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If your floors are getting damaged by your pets, then consider Houston, TX pet friendly flooring options by Pet Floors of Texas. We offer amazing vinyl flooring options that both you and your pet will love. Our floors are durable and comfortable. Pet Floors of Texas offers unique flooring options that will transform your home into a beautiful luxurious living space. Many of our flooring options offer a lifetime guarantee, and we can provide a look and style that you will love no matter your taste. Transform your bedroom, kitchen, living room, stairways, and so many other rooms. Pick from wood or stone vinyl. Pet Floors of Texas has your solution for Houston, TX pet friendly flooring options.

Houston, TX pet friendly flooring options

As much as we love our pets, they don’t see our home the way we do. Check out our Houston, TX pet friendly flooring options to keep your homes looking beautiful.

Houston, TX Pet Friendly Flooring Options

At Pet Floors of Texas, we provide luxury vinyl and tile flooring. 2003 was the start of our company. We had also gotten the idea of bringing our showroom to our clients. Our flooring started getting amazing reviews after only five years. We were able to provide people with a commercial-grade flooring option that had a beautiful residential look.

Additionally, we were able to provide people with vinyl flooring that has beautiful natural wood or stone aesthetic. Our manufacturers have been able to produce a vinyl flooring option to create natural-looking floors that are also produced without harmful odors. Our floors are made with medical-grade PVC plastic and go above the industry standard in quality and durability. These floors also meet the ADA’s standards for non-skid surfaces. Therefore, these floors are perfect for veterinarian offices, pet stores, training facilities, and many other pet-related facilities.

When you call Pet Floors of Texas, we can offer you a quote, so you know exactly what you will pay for before we install your floors for you. Give us a call today!

Water Proof, Resilient Pet Floors

If you have pets, then you know they can do a number on your home. From muddy paws to claw marks, our furry friend certainly no how to make an imprint on our home. Our floors are extremely resilient against scratching and water damage. Additionally, our floors are meant to last for years. We make them as durable as possible while still maintaining a beautiful look.

As our name implies, we make our floors with our pets in mind. After all, they need something to walk on as well. If they are going to be a part of our home, it only makes sense that they have a surface that makes it better for them.

Moreover, our floors are easy to clean. Pets can track in a lot of dirt and shed a lot of hair. With our flooring, you can clean your floors easily in no time. Our special coating makes it easy for you to keep them clean on a daily basis. Over time, your floors will retain their beautiful color due to the special coating we use. Plus, you still get to use your favorite cleaning product. Your floors losing their coating when using cleaning products is not an issue.

Houston, TX pet friendly flooring options

All our flooring options are safe, ADA approved, and safe from harmful odors and toxins.

Style, Types, and Colors

When choosing a flooring option, chances are, you want something that will enhance your home. Durable flooring often gets a bad reputation for looking like something you would see in a warehouse. However, Pet Floors of Texas believes you should have both beauty and durability.

We have gone all over the world to find inspiration for the flooring options we provide. With dozens of types, colors, and styles to choose from, we know we have something to offer for everyone. From rich deep reds to gorgeous marble and everything in between, the difficult part will be narrowing down your choices.

Wood – Our wood options come in five different styles; classic wood, contemporary wood, distressed, heritage, and old-world wood. These wood vinyl floors capture the beauty of natural-looking wood without the hassle that comes with caring for them.

For instance, wood floors need to be protected and can scratch easily. The only way to get them out is to sand them down and restain them. That can take hours or days to complete depending on the amount of work and how large the surface area is. But with vinyl, you can have the best of both worlds. We offer wood vinyl flooring options that will be easy to clean as well as look just as beautiful as natural wooden floors. We offer many options that will look amazing in any home and flow with any decor.

Stone – Our stone options include classic, contemporary, inlays, and old-world stone. These flooring options would look stunning in rooms such as a kitchen or bathroom. The beautiful colors and marble designs are perfect for enhancing your room into something completely unique to your tastes. Our inlays are perfect for making your room into a piece of art with intricate designs. With natural stone floors, there is the problem with cost and possible replacement of the tiles if they get damaged. With our vinyl stone tiles, our floors are meant to last. Plus, our flooring options come at a fraction of the cost.

Why Choose Pet Floors of Texas

For many years, we have been learning how to create the very best floors that combine beauty and resilience. We have also been optimizing these great floors for cost-efficiency. There should be no reason why great floors have to cost thousands of dollars. Our floors can not only enhance the beauty and uniqueness of your home, but it also does not have to break your budget. We can provide affordability with quality. This gives you and your home the look you’ve always wanted that will last.

We believe we have exactly what you are looking for and are proud to bring you our showroom right to your door. You will have the chance to see firsthand actual-size flooring samples. Our designers can help you find flooring options that will give your home the upgrade you are looking for. Your friends and family will be so impressed with the quality they will think your floors cost a  fortune, but in fact, they stayed comfortably right within your budget. Give Pet Floors of Texas a call to see all our Houston, TX pet friendly flooring options.

Houston, TX pet friendly flooring options

With our high-quality LVT flooring, you can enjoy a cleaner, quieter household!

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