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Pet Floors of Texas provides the best Houston Texas waterproof flooring in the industry. We provide premium service and high-quality flooring. All of our floorings are luxury vinyl, which has numerous benefits over other types of floors. Carpet and hardwood flooring has many drawbacks when it comes to having pets.

For example, they can easily stain and soak up moisture. This could cause buckling or cause them to swell, which only worsens the floor. Laminate flooring is notorious for curling after being exposed to the elements. Luxury vinyl tile is waterproof and stainless, so any accidental spills won’t stay long after they have been cleaned up. This type of flooring is also resistant to scratch marks, so your furry friend won’t leave any behind.

Houston Texas Waterproof Flooring

Houston Texas Waterproof Flooring

This premium flooring is paired with our outstanding customer service, where we make you the priority. Pet Floors of Texas has a unique way of working with clients that really benefits them. We hope you will see that Pet Floors of Texas is the right choice for Houston, Texas, waterproof flooring.

Houston Texas Waterproof Flooring Will Save You

Houston, Texas, is very susceptible to flooding, especially during hurricane season. For homeowners living in high-flood areas, it is essential to look into a long-term solution when flooding occurs. Insurance can only do so much and will rack up costs quickly.

One way of reducing risk and saving money is to invest in waterproof flooring. Typical vinyl flooring, hardwood, and carpet are incredibly vulnerable to large amounts of water. That is why it is essential to look at other solutions.

Luckily, Pet Floors of Texas can provide you with luxury vinyl flooring. It is extremely water and stain proof, unlike other types of floors. Even if you are not at risk for a flood, this flooring can protect against common day spills. Pets may also have accidents here and there.

A carpet or standard tile will soak up the liquid rather than resisting it. This will cause problems later on down the line. Luxury vinyl can give you a sense of ease with how resistant it is to water. Other floorings such as stone or ceramic tile can chip or crack once it’s been exposed to the elements. Houston, TX, is the last place you want to be when the elements hit. Rain is very common and will wear away at the stone flooring quickly.

Other floors can buckle, peel away, or even warp. There are not cheap options to fix such problems. To move forward, many will need to replace large portions of the flooring or all of it. Carpet is all one piece, so you will have to replace all of it when doing repairs.

Tile or planks of hardwood that snap together will also have to be replaced because of how they connect together. These are big issues if a floor needs to be replaced. Pet Floors of Texas wants to make sure those costs don’t show up in the future. Our vinyl flooring will be the best choice you ever made for your home.

Flooring for Pets

Flooring for Pets

Benefits of our Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT)

Luxury Vinyl Flooring or LVT is the best alternative when it comes to flooring. As we aforementioned, the other flooring types have too many problems associated with them. LVT can provide a comfortable, stylized, and cost-effective option for your home.

Pet Floors of Texas has many options to choose from in terms of style. We work closely with our trusted manufacturer, Karndean Designflooring, to make sure our clients have the best options at their fingertips.

Luxury vinyl flooring is super durable and will last a very long time. Karndean Designflooring gives all of their styles a residential lifetime warranty. Carpet rarely every comes with such a service. LVT’s engineered design allows replacements to be easy and cost-effective.

If damages were to be made to your luxury vinyl tile, then we can replace the individual tile or tiles that were damaged. Because they are comprised of individual pieces rather than vinyl planks, we can use the spares from your original installation to replace them.

Furthermore, LVT is super easy to clean. Carpets and hardwood can easily harbor bacteria from past spills while our premium flooring will simply resist those stains. This is a perfect flooring for pet owners or children.

Every day spills, and accidents can happen. Having a floor that resists that moisture will reduce stress and clean-up time. Our vinyl tiles will keep their great look for a life-time. All you have to do to keep a great look is mop the flooring with water and a pH-neutral cleaner. That is it.

 Even More Benefits

Pet Proof Flooring

Pet Proof Flooring

Luxury vinyl tile is not only super easy to clean and waterproof, but they are extremely quiet and warm. Hardwood floors are almost never quiet and warm. We want to make sure our clients can have both.

LVT has an extra amount of padding to absorb pressure when being stepped on. This reduces noise to a minimum. Pet Floors of Texas also has a gluing process that assists in the reduction of noise. This process does not do too much work, but it provides enough support.

If you already have an underfloor heating system, our flooring can easily be laid on top of it. We want our clients to be comfortable in their own homes. Having a freezing floor to wake up in the morning or the middle of the night is the last thing you want. Our flooring will be able to stay warm and quiet while you sneak off to the bathroom. You won’t have to worry about waking anyone.

Finally, the customization of luxury vinyl flooring is superior to hardwood, carpet, or standard tile. We want our clients to be happy with the look of their home after the flooring has been installed, so we give them a massive collection of styles to pick from. We have numerous stone and wood styles clients can choose from.

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Pet Floors of Texas has a huge selection of waterproof vinyl flooring in numerous different styles. Homeowners can be happy; this type of flooring provides a vast amount of benefits in the short and long term. We will provide support with each client until the final product is installed because we want the process to be as stress-free as possible. If interested, make sure to get a quote online. Contact us by phone at (713) 728-7630 or by emailing us here. Select Pet Floors of Texas for the best Houston Texas waterproof flooring.

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