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If Fido’s presents have you searching for waterproof Houston TX vinyl plank flooring, give the experts at Pet Floors of Texas a call! We offer a wide variety of luxury vinyl plank floors.

Houston TX vinyl plank flooring

Luxury Vinyl Plank has the highest durability layer for vinyl and is usually waterproof.

What is LVP (luxury vinyl plank)?

Vinyl products are available as sheets, planks, and tiles. They are more durable and affordable than other types of flooring, such as wood and laminate. In addition, vinyl is by far the easiest to install and comes in multiple styles.

However, if we were going to divide flooring into classes, vinyl sheet would be lower class, vinyl tile and plank would be middle class, and luxury vinyl plank or tile would be upper class. So what’s so special about luxury vinyl?

There are multiple features that make luxury vinyl la creme de la creme. Firstly, luxury vinyl feels softer and does not absorb heat or cold very well. So in the winter, you won’t dread walking barefoot on your floor.

Further, nearly all luxury vinyl is considered waterproof. This is because, by nature, it has a much high durability layer. In fact, there are luxury vinyl options that you could literally take a knife to and barely make a mark.

However, it’s essential to consider both the durability layer and water resistance when choosing vinyl.

Durability layer

Ok, what do you mean layer? Vinyl floors have multiple layers. At the bottom is the backing, which is the part that will touch the base. Next comes the printed design layer containing the pattern or design, such as wood or tile pattern.

The last layer is the durability layer, sometimes called the wear layer. It represents–you guessed it–how resilient the floor is (to say, scratches and dents). The durability layer is measured in millimeters.

Vinyl floors with a durability layer of at least 8 mm will last a reasonably long time and are pretty resistant to scratches, dents, etc. A layer of 8 mm or greater is what you’d want if you have kids or pets. Further, they are great for any room–bedrooms, halls, kitchens, and more.

On the other hand, if the durability is less than 5 mm, you shouldn’t expect the floor to last very long. Unless, of course, you never walk on it.

Water resistance

Generally speaking, most vinyl can be considered water-resistant.

You can spill water on vinyl and leave it there without panicking. The water would need to sit for at least 8-10 hours before eating away at the floor.

Houston TX vinyl plank flooring

Luxury vinyl tile or plank is a fantastic option for families with children or pets.

In fact, if the durability layer is over 10 mm, you could probably let the water sit there for months, but we can’t guarantee that. However, floors with a durability layer less than 5 mm may not be genuinely water-resistant.

Now, waterproof vinyl is a whole other wonder. While we don’t recommend using it as the bottom of your swimming pool, any water that is left on the top layer of the floor will never, ever hurt the floor.

But wait, what do we mean by top layer? We mean your Houston TX vinyl plank flooring is waterproof so long as the water doesn’t enter in between two planks or tiles.

Initially, water will not be able to enter into the seams of a truly waterproof floor. However, buildings and homes shift over time. So, eventually, the sealant the installer put down between the seams will start to crack a tiny bit, and that’s enough to let water start a party underneath your floor.

A word on vinyl sheet

Vinyl sheet actually comes on a roll and is cut off the roll as it is installed. So, a vinyl sheet floor is one giant piece of vinyl placed next to another massive piece. In fact, the rolls are so large that it’s entirely possible for a room that is 10 ft by 10 ft to be covered in just one piece of vinyl sheet.

There is a huge difference in durability, however. Nearly all vinyl sheet has an extremely low durability layer. This is why builders love to use it for new constructions. It’s very easy to install and affordable.

That said, you can expect to get less than a year out of your vinyl sheet flooring. Unless, of course, no one ever touches it.

What’s the difference between laminate and luxury vinyl?

Laminate flooring is somewhat more delicate than vinyl. It’s much more prone to fading in when sunlight touches it and is far less forgiving when it comes to dog nails, cat claws, and busy kids. Further, unless you purchase waterproof laminate, laminate is not very water-resistant.

So why is it so much more popular and expensive? It’s popular because it is more durable than wood but acts much more like natural wood than vinyl. On the other hand, more materials and labor are needed to install laminate than tile, so laminate is more expensive.

Installing vinyl is straightforward. It can simply be placed on top of any current flooring–including old flooring. Laminate needs a clean surface plus an underlayment.

How much does Houston TX vinyl plank flooring cost?

Ultimately, the cost depends on what kind of product you are buying. Peel and stick vinyl tile with low durability can cost as little as 50 cents per square foot. On the other hand, a high durability peel and stick tile or plank can cost up to $2.00 per square foot.

Because luxury vinyl plank and tile are even higher quality, they cost more. Prices may start at about 1.20 per square foot and reach up to almost $4.00 per square foot.

However, that does not include the labor. Unfortunately, labor prices vary so much between companies, and no two rooms are the same. So, we can’t give an accurate estimate for labor costs without seeing a room layout.

Houston TX vinyl plank flooring

Call Pet Floors of Texas and learn about the best Houston TX vinyl plank flooring options for your home.

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Pet Floors of Texas strives to give you confidence in the flooring for your home, no matter what surprise Max may deliver on any given day. Our flooring options are waterproof and have an excellent durability layer, making them both kid and pet-friendly.

We offer a wide selection of waterproof luxury vinyl flooring styles, from gorgeous plank that looks and feels like real hardwood to old-world rigid-core stone tiles.

The next time you need the best Houston TX vinyl plank flooring, we hope you’ll give us a call.

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