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The Kingwood Texas best flooring for dogs is here, and Pet Floors of Texas is here to provide it to you. Our home improvement flooring options offer you the chance to get the premier pet floors of Houston. When your pet leaves a little “accident” on our floors, you can rest assured that smells and stains will be a thing of the past. Whether it’s luxury vinyl flooring, stone finishes, or wood flooring, you can be sure that our floors are up to the task.

A high quality of work can be difficult to come by, but it’s not impossible. In fact, Pet Floors of Texas dedicates its services to ensure that you get the best floor installation Greater Houston area. Don’t hesitate. We highly recommend getting in touch with our customer service to find out how we can bring you the best pet flooring in Kingwood, TX.

Kingwood Texas Best Flooring For Dogs

Kingwood Texas Best Flooring For Dogs

Kingwood Texas Best Flooring For Dogs Is Yours For The Taking

With 20 years of experience, Pet Floors of Texas is a family-owned and operated business. Our father-mother-son team stays closely involved in every project we work on. This is to ensure that you get our best work every time. We also work directly with you and not with general contractors. We know that to get the best result, we need to know exactly what you need with no middle man. Our team works with results being the top priority, which means the best outcome for you. So whether you’re working on kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling, we’ve got your floors covered.

Pet Floors of Texas offers a lifetime warranty on any discoloration that may occur, as unlikely as it may be. In addition to the lifetime warranty, we include a 3-year warranty on our installation, so you don’t have to worry about it for a long time. Keeping your floors secure and clean shouldn’t be a chore. To make that a reality, our manufacturers use the best material so we can bring Kingwood superior flooring.

Flooring With Unbeatable Features

Our flooring is designed to be functional and comfortable. With that in mind, we use a unique coating for our LVT and SPC flooring to ensure hygiene and protection from any sort of mess. When your pet runs around, they can knock over something as small as a glass of water or an entire wine bottle. Getting stains like that out of the floor can be rough, carpet, wood, or otherwise. With our special coating, our flooring becomes water damage resistant and stain-proof to make cleaning a breeze. Simply use your favorite cleaner and get to work, and we’re sure you’ll get it all the first time around. Our coating also makes our floors easier to clean than natural tile, stone, or wood.

We also know that messes can come from more places than pets. Children, guests, and even you are prone to making mistakes sometimes. It’s ok. We’re all only human! No matter where the mess comes from, these floors can take it.

Pet-Friendly Floors

Pet-Friendly Floors

We know that spills are the least of your worries, though. Stray scratches and “accidents” throughout the house can happen at any time. Don’t worry about them, though, because our floors are resistant to those as well. We use material hard enough to repel your pet’s nails. We also use closed-cell material to prevent those pesky smells and stains from setting in. Once you clean your pet’s mistake, you are sure that that smell is going with it.

Beyond all the cleaning, our flooring is also designed to be comfortable on your feet too. We mix the right amount of padding and durability to give our floors a comfy feeling. With your pet’s feet secure, your little guy/gal can enjoy a nice stroll around the living room!

Styles For Every Pet Owner

There are a number of floor-types and picking the right one really just depends on what kind of floors you like. We got it. What about luxury vinyl flooring? Sure! Once you have your material decided, it’s time to pick a style. Depending on the material, we have a plethora of styles (add styles link) to choose from. From Contemporary, Old World, Heritage, Classic, Distressed, or Inlays, we’ve got the floors for you. Let Pet Floors of Texas bring the style of your choice to life. We work closely with our suppliers to bring you custom designs as well, just ask about it when you call in.

A Mobile Showroom For Your Convenience

When you visit showrooms, they present a nice little area of flooring to give you an idea of how it looks. Traditionally, it looks very sleek and optimal. The problem with showroom floors like this is that they don’t give you a good idea of how it looks in your home. A controlled environment is no way to determine what your floors will look like. That’s why Pet Floors of Texas has its very own showroom-on-wheels. Our Mobile Showroom features hundreds of samples of colors, flooring, and brands. We bring the showroom to you, so you can see exactly how it all matches up with your home. Our vehicle goes all across Houston and as far as San Antonio and Beaumont, depending on the size of the job.

Great Flooring Options

Great Flooring Options

Commercial Businesses Are Important To Us As Well

Pet-proofing floors are most needed in residential homes, but it doesn’t stop there. Our installers also work in commercial buildings and offices as well. Got a vet clinic in need of remodeling? We’ve got you covered. Our flooring has a commercial quality while keeping that warm, residential welcome. With your floors protected, you can focus on your work and less on potential messes and scratches.

Contact Us Now

Pet Floors dedicates its time to ensuring our clients get the perfect flooring. We don’t just focus on installing your floors. We focus on making your floors great. Call us today at (713) 728-7630 to get started on your pet-proofed floors. For a quote on your next project, visit us online. For any more questions or information, contact us at your earliest convenience. Kingwood Texas best flooring for dogs shouldn’t be hard to find, so let us bring it right to you.

Kingwood TX Fun Facts

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