Pet Floors of Texas

Pet Proof Flooring

Pet Proof Flooring

With so many residents in the Texas area in general, Kingwood will benefit from waterproof vinyl flooring. Not only homeowners will be satisfied with the installation replacement, but business owners can significantly benefit from our product as well. Pet Floors of Texas thinks about everything we can do for our current clients and potential clients. For over twenty years, we have been ahead in the game in our craft because we consider the thoughts and feelings of our customers. We balance their wants and needs allowing us to come up with incredible floors.

If you wish to contact us, you can call us at (713) 728-7630. Additionally, we are also reachable online. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. During our hours of operation, and we dedicate all our time to the criteria of flooring you want for your home or company location. Let Pet Floors of Texas be your primary company for Kingwood TX waterproof vinyl flooring.

Kingwood TX Fun Facts

  • Kingwood has heavily wooded acreage.
  • We are known as the “livable forest” due to our vastly wooded areas.
  • Kingwood derived its name after King Ranch.
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