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Pearland Texas Pet Proof Flooring is an excellent option if you have pets causing floor issues for you. Scrapes, scratches, and dents can be frustrating to deal with. Moreover, we’re professionals that get your work done effectively and efficiently. We are the company to call for home improvement projects. Are you tired of your old flooring? Our huge selections of products will get you excited about the decor of your home again. Customers service is one of our specialties, and we’re sure to provide you with excellent service.

One of the features we pride ourselves in is our showroom. When it comes to construction and remodeling, we’re the ideal company to give you options you’ll love. We come for your scheduled appointment in a van where we keep tons of samples of our selections for you to browse. Our showroom has an amazing feature of floor choices centered towards your top-notch design. Our business in Pearland TX is like a home depot for flooring. Professional installation is only a contact away.

Pearland Texas Pet Proof Flooring

Pearland Texas Pet Proof Flooring

Our luxury vinyl flooring has many kinds of designs. Our styles range from vinyl wood to stone. Also, our tile installers are masters of the term “sq ft” when it comes to measuring your home. Every flooring design we have is easily customizable to your home. Therefore, accuracy and precision are another one of our strong suits when it comes to your home. You’ll never have a team of installers go into your home and do work to make you question if you finished the job. We’ll always complete the task at hand.

Pet Proof Flooring Options

If you have a dog, you’ll definitely want to invest some of our hardwood floor looks. Dogs love to play rough, and carpet is comfy but less resistant to the damage your dog’s roughhousing can cause. Therefore, we recommend you use hardwood look such as our distressed option. The peace of mind it provides is in the name. “Distressed” is a feeling all of us can use when it comes to the ins and outs of the everyday grind. Skid marks, tears, scrapes, etc. will be a thing in the past as our flooring is a one of a kind durable and lasting install.

Also, our different, unique styles compliment the already lovely features of your home. Our warm and inviting color options will match the scenery, such as your light fixtures, drapes, art, and more! Browse our selection by clicking here. We’ll be sure to provide you with the option you find best suits your home. Comfortability isn’t the only feature homeowners enjoy. The fact it can be aesthetically pleasing is ideal for visitors. Let your company view your home in awe as our floor designs match the art that is your house.

Our consistent team of dedicated staff members is here to make sure you get the top-quality experience you deserve. Furthermore, we’re not only exclusive to Pearland, TX. We also span to San Antonio and Beaumont if you or a friend are in the area. Our 20 years of experience will serve any inquiry you’d like to inquire about your floors. Your pets are part of your family, but you also take measures to maintain your home better. Pet Floors of Texas understands your need for a spotless home. It’s hygienic and more comfortable for those in your home.

Dog Proof Flooring

Dog Proof Flooring

Pearland Texas Pet Proof Flooring Benefits

What do you get out of installing our floors? As we said before, our flooring is hygienic and clean. Our floors are also stain proof and waterproof. Therefore, you’re able to use your favorite cleaning products on any of our selections. Its durability is long-lasting on your chemical products. Your cat’s litter can even be cleaned easily without seeping into the craftsmanship of the floor. We pay careful attention to how we install your floor on top of the foundation of your home. Installers have years of experience, assuring you top-quality.

Also, our laminate flooring doesn’t make as many sounds on regular floors. We go deep and have a padding design to reduce resonance. We also glue down your LVT, providing a cushioning to your vinyl coating. It helps reduce the sound and cushion your feet as well as your pets’. Reduced flooring sound is less distracting when watching media. Can you imagine getting to the climax of a movie you’re watching only for the most important to be ruined by a small noise? It can be frustrating, especially after investing your time in the film to see the outcome of the story.

Cleaning is also a breeze. Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming will be a thing in the past. Picking up after your pets will be child’s play compared to old flooring. Pet Floors of Texas takes the extra mile to give you the service you need at affordable prices. Our flooring options are separated into six categories. We have the distressed, heritage, contemporary, classic, inlays, and old-world options for your selection. Our designs are vast and offer you more bang for your buck!

Pet Floors of Texas

Pet Proof Flooring

Pet Proof Flooring

Pet Floors of Texas is your premier business to reduce the damage your pets do to your floors. We love the little rascals, but at times, they can be pests. Their issues can also be apparent when they are infants. Pets in training are hard to control as they need to learn how to control their impulses. As a pet owner and homeowner, it is your responsibility to tend to your pet and home at the same time. The task can be an overwhelming responsibility at first, but our installation options can lighten the load for you. We have your back when it comes to pets!

We’re open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to attend to your flooring needs. You can also contact us by calling at (713) 728-7630 or get a quote today. Let us be your Pearland Texas pet proof flooring company!

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