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Pearland TX dog proof flooring can be a challenge to find in the other area. Luckily, Pet Floors of Texas is a one-stop-shop for all of your flooring installation needs. When it comes to home improvement, we not only do a great job, but we provide excellence in all criteria of our work. We install carpet tile, hardwood flooring, and laminate flooring when it comes to your Pearland floors. Homeowners with pets no longer need to worry about water damage to their floors because our options are both stain-proof and waterproof.

Customer service is our top priority, and we ensure your floors look great by the time we’re done. Other floor stores don’t provide the features we do. For example, after installing your floor, we give you a three-year warranty after our labor. Features like these are why we highly recommend choosing us for your flooring and carpet. You and your pet will not regret it. Carpet installed floors, especially, are hard to maintain. We have selections such as our carpet tiles to replace your previous installation and make it look good!

Pearland TX Dog Proof Flooring

Pearland TX Dog Proof Flooring

Our different types of flooring make us your local premier floor store providing you with over one-hundred samples of colors, flooring types, and tools we provide. With our mobile showroom in our company van, we are able to bring our store directly to you. We even have a lifetime warranty on discoloration! Matching your color on the spot is one of our specialties, and we have a consistent team of installers and professionals working with you. We don’t work with general contractors either. Instead, we work directly with the owners.

Pearland TX Dog Proof Flooring for Your Installation Needs

They’re loveable, but we all know how much of a hassle pets can be, including dogs. For example, standard wood floors we provide are generally easy to clean and provide an aesthetic, homey look for your household. However, not all wooden floors are durable enough to be scratch proof. Pet Floors of Texas provides that option. Our laminate finishes allow the surface of the wood floor to be resilient to water damage, marks, scratches, and more! Installing impervious floors are what we are known for.

We provide your home with flor installations that are of commercial quality along with having a residential feel. Therefore, not only is your flooring protected, but it is a feature that adds to the beauty of your home. You want your home to be inviting and welcoming to you and any guest which may arise. It’s kind of hard to do that with scratches on your surfaces and a dull color, which can make your house look depressing. Bring color back to your life! We offer a vast array of products you might find most appealing.

Once we plan start date, we do everything in our power to finish the task at hand. Whether it be luxury vinyl or hardwood options, we excel in all criteria. Your dog won’t have to worry as much when walking or playing at home. Our floors are sturdy enough to handle the daily activities your dog engages in. Pet Floors of Texas has you covered when it comes to your pet’s thirst for play. Commercial industries like Wal-Mart bought a considerable portion of our flooring inventory due to its high-quality.

Industry Needs for Dog Proofing

Homeowners aren’t the only ones who require our services. We have worked with pet resorts, vet clinics, and other locations geared towards pet servicing. Pet resorts are a unique point of interest because of the service they provide for pets. If you haven’t heard of a pet resort, it is a getaway spot for your pet. Your dog, for instance, will be able to lounge in relative comfortability when you have to go to work. It can also be a place for you and your dog to engage in to better develop your relationship.

Dog Proof Flooring

Dog Proof Flooring

Pet resorts are ideal for dogs because it offers exercises, keeping your dog active and loveable to play with. Advocating a healthy lifestyle for your dog by making sure he or she gets to stretch their leg can lengthen their lifespan, allowing you more time with them despite their dog years. Pet Floors of Texas serve these kinds of industries, allowing the flooring to be pet-proof while a variety of pets visit every day. If you are a pet resort owner, choosing our business can save you money in the long run by preventing you from spending money on carpet or tiles.

Veterinarian clinics also need our services as they deal with lots of pets regularly. Dogs sometimes need extra attention when it comes to health problems. Even if you do your best as a dog owner, your furry friend can still come across issues over time, completely out of your control. These clinics need to make sure their space looks professional and is capable of taking care of pets for a long time. Our floor installations help them keep a top-standard look for their building as well as protect it from long-term damage over time.

Your Choice for Pet Proof Flooring

Flooring for Pets

Flooring for Pets

Pet Floors of Texas has it all for you and spares no expense in getting what you need. Our flooring options are in six categories, which include classic, heritage, old-world, distressed, contemporary, and inlays. Each of our options features hygienic and easy to clean products, noise reduction, a vast selection of designs, and more! We also have a lifetime warranty on nearly every style. With these features, why not choose Pet Floors of Texas as a Premier contractor for your newly designed floor?

Get a quote online or give us a call at (713) 728-7630. We accept all inquiries when it comes to floor installations. We look forward to hearing from you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Pet Floors of Texas is your Pearland TX Dog Proof Flooring when it comes to your home or business in the area.

Pearland TX Fun Facts

  • Pearland stretches into three different countries consisting of Brazil, Fort Bend, and Harris.
  • The city was initially named “Mark Belt.”
  • There were hurricanes in 1900 and 1915 that wiped out fruit trees in the area.
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